Spooky October: Lita’s Top Ten Anime Halloween Recommendations

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Hello there my pretties,
Finally this weekend is Halloween not that I’ll be doing much for it mostly likely rewatching shiki or ghost hunt and some Buffy the Vampire slayer because It’s something I need in my life. My spooky October is going to come to an end after this post as I have not done half the things I wanted to do this month, things got in the way and blogging in the week is really hard currently. I managed to give at least two anime reviews I suppose but things will return to normal after this post as there is many more things I wish to blog about more.

In this final spooky post I bring you some anime’s that you should watch during the Halloween weekend, this list of anime I have seen all of them and are not ranked in any particular order. There are some shows which I have not seen like Higurashi as that is a very popular one, shows like that have not made it into my list purely because I have not seen them. Anyway I hope you enjoy my list of recommendations, I have catered it also to different genres so there is much variety but some people will already know.

Without further or do here is my Top list of anime’s you should watch this coming Halloween Weekend:

1. Hellsing Ultimate

I’m starting off with the best of the best as this is such a well known show. It’d be a crime not to add Hellsing to this list as this is such a beloved series for having one of the greatest anime character’s of all time Mr Aulcard. The series follows Aulcard hunting down some ghoulish characters, turning a police girl known as Sera into a vampire and a new breed of vampires about to march on through London. Gore and blood is a splash in the face every episode and there is always plenty of it, I enjoyed this show so much mainly purely because we got some classic vampire. Much as I like Diabolik lovers it’s hard to not find a show like that where we get a repetition of twilight all over again, Hellsing is singular gem where there is no beating around the bush and sticks to the classic vampire traits. Aulcard and Sera quickly you may fall in love with very easily as but mainly Aulcard as he screams the word “BADASS ALOUD”. Now makes no difference if you watch Hellsing Ultimate instead of Hellsing the original, Ultimate is only better because of the stunning, gleaming animation. I’ve seen both so it doesn’t matter which one you watch but if you want to see the true glory of Hellsing watch Ultimate, The series wreaks of creepy and death so Hellsing is an aboustle must for Halloween.

Classic Vampire traits, action, gore, blood if these things appeal to you
Check out Hellsing Ultimate  

2. Ghost Hunt

Ghostly happenings are essential for Halloween and what anime can give you that Ghost hunt. I have reviewed this series already which you can click here to read if you wish. This series follows Shibuya physic research who investigate paranormal activities and cases Mai who gets strung along due to an accident injuring Naru’s assistant Lin and breaking an expensive camera. Naru aka the narcissistic is the CEO of Shibuya physic research who makes Mai his assistant to pay off a debt along helping the two in the cases they take on they have the help of a monk, shrine maiden, iconic medium and priest. I can never get enough of this show after having watched it so many times, I don’t really know why I love it a lot, the music is flawless through the anime creating those building up moments of suspense. I would say the second half of the series was better in terms of the cases get creepier but on a whole the show does well for keeping you interested. This show gave me a few jump scares so I don’t see why it won’t give you any overall ticks all the boxes for the word “Ghost”

Paranormal activites, poltergeist, creepy dolls and possessed people if these things appeal to you
Check out Ghost Hunt

3. Shiki

Two vampire series made it’s way into my list but again a rare vampire series I could not overlook it’s Shiki. The series follows a isolated village Sotoba where a series of mysterious death keep occurring and Dr Osaki as well as other villagers baffled occurrence. Some lean towards it being a epidemic but all the victims have bite marks on them? I’ll just say it now just watch this show over the coming weekend you won’t regret it full of true creepiness. The show won’t fail to creep people out as the unusual animation style amplifies the drawing suspense in so many scenes, it will keep you guessing at every turn with different twists that occur and again sticks to the classic vampire genre. Where we go in depth of the creatures of the night and do what they have to do in order to survive, I have reviewed this series you can go read it by clicking here  

Classic vampire, creepy animation, changing plot if these things appeal to you
Check out Shiki

4. Ergo Proxy

Were turning to the physiological side of things and no for those who are wondering It’s not future diary who gets this spot on my list. It’s a good show but there is another unknown that I feel fits the bill here as well Ergo Proxy, The series follows investiagator Re-L who investigates a series of murderers committed by robots or known as Auto revis who are infected with a virus known as the cogito virus. There is a shift of imbalance within the futuristic city of Romdeau with these murderers as the city was built for humanities survival due to global disaster a hundred years ago. Re-L comes across in her investigation a immigrant outlaw with no memory and a strange creature known as a Proxy what does it all mean? I watched this show a few years ago and was one of the strangest, interesting shows I’ve ever seen, I’ve hardly seen people actually know about this series well now you do. Even though I am still confused about the plot of this show knowing I would have to watch it again it was just so intriguing. So… this show doesn’t sound like a physiological genre more like a detective, mysterious it does in a way but the physiological side of things comes from one of the main characters Vincent. Apart from being physiological at most points it’s a show that will keep you guessing as to what is going on, you’ll jump to different places and get confused a bit. I had fun with this series and it’s plot, it can drag out sometimes and maybe a bit boring but the mystery about this anime can’t help but draw you in.

Mystery, murderer, physiological depth if this appeals to you
Check out Ergo Proxy

5. Karin (Chibi Vampire) 
Episodes: 26

You might not want something with lots of gore and blood I have a beloved cute vampire series that will warm your hearts and have you laughing Karin (Chibi Vampire). The series follows a girl Karin who is known as a unvampire who does not suck blood but produces it causing her to have massive nose bleeds. She does have to bite people in order to get rid of the excess blood but she can go out in sunlight and is not held back by the traditional vampire traits, everything changes though when a new boy starts her school Kenta. Everytime Karin gets near him her blood increases which causes her to produce more blood than usual what is Karin to do? 26 episodes of cuteness is what you will get from this show, such an adorable series to watch with such a funny comedic atmosphere it brings, I recommend watching it in the dubbed version as the voices just fit all the characters really well. This anime still counts in my list as it is still about vampires with a interesting twist of plot, it also can cater to those who need their romance fix as well.

interesting plot, give you some laughs, cute romance if this appeals to you
Check out Karin (Chibi Vampire)

6. Claymore

What’s Halloween without some demon thrown in there and I have a anime that it’s gore and blood is nearly equal to Elfen Lied it is Claymore. The series follows a warrior Clare who is known as a “Claymore” a specially bred warrior by a organisation where these warriors are half yoma half human. They are sent on various missions and Clare comes across a boy Raki who has lost his entire family to the evil in their world which they call Yoma, who take on the appearance of a human and blend into society. Clare is detested by many but having nowhere else to go Raki tags along with her. I don’t understand again like Ergo proxy it is a show that is easily overlooked it has all the demon, supernatural you could ask for, the anime at times can get rather twisted but it kept me very interested throughout the show. I have to point out the animation in this show is quite unique and with it’s grey tone colors and gleaming finish, that kind of animation brings even the ugliest scenes in this series to be something beautiful still. This anime is like Attack on Titan in a way of being very depressing and Tragic it’s the first anime I felt I could relate Attack on Titan to something. I admit at times it can seem a bit dull in the series but all the plot twists and action just make up for that entirely.

Demons, plot twists, tragedy if this appeals to you
Check out Claymore

7. Another
Episodes: 12
Anybody need their thriller? Well I can offer you an anime in my opinion as one of the best horror/thrillers I’ve seen in a long time It’s Another. This series follows a boy Koichi who has just started a new school, but things turn negative where his classmates alienate a girl Miskai who they pretend is not there. They warn Koichi to stay away from her even Misaki does herself but things begin to turn tragic for the worst. Another just keeps surprising you every episode as you never know what is about unfold, you won’t be dancing in a field of daisies after watching this thriller. It has the wow factor for spook/creepy vibe it gets a gold star for that as after myself watching this I was creeped out and never looked at dolls the same again >.<. Misaki’s mysteriousness about her can’t help pull you in to find out the mystery of the classroom curse and what does it all mean?

Mystery, unexpected plot turns, plenty of blood if these things appeal to you
Check out Another

8. Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia 
Episodes: 12

Supernatural with romance what anime has that? Dusk maiden of Amnesia. The series follows a ghost Yukko who has been dead for more than sixty years, she cannot remember how she died and is just a floater. Teiichi is the only one that can see her and formed a club known as the Paranormal investigations  where Yukko was the founder of the club. She does this in the hope she might remember of how she died but Yukko likes to follow Teiichi and the other club members on there little paranormal incidents in the mean time. What made me enjoy this series a lot was actually the insanely good animation it’s just so beautiful to watch on screen and made the plot of the anime really come to life, the plot sounds average? Yes. But there is more to this show as it really centers around Yuuko and of you finding out what happened to her  which is quite tragic, the music to this anime really let’s her story be heard in many scenes. Yuuko as the main character I think she is quite entertaining minus a tease, you may grow a soft spot for her in the end like me. I believe this series a beautiful blend of supernautral, ghost happenings and romance put together splendidly.

Romance, mystery, insanely good animation and music if this appeals to you
Check out Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia

9. Sankaera 
Episodes: 12

No sorry for the zombie factor high school of the dead doesn’t make it on my list. the series is cool but I had a show that took zombie in a different direction Sankarea. This series follows a boy Furuya’s who has no interest in the living and 24/7 it’s all about zombies, watching zombie movies and collecting anything to do with them. Furuya’s beloved cat ends up dying  and he attempts to bring it back to life whilst with this going on he meets a girl Rea who tragically ends up dying in a accident. Furuya’s dreams comes true as Rea ends up coming back as a ZOMBIE !! This series is funny minus some sick twisted stuff that goes on in the background, one of the main things I love about this show is the direction it was taken on to keep Zombie Rea alive which ends up being very interesting. I hope this series does get a season two as it needs it you might think this after watching it, I have reviewed this review but I wouldn’t recommend reading it as there are spoilers. It was one of my first reviews a while back when I first started blogging. So Sankarea is still zombie just taken in a different direction with a hilarious cast of characters and Furuya trying to keep Rea alive you will love this series ❤

Zombies, Hilarious characters, touch of romance if these things appeal to you
Check out Sankarea

Last but not least a classic you may all know:

10. Soul Eater
Episodes: 51

What a great classic to finish off this list by no other than Soul Eater. This series follows three main groups  Maka, Soul, Death the kid, Lizzy, Patty, Black star and Tsubaki who are known as weapon miesters along with there Human weapon. They attend the Shinigami technical school in death city where they hone there skills in order to collect 99 souls and 1 witches soul to have the title of “Death Scythe”. While attending school they run into a few evil creatures which give them a run for their money. I am going to say it right now you won’t regret watching this action packed series, it’s Halloween in a nutshell. It has a great variety of creatures and characters, demons, witches etc along with a comedic vibe to give you laughs. Plenty happens in this series so you won’t be left feeling bored for even a second, the unique, comic animation really brings the name of this anime to life, I can’t really begin to tell you how much I adore this show. By the end of it you will love one of the main group pairings mine is Tusbaki and Black star !! 😀

Action packed, creepy goodness, comedy if this appeals to you
Check out SOUL EATER !!! 

There you have it guys !!!!
10 anime you should all go check out this upcoming Halloween I had a lot of fun writing out this post for you all and Please comment below if you have seen any of these shows? Is there any I should check out over Halloween and maybe do a first impression on?

I never really know if these lists help anyone but I will keep doing them regardless because I enjoy it so much. As I mentioned before this is my last spooky post after this everything will return to normal as I wish to put Sunday reviews back on the map which hopefully will be starting this Sunday. 😀

I hope you all have a fantastic Halloween wherever or whatever you end up doing ❤

See you in the next post 😀


  1. Very nice list and can definitely agree on Dusk Maiden as it is one of my favorites (if not absolute) from 2012. I really should review that one soon. I do think you should check out Mononoke and Requiem from the Darkness as both have some unique visuals and nice thematic touches. Ghost Hound is another solid choice, but does start off rather slow.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay someone else loves dusk maiden 😀 oh yes I have heard of Mononoke and Requiem from the darkness they sound devine 🙂 OH ghost hound was on my list to buy this month and I still wish to 🙂


  3. Seen Another, enjoyed it. Even more so after Tokyo Ghoul hypnotized the masses into drooling all over it. Yes I think TG is overrated.
    Karin, Ergo Proxy, Otome X Amnesia and Soul Eater are on my “will watch eventually” list.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What a spooky list hehehe! I’m currently showing Another to my siblings because as you say, it’s a must-watch horror mystery. I know how much you recently liked Shiki, and I really want to check it out this Halloween if I can squeeze it in. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia looks totally different than how you described it, which also makes me curious to check it out. Avoid umbrellas and elevators this Halloweek, Lita! Great post 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oooo hope they are creeped out by another 🙂 I am happy to say I am back in the blogging saddle with normal stuff now weheee. Dusk maiden I know I made it sound totally different but it’s worth a watch to see in an entire day 🙂
      Thankyou glad you enjoyed the post hehe 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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