Spooky October: Lita’s Team Choice If The Zombie Apocalypse Came

Welcome to another spooky post my darlings 😀 


We are going to be talking zombie and the inspiration behind this post is a favorite zombie movie I watched not too long ago “Warm Bodies”.  It’s one of my favorite zombie movies based off the book, weirdly It got me thinking about if it ever came to pass a Zombie Apocalypse you would need to be best prepared, There are some divine, evil anime characters out there that would make a great team together. I bring you five choices of  who I would have on my Zombie killing team, the choices I have made are based upon ability and skill. Noone is ranked in order all of my choosing are no goody two shoes and would be my perfect team, so without further or do here are my top 5 choices for my zombie killing team:

5. Aulcard (Hellsing Ultimate) 

To have this man on your team you would be toasting to a vampire of greatness. Aulcard indeed is one of the best known vampire characters out there and to have someone like him on your team you wouldn’t have to worry about him. Put a gun in this’s swift guy’s hand and you’ll hear the echo of nothingness as not even taking a second to take out a bunch of mindless meat head zombies. Like many who love the show Hellsing he captivated at the same time freaked me out at first episode but just that oozing evil he gives off while you watch him in the anime, it’s makes it impossible to not love his character. It’s necessary to have a vampire on your team and Mr Aulcard can gladly take that spot but getting him on the team I could see a bit of a task, that is where bribery comes in.

4. Minene Uryu (The Future Diary)

Bombs away with Minene and has to be on my team. I was never fond of her when I first started watching the future diary but by the end of the anime she was one of my favorite characters of the series. Heck she is one of my favorite female evil’s of all time, most people didn’t like it when she softened up a bit towards the end of the anime but the girl has strategy. I love that crazy side of her reminds me of how I am when it comes to that blog (yay should be a worry >.< ) Blowing up zombies in large groups I could count on Minene big time and I can imagine that beautiful sight in my head. Having someone who knows strategy and bombs is nesscary for this kind of team wouldn’t you agree? If you haven’t see the future diary definitely give it a crack 😀

3. Eren Titan Form (Attack On Titan)

Uhhhhh Hell YESSS !!!

After recently finally about half way through Attack On Titan (FINALLY) it would be a BIG !! mistake not to add the gorgeous Titan Eren. This anime has really surprised be a lot and the whole ability of Eren of being able to turn into one of these titan things just blew me away and I was just sucked into the idea, now I am obsessed a little. Massive advantage to have someone like him on my team plus maybe zombies might be his victim C to their skin so shiny. Squishing them in fair numbers would cover a lot of ground by him running and eating them if zombies are edible but Eren could be a look out so I see the benefits are so sweet as the devil.

Yes for the record I am in love his form !!! ❤

2. Clare (Claymore) 

So far we have a bomber, titan and vampire good with a gun but I would love someone who could cover the foreground no problem which is where a certain character rang bells. Miss Clare who is half yoma and half human when she goes into her awakened form all her senses increase and would be well suited covering the foreground. Claymore was such a interesting watch for me, strange yet such a brilliant show I could watch again and again, I have admired Clare for such a long time and have to have on my team. The woman knows how to swing a sword around even without the awakened power she can stand her own no problem , it was hard to pick a sword wielder for my team. Clare has a sharp senses and strategic out play so you don’t want to pass up someone like her.

and my final member of my zombie killing team:

    1. Revy (Black Lagoon)

That attitude of Revy is perfect for my team, she is a favorite to many including yours truly of talent with guns as such revy has it would be a crime to overlook all that. Revy loves nothing more than looking for an excuse to be pissed off and even if she would be the second human on my team like Minene I reckon both of them might get along well together but it’s hard to imagine in my head. Revy would have zombie brains splashing everywhere before you could say “Monkey’s Uncle”, tempting Revy into my team would not so be an issue either the beautiful world money, big fat piece of dough is what a woman like Revy wants to be offered. 

There you have it folks !!!
This amazing team of evilness will save you from the Zombie Apocalypse if that were ever to happen, I really enjoyed writing this kind of fun post.

I don’t know how many more spooky posts I can push out as time has not been on my side lately but Lita is going to do her best 🙂

Comment below who would you have on your Zombie killing team?
I would love to know ^^

I’ll see you all in the next spooky post 😀


    1. Titan Eren would definitely take care of the zombies. One of the Evanelion pilots…I hope it’s not Shinji. I will admit he is powerful but I am nervous what will he do with that much power.

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  1. Nice team you have. If a zombie apocalypse ever occured, here is my top 5 choices:
    5-4. Team Crispin Freeman: Alucard from Hellsing and Shizuo Heiwajima from Durarara!!. Both voiced by Freeman and they are insanely powerful.
    3. Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece. He could handle an army of zombies and it would be funny to see him try to put them underground xD.
    2. Alphonse Elric from the Fullmetal Alchemist series. I could stay safe in his suit of armor.
    1. Kohta Hirano from Highschool of the Dead. Just because he looks like a chubby teen, he knows how to handle weapons. A must have member in any team.

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    1. Yusss I think alucard is a smart choice 🙂
      I have never seen one piece but can tell Luffy would be good to have on a team 🙂
      These are interesting choices and I need to watch full metal alchemist !!!

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      1. Fullmetal Alchemist is really awesome. I love the characters.
        One Piece is really funny and epic, it’s almost like Naruto but with pirates.


  2. Eren Titan would have everything cover, but Minene Uryu is nice insurance. She’s crazy good with guns, and also (if I remember correctly from the OVA) has DBZ like powers. You also a vampire, though I wonder if he saw blood splatter, and drinks it if Aulcard would turn be drunk on blood before turning into a zombie/vampire hybrid. I haven’t seen Hellsing so I don’t know if he’s a heavy drinker on that blood!

    My team would include Lelouch from Code Geass, and Light Yagami from Death Note. No idea if either abilities would work on the undead, but if they did, zombie picking would be easy. Commanding zombies to eat other, and writing names down on a note book would take the weight off living in the zombie apocalypse.Though, they might betray me as some point, and make me zombie chow.

    I would also have Kaiji Itou since he’s smart, and a gambler. He makes smart analysis when betting on his life, and if stuck in a bind he would figure a way out no matter his luck. I would trust Kaiji since given what he’s been through in the series I know he wouldn’t stab me in the back.

    I would also have Ryuuko Matoi from Kill La Kill, and Saber from the Fate series on my team since swords wouldn’t need to be reloaded haha. They also hold their own no matter the opponent. Matoi would be cut down dozens of zombies easily with no sweat.

    Then, I would have Guts from Berserk on my team since I doubt any person would try anything funny with someone his size around. He cuts everything in half. Finally, I would have Spike Spiegel just because he’s awesome. He knows how to fight, use a gun, and is a smooth talker. He would would the apocalypse interesting. That’s allot, but I would want them on my team.

    Choosing someone to sacrifice would be easy. Decim from Death Parade, and the three perverts from Green Green. Man, I do I hate those characters. It’s an interest post to read I got to admit.

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