Spooky October Month Review: Dance In The Vampire Bund

vampire bund

Anime: Dance In The Vampire Bund
Published: January 7, 2010April 1, 2010
Genre: Supernatural/Vampire
Producer: Shaft 
Episodes: 12

“All I wish is to be by your side princess” 

A Good evening/day to you all ^_^

Welcome to another spooky review for my spooky October month, This time we are heading into vampire domain as this anime was recommended to me by OG-man so this goes out to you. I ended up picking up this series in a anime sale that my store was having was fitting really for what I was doing on here, I decided to give this vampire series a crack as Lita reviews intailing, tale of Dance In The Vampire Bund


Mina Tepes is ruler of all the vampire race regarded as the princess, She makes it known to the world of the existence of vampires to the humans as she only wishes peace for her vampires and humans. Her main goal is create a special district, a place to call their own known as “The Bund” she does not want for her race to suffer in isolation no longer. In order to achieve this Mina has a few bumps along the way from scared humans and vampire family but in all of this she after so many years is reunited with her werewolf protector Akira.


I will say in a nutshell neither the animation nor music were special for me in the series, mean the animation was still decent but nothing special. I did however fall in love with the opening theme song not so much the opening itself thought it was boring as paint, the opening song had a interesting beat to it and loved the voice singing the lyrics so has made me want to put it on my Ipod. I’ll admit some of the music for certain scenes in the series were fitting to create the right atmosphere but nothing that jumped out at me and made me go “OOOOO WHAT’S THAT SONG”.

 My Thoughts

I thankyou OG- Man for recommending this show to me but from here on in I have to give my honest opinion. So I was right this was not going to be the next Shiki never the less I wanted to give this series a chance. The introduction to this series is very different to any other anime I’ve seen, as in episode one a game show where Mina reveals the existence of vampires (I don’t feel this is a spoiler). Admitted I was confused as to what was going on but all made sense by the end of episode two in honesty as the main plot had not been laid out yet, the plot of this anime you really don’t get it until the very end as so much was cramped in for 12 episodes long. There was some fair backstory into the plot but I felt the plot was left unfinished and still had holes in it, so I knew this series would need a second season.

Through watching this series I ended up developing a love/hate relationship with the main character Mina. There is obvious things about her character that just did annoy me, I watched the dub version of this series and her english dub voice Monica Rial. At first I thought oh god why on earth that choice but it actually suits Mina’s childish/bratty personality as I hate to admit. Mina’s childishness of wanting to get what she wants just makes you want to scratch against a chalk board, I did like her moments where she was mature and showed how she wanted vampires and human to co exist. So I am very torn with her character as you can see, but her and Akira are both hopeless together in honesty but thrown into this anime of what appeared to be a “Semi” love triangle. When I say semi Akira just had no clue on that, The genre of this anime said Romance I didn’t really feel much of that in honesty just from a side character Yuki who is in love with Akira, Mina I can tell cares for Akira but it’s always about be by your side princess with Akira. It’s all annoying really just tell the girl would you, Akira’s character though poor thing having lost a year of his memory in the beginning he doesn’t remember Mina. He was pretty to look at but his hesitance and unsure attitude towards situations made it hard to like his character, he was a lost little lamb in this series. Although I did like his werewolf form, I wouldn’t mind him as my protector hehe speaking of forms all the vampires had one where doesn’t really stick with the classic vampire theme.

I don’t like series that try too hard to and sadly dance in the vampire bund did that for me. The atmosphere it tried to create didn’t make me feel interested or scared. I felt excited about this anime thought potentially could be a good vampire series but after watching I felt deceived from the art poster to the atmosphere that looked supposedly creepy. The amount of situations or obstacles put in Mina’s way to create her bund towards the end again seemed to be thrown in there for the hell of it. Where it didn’t seem like nothing was given a damn which is a shame because tweak the plot and characters I felt it could have been a better series. Oh yes should mention there is plenty of nudity/fanservice but I would say this is the most fan service in a vampire series I have seen so be cautious of that if you decide to check this out. 

Character development was lacking for most of the characters as there was so many all, accept for Mina where it’s hard not to notice her and Mei Ren who to me was the most entertaining out of all of them but still a bit of a mystery. I recognized her dub voice which was done by Cherami leigh and was perfect for Mei’s personality. At times I was entertained with the amount of action and bloodshed going on but then there were some moments I was bored with how slow some things were progressing, this series on the level of action was standard. The level for vampire I felt was a bit poor sorry to say just reminded me so hard to come by a good vampire series. Yay so all it seems like I am doing is being negative about this series which I actually feel bad about but at the end of the day this is how I felt about this series.

I’ll mention a good thing I thought the english dub wasn’t too bad, I heard my Erza Scarlet’s voice in there and many other familiar ones. I do feel the dub saved this anime from being completely terrible as there was a good range of cast. You will have to forgive me as my voice actor knowledge is very little and still learning who does what voice but Monica Rial is not a hard one to pick out.

The way the show ended I thought was fair but this series does need a second season I think it would redeem itself and would fill in the holes for the plot and characters. So SHAFT GIVE THIS SERIES A SECOND SEASON PLEASE !!!

Overall Rating

4/10 –  It was Okay/Nothing Special

I probably need to tweak my rating system again but how I rate things goes by how much it entertained me as well as other factors plot, characters etc. People do not have to follow what opinion I have given and decide not to check out this show, that’s always the problem with reviews and I questioning rating anime’s anymore just like I stopped rating manga.  But that discussion is for a whole other post.

Dance in the vampire bund I desperately did want to like more but sadly I just couldn’t, it wasn’t a terrible watch like I said before I was entertained at some points. unfinished/confusing plot and trying too hard is what let it down for me, it’s not the best vampire series I have seen but least it has a bit more spunk than say Diabloik lovers.

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Hope you all enjoyed another spooky review!!
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  1. Cherami Leigh is pretty fantastic, isn’t she? And you don’t like Monica Rial *gasps* I mean, I guess it’s understandable. Her voice can be really freakin annoying if listened to for too long, that and it’s surprisingly high. So it was an adaptation by Shaft that wasn’t all that great, eh? Bummer. Well, at least you’re still having a spooky October hehe!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. TAKU !!! *tackles*
      I do like Monica rial just some roles she has done her voice has ended up high pitch haha lol you never have to take my opinion on this anime just didn’t entertain me much 🙂
      Yusss so behind on my spooky everything currently >.<

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Like I said last time, I watched this during the advent of the dreaded Twilight era so it meant more to me then. Nowadays anime made great strives to show vampires are intimidating creatures of the night and not glittering wussies. Also it introduced me to the love of my life, the JP seiyuu of Mina Tepes to be exact.

    As previously mentioned I would apologize if the show didn’t please you so here you go, I’m sorry.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t regret watching it and please don’t be sorry 🙂 it did still entertain me and will happily stilly sit in my collection. With mina is still love/hate thing but I am fond of her character I like her forward attitude. All that dreaded twilight people keep referring back to I liked most of that stuff diabloik lovers, vampire knight I like all those when I was talking about it in my Shiki review I thought it was refreshing to See a vampire series like Shiki. But all that twilight vampIre shows that got bashed around I liked all of those shows 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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