Morning Toast Liebster Award Nomination


no post for a week haha that is unlike me I had a very crazy week, content for spooky October is as I feared slow in progress but should have another review up this week though I’m pushing to have it finished for tomorrow. Don’t worry I want to push, I need to no matter how hectic life is currently I’ll squeeze it all in like squeezing fresh juice. But what great timing for a old blogger to reappear Morning Toast after a long hiatus I was touched by how much they love my blog so I decided to respond to their nomination 😀

So as a breaker from spooky content,
I would feel cruel if I didn’t respond to them so I am here to answer their nomination and questions. The liebster is to help other people discover other blogs and here are the rules:

~*^*~THE RULES~*^*~

1)Thank and link the person who nominated + answer the questions given by the nominator

2)Nominate 11 blogs that have less than 200 followers

3)Create 11 new questions for the nominees to answer + notify them by social media


1)If you had to hide a dead body what would you do in the first 5 seconds and where would you hide it?
This is a very striking question I guess it would depend where you were, first five seconds….panic as any insane person would do and hide the body in the boot of my car is how that would pan out….

2)If you could pick one song to be your life’s ‘opening theme’ what would you pick and why?

This song instantly came to mind as I have always felt very emotionally attached to this song, Michelle branch as I know Lyn loves her too, she writes some meaning lyrics and this song just reminds me every time I simply need to take a deep breathe and calm the hell down. It has a nice to feel to it this song and would suit as a life opening song for what the song means to me and of how I see life.

3)If you could be the narrator of a famous person who would it be and why?

Sir David Attenborough 

A huge animal lover I am and I have nearly watched every single animal documentary he has ever done and I would just want to be him even for a day. It’s fascinating the way he talks in his documentaries and just draws you in if you have ever watched any of his works. 

4)What’s the most messed up anime you’ve ever watched(I won’t judge >:) <- evil smirk) and do you think you could survive in it if it were the arena for the Hunger Games?

>.< …..Aki – Sora

It’s probably for me the most messed up for to have ever watched it’s about incest. For the record I only watched the first 9 minutes of it as a youtuber friend of mine had to watch it as a dare. They didn’t get far and neither did I or nor will you, sorry for the image but it explains how I feel about it. Like hunger games you kidding me?  *running for the hills*
It would be a arena or hungry incest I’ll put bluntly, I won’t have no soul left….

5)What’s the first colour that pops into your head after reading this and what do you think it smells like?

Haha so typical for me Blue and hope it smells like bubblegum and the sea 😀 

6)If you had the choice what anime art style would you want your life to be in(including yourself)?


They are my favorite anime studio of all time not because of some of the well known anime’s they have conjured up like Clannad or Haruhi, but because their animation is so clear, colorful and enchanting it draws you in. Kyoto can animate me any day in their style my friends 😀

7)The new transfer student in your school is a total hottie and just so happens to be you childhood friend, suddenly, large robot-like creatures invade your city what do you do?

Ooo you know when I was younger I always had similar dreams to this scenario minus robots, but I always loved the idea of myself as a reincarnation of Sailor Jupiter as my obsession with her knows no bounds lol. So I would have to transform in front of the class to show everyone up especially the drooling girl catchers, kiss the hottie telling him there isn’t anyone like me around  as he is a shy mouse and prove the point by being badass of course. That is how it has played out similarly in my dreams and how it would go mostly to show off my amazing powers lol

8)What do you think the money Bill Gates owns smells like?

Fresh mint for us all to get high on instead of drugs

9)Now, be open, if you could live in the last anime you watched, you’d have to give me your liver! Haha, just kidding, I meant your kidneys! Would you give them up?

What do you think she thinks?

10)What anime cliche would you fall under? And what common anime-tropes would you succumb to?(I’m curious)

Ughhh anime cliche I kinda half don’t get the questions bu I am guessing it’s like a type of character if so I would say I am like Sawako with similar anime cliches. There are many cliche girl characters like her very unsure, not experienced much, a loner I guess. Sorry If I didn’t answer this question correctly haha just tell me If I didn’t. 

11)”WHO IS SHE?! I THOUGHT YOU SAID I WAS THE ONLY ONE, THE ONLY ONE! YOU CHEATING BASTARD!” How would you react in this situation and name and explain a female anime character that would be “she”(>:3 hehe)

That “She” would be Rias Gremory, I saw highschool d x d a long time go but I could never forget her character. She is a favorite for a lot of people personally it was her witty, clever personality that caught my attention not so much the bod. But like any female I would react in shock but if it wasn’t a dude cheating a girl that could be a different reaction lol

Haha Oh my god this liebster was hilarious to do Thankyou Morning Toast as always for the striking down questions I actually had a lot of fun and will be nominating three people for this award and they are:

Kurosama – They are always checking me out I notice hehe, I enjoy their blog and want to give back to them 😀
OtogeMeow – Their content I enjoy a lot very different in posts and their blog is so cute simply deserves to be followed ❤
Larisa – Their blog is a very personal one but I love all the anime related posts they put up, I am always reading them ❤

Nominees you can answer my questions and respond to the award if you wish too:

1. Is blogging a stress relief for you that gets you way from real life?
2. What anime song would you say represents you?
3. What’s one of the strangest anime’s you have seen?
4. Any manga you are currently reading if so what?
5. Do you have a anime guilty pleasure admit it?
6. What do you think of the ani blogging community?
7. What is one anime you would like to see me Lita review?
8. What anime character would you relate yourself to a lot?
9. Name one anime that has made you cry?
10. Do you have a favorite anime studio?
11. What anime would you recommend to a first time watcher?

Hope everyone enjoyed this break away post !!!
More spooky posts will be popping up when they do as my time is stretched like a elastic band right now

I’ll see you all in the next post !! 😀


  1. Ahhh Kanon, Air and Clannad… Key should have went back to KyoAni instead of P.A.Works, even tho i still give credit to them for making Angel Beats a depressing drug.

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  2. oooh ! I didn’t expect to get nominated AT ALL. Hahaha thank you very much! I’m glad you like my blog! Also, this looks awfully fun to make! Can’t wait to get started! Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

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