Spooky October Month Review: Ghost Hunt

Anime: Ghost Hunt
Published: October 3, 2006March 27, 2007
Genre: Supernatural/Detective
Producer: J.C Staff
Episodes: 25

“Maybe it’s some kind of poltergeist” 

A Good evening/day to you all ^_^

Welcome to my first spooky review for the month of October, I am hoping to push out as many reviews as I can along the lines of creepy genres and I wanted to start of with a personal favorite of mine. This show I have re-watched many times and still never fails to bring a chuckle and thoroughly enjoy the experience of what this anime brings as Lita reviews the gripping, ghostly Ghost Hunt.


Mai Taniyama unexpectedly joins Shibuya Physic Research through a accident where she ends up being the boss of the company Naru aka Naru Naricissistic assistant. Shibuya Physic Research investigates any paranormal occurrences and cases, story follows the different cases Mai and Naru take on along helping them a Monk, Iconic Media, Priest and Shrine Maiden.


I feel the opening and closing theme’s are nothing exciting to watch therefore aren’t memorable but some of the music however is memorable. The opening theme music is kind of boring and this constant woman making opera noises, It just never set the mood for me. But an opening title always comes up saying what case/arc it is, distorted music will play in the background which that definitely has a creepy sound to it. The ending theme is from the OST which I have only listened to from the OST, its has a very soothing yet spooky tone to it (if that makes any sense),  the song is nice and I do enjoy listening to it.

Music plays a crucial part in this series especially in scenes that are building up to a crucial part in a case for example, I have no doubt the OST is going to be good once I listen to it. With any supernatural genre music is such a key elemental and Ghost hunt has that wow factor when it comes to the beautiful ghostly instrumental tone that’s played throughout the show. Animation wise I feel is a little dull in color but when it comes to ghostly scenes it’s very consistent and detailed, overall ghost hunt animation is fairly decent. I would say though in the second half of the series the animation does get better it’s not as dull and had a lot more color to it, the first half is the dullest in animation.

My Thoughts

Possessing people

It has it all !!!

Ghost hunt does so well I feel for the ghost genre part yet this series yet I have noticed in other reviews its overlooked very easily which is a shame. I can guarantee from seeing this series myself it will give you a scare or two, it’s anime that I enjoyed thoroughly, entertained me and scared me I couldn’t ask for more really.

There is no real main centered plot as the series is split into different cases/arcs, which is what kept me interested because you never knew what you were going to get. My two favorite cases if I had to chose would be the doll house and the blood stained labyrinth, both to me were the most ghostly of them all. Blood stained labyrinth was the real screamer for me, my goodness from the first time I watched it until now it still creeps the heck out of me and it most certainly will do to you.

I would have to say the second half of the series was better than the first half as it can start out rough a bit, but through the first couple of episodes the show really takes off. You just have it give it a chance at the start but what the series does nail on the head is the luring background music I was talking about earlier. The series brings to life the ghostly feel each episode and being consistent all the way through especially when it comes to the different direction the cases can take, so the music is undeniably bang on and I can’t wait to listen to the OST.

Our main characters of the show I liked everyone to some degree, during cases everyone worked really well together and you could definitely call them a team but there was some minor things that did annoy me. I liked that we had a variety of different people in the team a monk, shrine maiden, priest and idol medium. They all got their moments in cases to show off there skills but everyone accept for Mai, their character development was poor. Mai was hard not to notice as she is not one of my favorite characters, she just whines and nags a lot throughout the entire series, even so I did like her caring side. She was voiced by Chermai Leigh who is the voice of Lucy from fairytail I did not feel that was a suited choice because everytime Mai opened her mouth all I could think about was Lucy >.<

Naru aka the narcissistic suits his personality very well as he is very arrogant, silent and selfish, others have found his character fairly annoying Naru amuses me. His character doesn’t look 17 years old does it? well that’s how old he is in the anime I thought he was in his 20’s. Especially when it comes to interacting with Mai and teasing her I thought that was hilarious always made me laugh. I felt the voice for Naru was perfect as it was done by the amazing Todd Haberkorn The monk Takigawa I was fond of him bit of a charmer and caring, Matsuzaki shrine maiden she was up tight and annoying, Masako idol medium she had skill sensing spirits but bland as a bare wall and Priest John that Australian accent always made me cringe. Lin Naru’s assistant too silent and was kind of boring, so I wish there had been more character development for the group and learning their backstories and what not.

Is it bad for me to say I ship these two >.< 

So after all this why is ghost hunt one of your favorites? because even with some minor dents I was thoroughly entertained and plenty going on to keep me interested. This series I agree with from reading other reviews is not a 10/10 anime, I wish it had been longer, gone a bit more deeper into the cases but this anime is an enjoyable watch all round. I can’t explain really how much I love this series all I know is I just do and think it will be a great watch for others around Halloween.  I know earlier I was doing a bit of dictating about the English voice for Mai and John but I have to agree with a youtuber I follow The Black Critic Guy. This show has a very solid dub as with funimation I feel most of their dubs are rather good, you can dictate that if you want but I’m not going to get into a fight over it.

Overall Rating

8/10 – Greatly Entertained Me

It is the perfect ghostly dose for all !!
Ghost hunt Is a perfect watch for Halloween it has many unexpected turns, beautiful spooky music to set the mood and give you a scare or two. I’ve watched this series more than five times I am not sick of it and don’t think I will be. If this series doesn’t scare you even a little you may need something darker like
Hellsing or Shiki, so you will be entertained and may make you laugh just a little with some minor humor this series has also.

Link to watch anime

Comment below any thoughts you have about this anime or post 😀
I hope you enjoyed this first spooky review as their will be many more to come my pretties 😀

I will see you all in the next spooky post 😀 


  1. I watched this on a whim some time in the last year (ended up reviewing it too even) and I have to agree – it’s probably my favorite ‘horror’ series I’ve seen. It has fantastic atmosphere throughout, some genuinely scary stuff (mostly in the final arc), but also manages to have some really great humor and very lovable characters albeit I agree they were sadly under-developed, but I still felt an attachment to all of them and enjoyed thier screen-time. I fall into the dub side of things for this, but mostly thanks to Cherami Leigh doing a great job, the rest of the cast was pretty good but kind of voiced their characters flatter than usual (even for those specific voice actors compared to other roles they’ve had).

    I think a lot of people wouldn’t be spooked by it, but I certainly was at times and really just loved the way it all ‘felt’ even when it wasn’t particularly creepy or scary.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeh it’s not a 10/10 anime but I still love it and the characters but i wanted to be honest in my review as possible can’t just sit there and say “Hey nothing wrong with it?” I am glad you enjoyed it. I agree I love the way the show felt in the end and they nailed the ghostly tension bang on for me.


  2. I also genuinely enjoyed this series. Very few anime have succeeded in scaring me, and “The Blood Stained Labyrinth” has to be one of the scariest horror story arcs in anime. And, unlike so much modern horror, Ghost Hunt uses its mood and suspense to scare its audience rather than relying upon gore or cheap tricks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes the blood stained labyrinth so got me and reviewing now I will be rewatching it for halloween haha the mood and suspense are spot on and it’s hard for it not to creep you out ^^


  3. Loved the first spooky post! Lol. I think I may have watched this show before but I don’t remember a lot of it. I am definitely going to check it out again now though! Great post. I can’t wait for the next one!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can’t hate bloggers silly lol
      I don’t mind just I have such a long list to reply of nominations to not sure when I can 🙂 Thankyou though


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