Lita’s Discussion Time *Spooky Version*: An Anime That Has Scared You?


Hello All !!!!! 😀

Muahhhhh It is OCTOBER FINALLY !!! 

*Lita is Alive* Oh my god so nice to finally sit down and chill as I have a three day weekend now I wanted to start off with my spooky month with a discussion as I haven’t done one in ages really have I?

I dare say there is not one anime fan out there that hasn’t experience a scene or a whole anime that has made you scared or jump at certain parts, I figure if an anime can do that it sure gives clear indication of being a good watch. I am among all those anime fans that have many scares and will go through some of the ones that had me clutching to my pillow or hiding in a closet because we all have looked like this below:

You cannot deny I know…..

Ghost Hunt: Bloodstained Labyrinth

Ghost Hunt is one of my favorite anime’s ever, it’s an anime I feel that has been looked down upon a lot probably because of the English dubbed version. I will be reviewing this anime later on this month but this anime will give you a jump or two even now after rewatching over 5 times this one case called the Bloodstained Labyrinth just makes my skin crawl. The first time I watched this was indeed on stormy night which we all know is a bad idea but we do it anyway, the first words that start off the episode are “I don’t want to die”. How many times have you heard that phrase but the way it was said was enough to creep me out, by far this is my favorite case solved but not nice to remember glimpses of.

Death Note:

Time for a obvious one of course but I cannot deny that nearly throughout the whole series it had me on the edge of my seat at most points. All the speculation and important decisions making involved in this series added to the thrill a little and is an anime I can watch over and over again. Death Note will be in my spooky month but I won’t be fully reviewing it, I’ll be doing a completely different post to do with this anime. 🙂

Shiki: They’re At Your Window, Waiting…

The one that takes the real cake on this is definitely Shiki all I have to do is look at this image and I am reminded of when they come to your windows. Oh man those scenes really had me under my covers I could feel the tension from the whole scene myself, it did give me a couple of nightmares. Shiki is just oozing with that creepy background music and art style to create these amazing scenes which will leave you spooked, I will be re-watching this on Halloween and I’ll have my stuffed toy with me.

Those are just some examples of what have spooked me so my question to you all is:

What Scene or Anime Has Spooked You?
A Scene That Has Made You Jump?

Please comment below your answer I would really love to know 😀

Look out for more Spooky post they are coming, Lita is working her butt off next one will be a spooky review so don’t forget to vote on my poll to vote which anime’s you want me to review this spooky October.

Lita’s Spooky Choices

I’ll see you in the next post! 😀


  1. There was a creepy scene in an episode of The Devil is a Part-Timer that creeped the heck out of me because I wasn’t expecting it (The show was a comedy, and it’s really funny too) but boy did one part give me the creeps. Took me a while to forget about it too lol.

    And an anime that scared me…probably Higurashi. Soooooo deliciously creepy; I watched it at night alone on my bed under a blanket and it was just perfect. *shivers* XD

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    1. The devil part timer lol that’s a surprise to hear that it scared you lol another anime I have yet to see lol higurashi I will be getting this month eventually lol


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