SundaysWithLita: Shiki Anime Review

shiki 1

Anime: Shiki
Published: July 8, 2010December 30, 2010
Genre: Horror/Supernatural 
Producer: Daume
Episodes: 22

“There is no such thing as a terrible death”

Hello guys!!!
Welcome to another Sunday with me Lita where this day of this week I review either a anime or manga and were taking a creepy turn this week, my youtuber friend Animepalooza got me this anime as apart of a youtuber collaboration with her. I finally had time this week to check it out and boy I am kind of lost for words about this anime if you are looking for some creepy I inplure you to keep reading as Lita reviews the deep dark, creepy Shiki.


Secluded, isolated village Sotoba in one hot summer season suffer unexplained, mysterious deaths that have happened in the village, people say it is a epidermic but this only starts occurring when a strange family moves into the village. Dr Osaki the head doctor in the village is on the case of all the mysterious deaths and so is a young new arrival in the village Natsuno but could they be dealing with such thing as the undead?


This anime’s music will give you the goosebumps and chills is what I experienced the whole time watching it and I consider that a good thing. I really want to get a chance to listen to the OST of this would be perfect for Halloween coming up oh hell yes !! Fitting music for every creepiness that comes your way in this anime and just creates the fitting atmosphere for this genre. Already after listening to the second opening theme song for this series I was in love with it I find it beautifully evil, ( which is what Lita is really) it’s made it’s way to my Ipod and will stay there forever.  The music is undeniably spot on to cruicial parts in the anime which create that fear this anime tries to place in you. 

My Thoughts

Shiki is a rollcoaster of death I would describe after watching this dark series. To be honest I don’t really know where to begin this show was not I was expected it to be but I can truly say is a REAL VAMPIRE ANIME SERIES“. Most anime vampire series we know of Diabloik lovers or Vampire Knight they are not what you would call sticking to theme of how we know vampires to be but Shiki undeniably is the exception to that. This had been recommended to many times and now I sit here thinking why did I not watch it sooner. 

Before you decide to stop reading my review thinking it’s just another twilight all over again I urge you to just keep reading as Shiki in my opinion is the perfect cure to all of that pretense twilight trash” as some people refer to. 

First off I will start off my saying the plot may sound average village? vampires suck blood? that’s what I originally thought like they say never judge a book by it’s cover. The plot about 3/4 into the anime is stretched too far and becomes slow to get to what the obvious conclusion would come to. I was warned about the plot being like this I see your meaning Fujinsei. Apart from a drawn out plot the whole story is still very interesting and it reburns that lost fire of the creatures of the night. 

I feel creeped out just looking at this do you? >.<

The Idea of vampires from fiction and history is rekindled in this series and I have to thank you the creators of this show for not letting the legend of vampires die out yet. It’s at your own risk to watch this show at night which is the idealistic time to watch a show like this, but this show left me with shivering after thoughts which is what you should be feeling. I consider this a great thing as it shows the creepy atmospheric feel it gives you, this atmosphere would not exist without the amazing background music to back it up without that. The show could not stand on it’s own because with a genre like this you need that atmospheric build up which is what Shiki will do to you. I can’t tell you how many times at certain points in the series it had me feeling that way and clutching to my bed sheets.

Alongside the amazing background music is the interesting art style. Beautifully captivated the creature shiki is done and again gives the anime that chilling, atmospheric feel, I tell you those Shiki eyes with no pupils in them creep the hell out of me. Studio Daume I noticed are a very artistic studio with their animation and I feel they captured the embodiment of the classic vampire very well, using visually bright colors in the scenes of when the Shiki’s come out to play.

Shiki had a lot of characters in this show an entire village I never felt deeply connected to any of them in the end because none really lived long. This anime is not one of those where get to know your characters it’s a very dark, tragedy this series if your expecting much character development I can’t guarantee that. 

 Quite a few of the characters I found useless and non interesting like along side me Megumi and Natsuno. Megumi is bascially a selfish brat who wants nothing more than to leave the pathetic village of Sotoba and same as Natsuno. Natsuno I found to be quite a confusing character at times as to what he was really thinking and all round was plain old cold and callus young man. 

The only character I found interesting was Dr Ozaki the man trying to figure out all these mysterious deaths at least we got to see what his personality was like. But sadly it frustrates you eventually that the answer is obvious and you will be by the end of your rope screaming out the answer to them this what I mean by the plot can be very slow at times. I did feel sorry for Dr Ozaki up until about half way through the anime after that not so much.  Probably should mention also Sunako the little girl is the most useless character of them all.

You may know by now that Shiki is not beating around the bush with the idea of “vampire” like other vampire anime series do. Which is why this show was just so refreshing to watch the embodiment of the classic vampire is shown so well in this anime and sticking to that theme is what defines this vampire series from others. In combination of European and Japanese history of the vampire added makes the plot way more interesting and gives it depth that can broaden that interest. This series will keep you gripped at every turn as there is a lot of twists and turns I never saw coming half the time and is what kept me so interested in this series. I know I said before the plot can seem slow at points but just roll with it and you will find how great this series really is.

haha indeed you see wooden stacks happening

The gore, blood and death that Shiki comes with I would say is worse than the series elfen lied and I was really surprised. I knew there would be some bloodshed but again with the amount of twists and turns this series take you won’t be bored people, you won’t be bored….I came to realize from all the ones that rise up from their grave and turn into these Shiki creatures they just get more annoying and deserve Karma right back at them heh.

Overall Rating

9/10 – Very Memorable
Impressed Muchly

Shiki would have gotten a 10 but the way it ended, I don’t care if with an anime like this it’s the typical Japanese way to end series like this, not cool. There were too many holes left in the plot but I don’t ever think there will be conclusion sadly.

Shiki outstandingly though I enjoyed thoroughly a lot will be a favorite anime series for me of the supernatural genre. Shiki is going to bring you the creepy chills, the classic vampire we all know and a entertaining plot. This show is the cure from all the twilight trash you have seen up until now and rekindles the vampire legend. Since Halloween is coming up I highly recommend checking out this show for around then it’s just the perfect watch for that occasion, Don’t question just do it!!!

Link to watch anime

I have no debate about either for the sub or dub, I did watch the series in the dub which was fine to me and was enjoyable I felt all the voices suited each character. 

I hope everyone enjoyed this review 😀
definitely just go check out this show around Halloween I sure will be rewatching it 🙂

Comment below any thoughts you have about this anime or post 😀

I’ll see you for another Sunday’sWithLita
See you in the next post!!!


27 thoughts on “SundaysWithLita: Shiki Anime Review

  1. I sadly dropped this back when the sub first hit the web and I want to get back into it but I’ve been to preoccupied with other shows to give a shit about re-downloading this. I agree it’s a very good anime with the around same intrigue and suspense as Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni. I just don;t have the time to watch the whole series from where I left off. Subscribe to my shit since I was interested enough to subscribe to yours now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I’m not always too much preoccupied with other shows when I start watching an anime I stick with it till finished 🙂 I haven’t seen Higurashi no Naku Koro ni maybe ill pick that up soon enough ^^


  2. Plot holes, yuck. But oh ooh I’ve still yet to see this and will probably watch it Halloween night hehehe I’m practically digging my own grave.
    I’m reading this on Monday cause I’m a rebel, but great pick for your Sunday reviews! Since you piqued my curiosity, I recommend Higurashi and Another for more horror plot goodness!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Back in the days when we suffered the horror that was the “Twilight of the Twilight Saga” I was yearning for something that reminded everyone that vampires were da shiznit and not just sparkly tween porn material.
    Dance in the Vampire Bund showed me that romance involving vampires can still be told well…loli fanservice notwithstanding for viewers who cannot handle. Then there was Shiki. The show that reminded us that vampires are rarely nice and more often than not hostile beings who will fight to survive by any means necessary…while still coming off being more civilized than humans ironically.
    I also have these two shows to thank for introducing me to the love of my life, Aoi Yuuki who voiced Mina Tepes and Sunako Kirishiki.
    So yeah I loved this show even with its somewhat slow first quarter that led up to the hell that awaited later on…WHEW!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really want to see dance in the vampire bund again been on my list for like ever haha lol I do have to admit one of my anime gulity pleasures was Diabolik lovers and I kinda enjoyed it but can’t deny what you like but my anime genre is all over the place lol

      I feel Shiki did show how disgusting humans can be really a lot more than any anime series I have seen thus far >.<

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I will also be reviewing this for my youtube next week as for more of my indepth thoughts talking about it will creep me out enough lol

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Rbloop helped me find your blog and said I would get caught up in your enthusiasm! Well, that is no joke! haha You seem to have a ton of fun with what you do. Shiki was a delight for me as it was given as a part of a yearly anime challenge i do. From start to finish it was delightfully unsettling in presentation and never lose its charm all the way to the end of its run time.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I think on here is name is Rocco B or IntheCubbyHole? I had his named mixed up with another online handle of his XD. Yes you did a great job!

        Liked by 1 person

  5. The first episode of Shiki was TERRIBLE until that [censored] died! Then the show got a million times better XD What impressed me most was how plausible the vampires were from a medical perspective. That’s something a lot of vampire fiction messes up and usually isn’t worth going into.

    The best part of Shiki though? The hair of course! Oh, and the PTSD color inverts, gotta love ’em haha.

    Well that’s the last one for tonight that I’ll read in the backlog. I’ll get to more later 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thankfully I knew what I was getting into with Shiki or I would have made the mistake of dropping the show part way through episode one. That girl was just too dang annoying.


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