Lita’s Top 5 Studio Ghibli Films

Hello everyone 😀

As you may have seen from my post title we are going to be talking about some of the most amazing, outstanding anime movies of all time by the incredible Studio Ghibli. I don’t feel I have to write a 3000 word essay about how amazing this studio is and the man behind it:

Hayao Miyazaki
The dude is a freaking legend and he will be for the next million years ❤

Among the thousands of fans of this beloved studio it is hard to put into words of how much I love movies that have made their way into my top five. I feel anyone else who loves them also may find it hard to pick it down to five, I have seen most of them accept a few like When Marnie Was There, Ponyo, Graveyard Of Flies, The Tale of Princess Kagyua, Only Yesterday, The Wind Arises and Totoro. Now haha don’t torch Lita on a kebab stick for not ever having seen Totoro the MAIN ICON of this studio it is my goal before the end of year to own the whole Studio Ghibli because I think it is about time lol. I seem to not watch the latest things that come out which is way most of the ones I haven’t seen are the fairly newest but I am odd bird when it comes to watching anime.

Now the following Top 5 movies that I have picked are my personal choices and how much they entertained me, how they emotionally connected me and what they taught/inspired me.

5. Howl’s Moving Castle

Young Sophie is a girl who has not really lived, running a hat shop one day she encounters the witch of the waste who curses her and turns Sophie into an old woman. With her country waging war she ventures into a land known as the wastes to seek a way to uplift the curse, to her surprise she ends up taking refuge with the dashing Wizard known as Howl and his moving castle. I am giving you a pretty basic plot I will not go into detail about the plots as it would spoil for for those who may have not seen that. It was a must to include this in my Top 5 I forget how many times I have seen this movie, Indeed it was the first Studio Ghibli film I ever saw and the reason that made me love this studio so much ❤

This movie will just whisk you away to put bluntly, has such charming and enchanting characters that make this movie what it is. Oh god any girls who have seen this must I talk about how gorgeous Howl is….Oh my god!!! He looks good with either blonde of Black, Howl will probably be one of the main reasons you may end up liking this movie a lot because he is dazzling, charming and knows how to sweep a girl off his feet. Sophie and Howl together *Faints* such a beautiful couple the journey they both have together discovering themselves make them iconic in my eyes. The detailed animation scenery wise is another reason I love this movie I would go live in that world accept I would curse the witch of the waste to live in the waste the rest of her miserable life. Muahhh !! 

Howl’s moving castle taught me we should never be afraid of ourselves and of what we can do Howl and Sophie’s characters show this trait so well and I cannot recommend enough to go see this enchanting movie ❤

4. Tales from Earth Sea

In a world where once dragons and humans use to be one, a land in a deterioration young prince Arren flees from is own kingdom when he killed his father. He is founded by a man known as Sparrow hawk and joins him on his journey to discover the upset balance of the land, Arren ends up meeting a young girl Therru who is more than what she seems.

I don’t hear this Ghibli movie talked about a whole lot as it’s not as enchanting as people think it is therefore this movie has been underrated. For me this movie I love a lot for the plot and the unexpected turns it takes, sometimes you may get lost in the plot a little but if you follow it closely it will make more sense. Probably this movie is not talked about a lot is from other Ghibli works it has a darker side to it a little but that enchanting side is there “Dragons” , who doesn’t love anything with dragons. I feel this movie is seriously underrated and I can’t help placing it at my number four spot I just love this movie so much and can watch over and over.

Tales from Earth Sea taught me we cannot run from our fears and problems we have to face the head on even if we don’t want. ❤

3. Princess Mononoke

Ashitaka the prince of this tribe one day saves his village from a out of control cursed boar, in the process of saving everyone the boar bites him and curses his him. He is exiled from his village and left to wander looking a way to lift the curse, along the way he get’s up in a war between human and beast. He meets Lady Eboshi the leader of Iron Town trying to hunt and kill the animal clan of wolves led by a human girl known as San, Ashitaka tries to bring peace between both sides but won’t be that easy.

Princess Mononoke was not a movie I didn’t like at first after watching it for the first time but after two or three times more of watching it I fell in love with it. I don’t feel in the beginning I gave this movie a fair shot as the plot I kept trying to get my head around but when you have watched this movie more than a few times you do get it. I loved all the interesting creatures and the enchanting charm that came with this movie, Ashitaka elk oh god I want one be the best PET EVER !!
San the human girl who leads the wolf clan she is your anime Pocahontas LOL, that is first thing that came to my mind when watching this move for the first time. Princess Mononoke again for me is not your light hearted movie comes with some dark parts as well but dam the fantasy aspect I cannot deny is spot on ❤

Still to this day is so enjoyable to watch and still makes me cry because this movie will make you cry so you’ll need a tissue box !!!

Princess Mononoke taught me we need take care of nature better and appreciate it not take it for granted ❤

2. Whisper Of The Heart

Shizuku is your average bookworm she always borrows the same books this other person checkouts out known as “Seji”. Soon enough she ends up meeting “Seji” who she finds extremely annoying but as they get to know each other they learn each other’s dreams and aspirations. A antique shop, a figurine looking like a cat known as Baron encourages Shizuku to begin writing a fantasy story and along the way learning about getting to where you want and love.


One of the most heartwarming movies ever and the reason why it’s loved by many. The story, the characters bring the enchanting charm this movie just oozes out as you watch it. Seiji and Shizuku are really sweet together and it was so fun to get to known them as character while watching this move, pulling on the themes of realizing your goals and how far the imagination can go I don’t see why you won’t love this movie ❤

Whisper Of The Heart taught me imagination has no length and just let it run wild ❤

Muahh haha we are at number one

1. The Cat Returns

Haru is a unsure girl who has no ambitions or goals in life. One day she ends up saving a cat from being run over but you wouldn’t think this cat to thank you as the cat talks, he is Prince Lune of the cat kingdom. Haru is showered in gifts by the King of the cats along with betrothal to his son Prince Lune the cat she saved,  Haru left feeling in dismay she ends up hearing a strange voice telling her to find “The Cat Burea”  and they will be able to solve her problem. She ends up following a white fat cat named Muta and meeting Baron who is a cat with class and charm.

My favorite Ghibli film of all time

Cats? Magic? what is not to love about this magical movie seeing this over 10 times I am not sick of it as you can. I have already reviewed this movie if you wish to read it but the cat returns proudly takes my number one spot. I just love love love everything about this movie, the plot, the characters and colorful animation, the main female protagonist I instantly saw a lot of myself in and felt deeply connected to, Baron that cat with class god why am I so attracted to >.< I know I need help a long time ago I did, it tortured me for a long time of why I would want Baron as a boyfriend He’s a cat? IT BE AWESOME !!! Muto Mr fatty will just make you laugh your pants off !!!

Such a uplifting, heartwarming and magical movie it will cure any blues you have, it certainly did for me making me smile everytime. It’s a must to check out plus it has cats so for any cat lover this will be a winner in your book!!

The Cat Returns taught me to believe in yourself and know you will find your way in life. ❤

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post and my list!!

I am glad I got the chance to finally do this and talk about Ghibli please comment below what are your top 5 favorites? Have you seen of ones I have mentioned?

I’ll see you all in the next post!! 😀 

top 5 ghibli


  1. Hilariously the only one of your top 5 I’ve seen is Howl’s Moving Castle. I started Princess Mononoke but I was unable to finish it.
    One of my absolute favorites is Spirited Away because I think it’s good and nostalgia reasons.
    The Wind Rises is really a must see. It isn’t quite like any other movie Miyazaki made, especially considering it stars an adult male but it is definitely spectacular.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I love spirited away a lot seen it many times but just some others stole my heart away more 🙂 Oh you must finish Princess mononoke it will be worth it 🙂

      I really do want to see the wind rises I need to buysssss it hehe 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Uhh, I found Howl such an attractive wizard too, Lita! He was voiced by Christian Bale in the English Dub and that made all the difference for me. As for Tales of Earthsea, strange, I read a book called Tales of Earthsea where there was a character named Sparrowhawk. A wizard years ago and I’m interested in knowing the connection. From what I have heard in the anime community such as Anime News Network apparently this series was directed by Hayao Miyazaki’s son and somehow the anime film was given a bad rating for some reason or other. I have to wonder if it’s really that bad. I’m doubtful. Overall while I’m a little sad you didn’t mention Spirited Away I’m still happy to see Princess Mononoke make the list! I felt it had excellent themes of female feminism exhibited particularly from Princess Mononoke and .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ughhh when I found out my favorite batman dude christian bale voiced him my head flipped !!!
      Oh really I did not know that probably explains why this movie is not talked about a lot from the Ghibli collection. still I freaking love the movie none the less and don’t hate me because I did not add spirited away I do love that movie a lot. It’s just these people hold a special place with me the five I picked 🙂 Yes princess mononoke get’s in my top 5 very powerful movie indeed what are your top 5?

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh yea, Ghibli is just amazing! My favorite has to be Laputa Castle in the Sky mainly due to nostalgia and that it was the first one I saw. It had everything I wanted in a film:) And Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke also are my favorites, and usually I don’t like to add the popular films but they truly deserve all the praise they get!!

    Whisper of the Heart was very cute:)
    I’m glad you liked Earthsea too! I understand that it was NOT the same as the book (I read the series) but I don’t see why this film was so hated. I really liked it!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooo you tuink along the same lines as me hehe 🙂 yeah big hypes don’t ever get me interested 😛

      Earthsea is a beautiful movie and I will review it very soon infact 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awesome! And YES Earthsea was fantastic! I loved how there were really dark themes in it-the slave trade for one. It was disturbing how there was some hints of rape in it too but it was handled well. I can’t wait to see your review for it!!!!


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