SundaysWithLita: Black Bird Manga Review

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Supernatural 
January 26, 2007March 26, 2013 (Completed)
Volumes: 18

“I cannot embrace you”

Welcome to another Sunday’s with me Lita where each Sunday I review either a anime or manga but everytime is always a surprise. wehee finally it’s time to review another manga I don’t read enough manga because I am a slow ass reader lol. This series I have been reading for the last month because with manga I like to take my time and not miss any detail to the story, This read was very much a guilty pleasure for me as Lita reviews deep, lustful Blackbird.


When Misao turned sixteen she began seeing demons and monsters who were always after her, Kyou comes into the picture a childhood friend who vanished all that time ago. Misao to her surprise finds out that Kyo is known as a “Tengu” demon (kinda half bird half human) he tells her she is known as something called the Senka, “Forbidden Fruit” a being that craves attention, love and demons wanting their blood as it will bring them power. Misao ends up becoming under the protection of Kyou and his eight Tengu from any demons coming after her while a forbidden love is about to bloom.

My Thoughts

So before I about my thoughts this manga is Adult themes so I would not recommend reading this unless your over 16, I can’t stop you if you decide to read it this world is screwed up anyway. Well this manga was certainly one of the longest reads for me in a long time and at the same time a guilty pleasure.

I like my guilty pleasures which would be shojo and shoujo together, Black bird reminded me a lot of one of my favorites of similar storyline Demon Love Spell I reviewed a few months ago. When I say they  are similar due to the fact of sexual relations and “Oh become my bride” at least black bird I found more interesting out of the two plot wise. Our female and male Protagonist to me weren’t all that interesting in the end as much of a great read it was for me, their characters I wished had been developed more. Misao about the whole time in the manga you will see crying about something, her character is very sensitive, childish and a attention seeker a little. Kyo this sexy demon who was nice to look at in some parts of the manga thanks to the gorgeous art style of the manga but he’s a bit of an ass. He at times could be quite cruel to Misao but you can see through the manga his personality broadened a bit that he generally is a nice guy, all the risky things he did was for Misao. Despite not being the biggest fan of Misao I loved her character design she’s really cute to look at from a visual point of view but that is about it for her.

People get it on in this manga that is what you will get at some points. The storyline I feel for others can become a bit boring and slow pacing but I didn’t mind it, that little bit of complex plot outline added some interest into the mix. The elements of supernautral themes are done very solidly and there is enough romance to complete any shojo or shoujo fix let me tell you. The art style as I said before I thought was gorgeous especially really sweet moments between Kyo and Misao, those two I cannot deny the feels I got from them two throughout reading. 

The “Forbidden love” theme is expressed through Misao and Kyo’s relationship together and it was done really beautifully to be honest. They face a lot of hardships together but the hardships to me if it was real life then I would saying how sorry I felt for them which I didn’t. A lot of the things that happen to them Misao freely made those decisions, then selfishly later on she flips back regretting, flips back again then she doesn’t oh god. From the plot basically he protects her in order for other demons to come eat her blood where as Kyo just helps himself as in the beginning of the story you’ll think he’s an ass for it. By the end of the story you’ll still think he is an ass. 

Characters I were fond of in this manga series was Kyo’s eight Tengu members who were Kyo’s retainers. They had some personality and you could define their character’s easily. Sagami was very protective of Kyo and to me was like a wise old man, he was funny at points trying to keep Kyo’s childness in line. Zenki he was just attractive to look at while reading the manga. I thought the cast of characters for this manga series was fine I guess but obviously it focuses on mainly the relationship of Kyo and Misao. There were some comedic parts to the manga mostly between Kyo and Misao which did make me laugh at times.

Got to say the ending really had me on my toes as my feels were going all over the place, as I assumed what I thought was going to happen didn’t so that was entertaining. I’ve never had a manga do that to me before get me, just the building up towards the end, wanting to know how it ends, played majorly on my feels so well done to you Black Bird for that.


All round I enjoyed the Black bird series it won’t be one of my favorite Shojo reads as the pacing of the manga got a bit boring and slow at times. On the romance side of things can’t deny was expressed beautifully the love Misao and Kyo had for each other at times. I found this manga series very similar to Demon love spell and Midnight Sectary so if you like those you will like this series ❤  

 Link to read manga

Pssst….this manga is guarantee to cure any shojo or shoujo fix 😉

Comment below any thoughts you have about this post or manga 🙂

I’ll see you next Sunday again for another Sunday’sWithLita
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  1. I really enjoyed this manga. I was often with Misao, but overall the romance and the steamy scenes were hot! The birth scene reminded me too much of “Breaking Dawn”, so I was a bit turned off. Not that I didn’t enjoy “Twilight”, I did. But anyway, I didn’t like the epilogue. I thought that he was being mean to his son. I get the he loves Misao so much, but for goodness sake!—it’s their child! But I guess he’s a disciplinarian type of dad.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I agree it was hot xD 😉 Yuss it was a little like twilight I thought myself for a while lol I agree about the epliogue >.< apart from that great manga hehe 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve been on a shoujo rampage lately, it’s not my typical pick but for some reason I just haven’t been able to stop! So if you say this is a fix I might have to give it a try, seems interesting and that art is beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I finished it! Wow, it was definitely good. I wish I never watched twilight though because I kept having flashes of that movie towards the end lol, yay for happy endings though 😀


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