Lita’s Free Spirit Award Nominations

Hello one and all 🙂

This is just a quick post about my nominations for the Free Spirit Award which was created by the amazing pair Unotaku and Marvelous Mismatched. I was nominated by Something About LynLyn and you can read my post here so here are the rules below of this interesting award:

  • Post about the topic that the previous nominee selected.
  • You can create the post whatever way you want.
  • And put the logo!

    To make this easy and simple for a topic to pick I will do what SomethingaboutLynLyn did pick two phrases from two songs I really love and the nominees have to do a post of anything of their choice to do with that phrase.

    Nickelback is one of my favorite artists of all time, they do some beautiful lyrics and this song speaks a lot of truth about life the phrase from this song is actually what the song is called “What Are You Waiting For?”

    Treasure planet is one of my favorite disney movies of all time I love a certain phrase from this song “It’s Good To See The Sun And Feels This Place” 

    Those are my two phrases you have to do a post about anything and everything to do what that phrase and my nominee’s for this award I have picked due to many other bloggers already I know being nominated and these guys deserve to shine with the expection of Lyn as she nominates me every time haha:

    Rocco B
    – Muahh SomethingAboytLynLyn
    Yuri Nation 

    So nominees you can complete this whenever you want no race lol

    Have fun with this 😀

    I’ll see you in the next post!!! 😀 


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