Free Spirit Award Personal Post: Anime Victims Of Love

Greetings all,
Welcome to another special award post where this one is very special as it is a new award I have seen going for a while now The Free Spirit Award which was created by the amazing Unotaku and Marvelous Mismatched. First I am going to start off by saying Ladies what a cool award to come up with and it’s my pleasure to part take in this award, kindly the ever so amazing SomethingAboutLynLyn nominated me for this award (she just loves nominating me all the time don’t you?).

This award is very straight foward as follows below: 

  • Post about the topic that the previous nominee selected.
  • You can create the post whatever way you want.
  • And put the logo!

I had to give much thought to this post as SomethingAboutLynLyn gave her nominees the choice of the following topics When Love Hurts and No Faith In, The calling for me was “When Love Hurts” as it gave me a brainstorming idea for this post.

In any and every anime you would have watched up until now Love has always been a key element no matter what, the reflection of love that is portrayed is if you think about it quite an amazing thing. Wouldn’t you agree? It’s as has been mentioned from one of my favorite movies of all time Cinderella Ever After Story when Leonard Da Vinci is explaining to Prince Henry of all the courage it took Danielle a.k.a Cinderella she had to tell the truth of who she really was. Leonard scolded Henry for judging her so rashly, never hearing her out and giving up on the idea of love all together. Leonard quoted to Henry:

This quote is quite fitting for what this post is about which is one of the truest quotes that I have personally lived by since I first saw this beautiful movie. If you haven’t seen this movie I highly recommend you do I love this take on the Cinderella story and it is the movie that made me such a huge fan of Drew Barrymore. So what are we going to be talking about in this post? Love comes in all different forms Family, Friendship, Romantically, Acceptance, Kindness the list could go on…but it’s never fair in the pitching game of love in the end their are hurt ones. In anime their are million to one scenes, characters that you will re collate that wrenched your heart out, made you cry and felt deep connection where someone is wounded in the unfairness of love. I am here to talk about some Anime Victims of Love, of how it was for them and what was the end result for them?

But before I begin what made you pick this topic Lita?

My love with anime you could not be measured with a tape measure and would be nowhere near as long as Snake Way from Dragonball Z and I simply wanted to reflect certain moments within this topic in anime that pulled a deep cord in me, I felt sorry for and replicate what can and happens in real life. ❤


it’s nautrally for you wanting to be accepted by someone who can see past the real you and an anime victim of acceptance is Kyo Sohma from Fruit Baskets. I have never forgotten of how towards the ending of this angelic anime I felt for Kyo’s character, he was the most tragic character to have the saddest backstory where wishing to only be accepted into the twelve animals of the Zodiac so he wouldn’t have to feel alone no longer. The build up towards the moment all of this ache  is just intense and I cried my eyes out for a good half an hour even after finishing the anime, Tohru was the saving grace in the end. I thought it was cruel a little of how Kyo’s master put him through letting Tohru see the real him (inner monster) and at the time I thought it would not end well, but obviously I was wrong Hooray. A character like Tohru’s for the dark side that comes the wiithSohma family I though was perfect and I wouldn’t pick anyone else to look out for Kyo. Kyo to me is the perfect reflection of how it can be in real life in so many situations of wanting to feel accepted for who you are and your flaws.

I thought it would be cruel of me not to mention someone else who has had his heavy dose of neglect and of wanting to be accepted another victim of acceptance Naruto Uzumaki from the anime Naruto. Sadly I am not all up to speed with this anime I am way behind….like on the first season but I felt enough of a connect with Naruto’s character as he is unforgettable. Knowing you have Nine tail demon in you then everyone else thinks your a monster, your bound to fall into a dark pit and never want to come out. Naruto even with all he had suffered as a child, the hurt that was ingrained he turned it around for himself with this driving will, wanting to become next hokage to be recognized. I don’t know how he did it sometimes to keep showing us his infectious smile 🙂 I have nothing but utmost respect for him and how he perceived through all the hurt and pain hehe and his little motto one word “Believe”.

Both Kyo and Naruto are clear examples of rejection of wanting to be accepted and through their characters we are shown whether be whatever relationship you have with a person, accepting all of a person is undoubtedly can be seen as a form of love. 

No Love Of A Parent

When love can hurt worse is family related, receiving no affection or being told you are not loved from your parents can be one of the worst traumatic things for anyone. A Victim of No love of a parent is Shinja Ikari from the anime Neo Genesis Evangelion. Shinja is not particularly a character I like much but the trauma this boy suffered mentally and psychologically i really felt for him, His relationship with his father one of the big factors in this anime. Shinji indeed was a victim of never receiving no love from his father whatsoever and the way this was shown through the anime was done very solidly. I felt so much tension when it came to scenes with Shinji and his father, it was just oozing out all of this sadness and atmospheric depression which indeed did make me depressed.

Shinji was a clear example of “When Love Hurts” from a parent point of view, it shows the aspects of how mentally it affects someone and the chronical break down of that person. If you have seen this anime and how Shinji’s relationship with his father is then you will know what’s like for someone you may know or you yourself have experienced. Anime just has this amazing way of representing human emotion through cartoon and broadening the spectrum.

Shinji is a sad case of receiving no love from his father but there is a character whom themselves suffered a different kind of hurt another Vicitim of No Love was Crona from Soul Eater. It has been unsure for ages now of Crona’s sex, I think Crona is a boy so we will stick with that, Crona is very shy and reserved character so he was always doing as told by his biological mother Medusa who is a main enemy in the series Soul Eater. Crona’s character has been bashed a lot saying he is wimp and should have stood up for himself more, but did anyone stop to think of how much physiological and pshyical toll it would have had on him? Crona’s back story is terribly sad being forced by Medusa to eat human souls, I wish at times he would have spoken up but being torched by someone like his mother How can you expect anyone to make such a drastic turn around?

I cried my eyes out for Crona when it came to scenes with him and Medusa it was heartwrenching to watch during this anime for me.

It took Crona a while in the end to be free of Medusa’s grip and yes he came good in the end but a Victim like Crona it shows us of what he went through of that kind of abuse can take nearly take their whole life to heal from psychical and psychological abuse. For Crona’s character he had Maka who nearly the whole time believed him no matter what and would be there, that support right there can make wounds heal much faster.

rumbling hearts
Love Triangles

Love triangles are the worst thing ever, misunderstandings, things are blow out of the water after just becomes hell really one character I know a lot of people never felt sorry I certainly did. The Victim of Love Triangles Haraku from Rumbling Hearts, boy she had it rough and really nothing was her fault. Rumbling hearts one of the most gripping romance, drama’s  I had seen but boy this whole anime is just surging with emotion, Haraku quickly in the beginning I became very attached too. Haraku may be your typical shy, sweet and not good at saying what you want kind of girl but there was something about her for me that got me to like her character in the end, Don’t judge to fast yet..Hold on a sec. Haraku has got it great in the beginning a great best friend Mitsuki and with a bit of help from her, she ends up dating Takayuki but tradegy hits as Haraku get’s into a accident. She goes into a long coma for years during that time Mitsuki makes a move on broken Takayuki as Mitsuki has always loved him, she always hid it back but hey my best friend will never wake up MY CHANCE !!


While Mitsuki and Takayuki are enjoying their bliss, Haraku wakes up from her long coma this is great…..but the real tradgey is she is in the mindset right back from the accident so she still thinks she is in highschool and is dating Takayuki. I have explained all of this to make you realize of how truer victim Haraku was in the end. Others may not see it that way but to me it has always felt wrong, IT’S JUST AN ANIME LITA !! it’s not just an anime to me…. Imagine this happening in real life or similar would you think that is no big deal? Your best friend taking an advantage of your broken, useless boyfriend who is already crying over this coma girlfriend. I am here to tell you IT’S NOT OKAY !!

The atmosphere you will feel in this anime of all this occuring will make you realize my points Haraku is indeed a “When Love Hurts” Victim of Love Triangles but in the end she comes to a resolve to move on but that kind of screwed up hurt left behind for you to suffer with is cruel really.


I don’t have to explain you will or would have experience this feeling, this all well known feeling when after we want to dive into a pile of chocolate goodness or go for a 3000 K run. Too many, Too many characters in anime this occurs somewhere along the way so my choice for this was so dam hard but I would feel awful if I didn’t chose the Victim of Heartbreak Nobuo from the anime Nana. Nana is a brilliant anime for your love and drama scenarios and the atmosphere it gives off is hard for any shoujo fan girl to resist, Hachi and Nobuo together finally that moment came YUSSSS *high five*. But…. it was not meant to be as our Naive Hachi never told playboy Takumi to shove it up his ass. The whole pregnancy ordeal didn’t help either even with Nobuo pouring his heart out to Hachi he would be with her still despite the pregnancy.

It was a cruel heartbreak for Nobuo as I felt for me he was just used by miss indecisive Hachi who was desperate to have a boyfriend. I’m going to say it again Cruel, this scene, the emotions it mounts up to me a true heartbreak moment  in anime. (poor Noubo)

Noubo is a clear winner here at “When Love Hurts” the Victim of Heartbreak and this displays clearly of how it can happen in real life to put in plainly, noone deserves this but… I guess if it someone you hate then maybe >.<

Now I have one final one to mention that is personal for me.

Self Sacrifice

In the name of love I will sacrifice the memories you have of me in order for you to be yourself again, having the courage to do that is what our Victim of Self Sacrifice did Syaoran from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. Nothing could ever make me forget this scene, this scene of self sacrifice in order for Princess Sakura to regain her memories. Her memories had turned into feathers and been scattered across dimensions to find them Syaoran seeks out the dimensional witch Yuko, where she will give him the ability to travel to different dimensions to collect Sakura’s memories. In exchange for this he must be willing to pay with what he values most which is her memories she has involving Syaoran. It always made me wonder the unfathomable hurt he must have had to endure having  the person he loves not remember a thing about him and go looking for her memories where she may never regain the ones involving him. I just wondered if anyone thought about that, I did the ENTIRE time in the anime obviously Syaoran always looking calm and collected throughout the whole journey is not how a situation in real life would go. Self sacrificing for someone no matter what it may be, the amount of hurt left behind from such an act would just tear your soul away.

Syaoran undeniable is “When Love Hurts” Victim of Self Sacrifice through his strong character portrayed is the human emotion of self sacrfice going to any lengths to do anything for that one person you love with your very heart, even if you are hurt in the process.

Ooo that was a heavy dose for you all but at the end it makes us all realize we are only human, we all will be a victim of love but doesn’t mean we shelter ourselves away from it. The way anime portrays the beautiful representation of the emotion of love is something we should think is “DAM that is amazing” showing the different forms of love we experience in our own life’s but not on sometimes on the ridiculous, weird anime has on it. All the characters I have talked about all experienced a different form of love and where I have always remembered them for what they went through and how they perceive with it, clearly they all tell us we always need someone there.

A life without love is no life at all. 

Now time time for a hug after all that:

I hope all of you could keep up with this post aha so long I wanted to thank SomethingAboutLynLyn for the nomination of this awesome award I will put up a separate post tomorrow of my nominees and two topics of choice as this post is long enough as it is. >.>

I hope you all enjoyed post ❤
This was a heavy topic for me to talk about but felt good to write it none the less plus I wanted to make this anime related but still personal which worked out well 🙂

I’ll leave you a song that I am in love with recently that might make you think about serious stuff perhaps

Comment below any thoughts you have ❤ 


I’ll see you in the next post !!! 😀


  1. What a lovely post. I love your anime references but there is one thing that really stood out to me….. How can you be so far behind on Naruto??? it will take you forever to catch up! But, the good thing is, there are a lot of fillers that you can skip. Either way, Naruto makes you feel. I’ve cried with him, laughed, jumped out of my seat, been disappointed and proud. There are painful and beautiful moments that you’ll never forget.

    I definitely appreciate your adding Crona to your list. I just finished rewatching Soul Eater. I can’t lie – I think it was even better the 2nd time around!

    And never think of any of these as “just an anime.” my experience is that they are generally better thought out than most movies and live series. Anything that makes you feel as much as anime does should never be prefaced with “just”!

    Congrats on the award!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thankyou muchly ❤ much thought went into this post hehe I never think of anime just an anime I just put "just" as part of my post but I may rephrase that whoops… Yess I am a latey when it comes to major anime like only this weekend I plan to watch attack on titan my interests in anime diverse a lot lol Yus Crona a character who hardly get's any acknowledgment so it was fitting with my theme
      Thankyou for the kind words hehe 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow. Very nice. Honestly I felt like I assigned a homework assignment to people, and you just handed me your essay. HAHA

    When I saw the subsection “No Love From A Parent” I thought of Tomoya from Clannad. He was neglected by his father and it led to a broken relationship.

    Anyways, AWESOME post! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. AHAHA this made me laugh so I got a. A+ right ???
      Yes I thought of tomyoa but I had other people in mind just crona and Shinji came to my mind first XD example though ^^

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Awesome post, I loved your examples. 🙂 NANA, Tsubasa, Evangelion, all too perfect. Even if it’s fiction, they still provide a good mirror into society.

    Just of note, you misspelled Haruka’s name in Rumbling Hearts.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I didn’t take in a breath until I saw the moe chicks at the end. You’ve made some really fine points there, Lita, you really have. Characters like Shinji and Crona (so excited to see him here, as I forgot myself!) really did draw the short straw for parental love, or rather, it was sawed so short by their respective creators 😉 And love triangles, uff, my aching heart. I’ve actually been in a couple of those myself, though not as near as dramatic (trust me, it’s not popcorn worthy to watch). There are a few more shows that I think excel on that approach to love, those being Kokoro Connect and Nagi-Asu.
    And to cap off on Lyn’s comment, this was A++++ Congrats on the grade EHERM I mean award! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yay THANKYOU !!! xD makes it so worth it as this post took oh my god forever lol kokoro connect and nagi asu still I have yet to see >.>

      I am a model student XD

      Liked by 2 people

  5. Great post Lita! I liked how you really covered all the different types of love, and I thought the examples about Nobuo and Tsubasa Chronicles were really apt 😀 Now I am pretty interested in Rumbling Hearts haha I think its the next romance anime I am gonna try!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. This is one big loving snickering post.

    I can’t help to think about all the unanswered loves. or the one that is still branded in my head of Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso the fair well letter.
    In which there was also some kind f love triangle going on.

    A beautiful post indeed.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Aaaaw. I should’ve read this on Valentine’s Day instead of April Fool’s. Kind of destroy the novelty, but still a great and touching post, Lita. It’s kind of eerie how I was just reading a tweet about love by UnimeTV and I read this post. The universe must be telling me something. Gasp! Ahaha. Anyway, love can hurt but love is LOVE. Love is universal and series that portray this emotion, like your examples, will eventually connect with the viewer. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahaha lol I wrote this sometime in September was a while ago, one of more detailed posts I’ve written Lyn ws impressed by it although haha

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I can see how impressed she was by her comment. ^___^

        Yeah, but I only read it now. Must’ve missed it before. Anyway, this was an entertaining read. Thanks for sharing it. Cheers!


  8. Lovely topic, and I must say I’m right there with you. I suffered with a lot of those characters and stories, clutching my pillow and blankets while watching them. Those kind of stories do take a toll on me, so it’s why for years now I mostly watch sports anime. The last anime I watched that my feelings got ripped out and shoved inside me, crying throughout the ending, was Shin Sekai Yori. I find when I get captived/impacted emotionally I’ll think about it for days, turning it around and thinking possibilities, and tragedy love stories are the worst. The worst ;_;

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Don’t worry, not at all! I’m quite happy to know that I’m not the only one that gets overly invested and impacted! So don’t worry (≧∇≦)/

        Liked by 1 person

  9. This is such a deep post. I got a bit lost because I haven’t watched most of anime that you referenced if I’m being honest. Sometimes I think anime relationships are so complex and it’s easy to get immersed in them. I definitely have to check out the anime that you mentioned in this post.

    Liked by 1 person

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