SundaysWithLita: Tears To Tiara Anime Review

tears to tiara

 Anime: Tears To Tiara/Tiazu tu Tiara
Published: April 6, 2009September 28, 2009
Genre: Fantasy, Mythical, Action
Producer: White Fox
Episodes: 26

“There is only one person here who knows The words of powers, You Rhiannon”

Hello everybody!!
Welcome to another Sunday’s with me Lita where each Sunday I review either a anime or manga but everytime is always a surprise, it makes it more fun for you guys and myself. 🙂 This week we are exploring a different genre an anime I finally finished last week and mutely a very unknown anime, where I am to be it’s voice and peak your interest. As Lita reviews the adventurous, heart warming Tears To Tiara.


Now…the plot for this anime is one of those complex ones when till the end you finally understand of what is actually is going on which just frustrates me sometimes. This anime a adaption from the Playstation 3 game Tears to Tiara Anecdotes: The Secret of Avalon (I want this game so badly >.<) but a brief plot I can give you is Rhiannon a priestess of the Gael Clan who is kidnapped by a rouge Priest from the empire who will sacrifice Rhiannon to resurrect A demon lord who has laid dormant for 1000 years known as Demon King Arawn. Of course the Gael clan come to rescue Rhiannon among them her Brother Arthur the first warrior of the tribe but Lord Arawn is resurrected and it is said in the prophecy he will wreak havoc upon humanity which it doesn’t turn out to be the case. Arawn actually supports the humans and takes a interest in Rhiannon’s brother Arthur as he holds something special but their real enemy is the Imperial Divine Empire and a an enemy only Arawn knows about. Arawn ends up becoming the chief of the Gael clan and leads them on their quest for freedom.


Free & Dream By Suara the opening theme to this series is a song that is hard for me to get out of my head, it as a nice beat to it, at first it annoyed me but like always I end up loving it. The second ending theme song was very interesting and unusual you have to listen to it to verdict that for yourself but it’s a song I will remember for it’s weirdness. One of the first things this series made me think of was another fantasy anime I saw ages ago Utawarerumono, very similar these series are in terms of animation. The same person who directed this series also help direct Utawarerumono but out of the two I would say Tears to tiara has a lot more color and is bolder.


One shiner about this series was the MUSIC, the anime’s background is based upon welsh, Celt and roman mythology and the music that comes with it just swept me off my feet. OST I adore so much for this series, it’s so beautiful to listen to, all the music fitting big climax’s and just so refreshing, different to listen to in anime. So the music for me in this anime is a huge thing as it what brings out the fantasy factor 😀


There was such a adorable variety of different main characters in this series and equally you get to know each of them, from every introduction of a new character there is no beating around the bush. Straight away the personalities are shown and what makes all the characters individual is the amazing English dubbed version of this series. Your not going to hear your typical voices as most of them are welsh or Irish I believe, There is the odd English voice too but I was in love with the dub version from Episode 2, I can’t tell you how refreshing a dub like this was to hear. There was maybe one character’s voice that irritated me a little Arthur but it was bearable, either way fantastic dubbed cast was chosen well for this series.

I’ll talk about some of the main characters now:

is our main female protagonist, she is known as the seer for the Gael clan where she reads the destiny of the stars particular the star she believes in for her clan the akaboshi. I liked Rhiannon’s whole character she is very strong willed and not a girl to easily give up, she was hilarious when it came to scenes with her brother Arthur made me laugh a lot. In the plot of this anime she is suppose to fall in love with Awran and become his wife, she did proclaim to be his wife from episode one but there is zero romance between them in this series which didn’t really bother me to be honest. Her and Arawn do have this deep relationship together but I would say more in the terms of spiritually.  I liked Rhiannon’s power of being able to tell the future and that she actually does fight when it came to the battles. I found Rhiannon very caring, sweet and would do anything for her clan. The voice for her in the English dub was quite funny and suited her character well.

Mr Arthur is character that annoyed me a lot in this anime, he is so childish throughout the whole anime and basically Arawn is the one that snaps him out of it in the end. I wouldn’t want him as a brother that is for certain >.>. I loved the voice behind Arthur from the English dub a lot it suited well but the voice at times can sound like he has a groggy throat the whole time, Maybe a little bit screechy at times as well. The name of Arthur should sound quite obvious to some others if it hasn’t clicked then just go watch the anime, Arthur’s character all round he charges into situations without thinking and is a stubborn boy if Arawn wasn’t there to tame this loose canon I would be hating on Arthur a lot more.
Lita is so mean >.< 

Lord Arawn I would class as the main male protagonist, he is my second favorite character of this series. He is not the demon lord as he portrayed from the first episode but maybe it would have been interesting if he was like that, then again maybe not. I loved Arawn’s whole character and later in the anime you do get to find out more about him and his past, which is quite interesting this is where the complex plot part comes into play. As soon as I heard Arawn’s voice from the Dub I recognised it instantly as Hayate from the anime Pretear which is done by Illich Guardiola. Ughhh he is amazing and he is one of my favorite male voice actors for doing so many of my favorite male voice roles, this is what made me love Arawn’s character more. Arawn’s character is quite lovable way better than Arthur (sorry Arthur) he brings the charm. But I wouldn’t say he is a rock bad ass when it came to fighting and his sword is nothing special.

Ahaha Morgan when I think about her I just laugh as really she is very loud, rushes into things and can’t hold her liquor at all. She is just a hilarious character to have in the cast and I adore her dub voice also it really brings her character to life. I guarantee Morgan will give you a laugh or two. 🙂

Wise old Ogam who has been with Arawn from day one, I loved Ogam’s character through the whole anime, he as anyone would think a wise old man. You do get to learn about his history which is quite interesting and wasn’t expecting as when I watched this series I knew nothing about it.

Llyr is known as a water elf and is sent to Lord Arawn as a present from her clan to serve him. When her character is introduced that episode is very funny. She is a very whiny character when she can’t do something right but none the less she is very adorable. I love her clothing design it meets well with her magic elemental power which is water magic.

Oh my god >///< Rathty when I think about him he is just one of the most adorable characters I’ve ever come across. She is known as a mining elf who are known to be very strong, they are make weapons and hardware. I love everything about Rathry from the clothing design, to the insanely great dub voice for her it’s what makes her so cute <3. The whole time from when her character was introduced I wanted to grab and hug her the whole time, but she is a character with a lot of spunk and a giant ass hammer 😀

Finally Octavia who infact is my favorite character of this series strangely enough she was later introduced as Arawn and the Gael clans enemy. She is a Imperial solider for the great divine empire but later on joins Gael clan I won’t tell you how though hehe. I don’t know what it was but Octavia reminded me so much of Erza from Fairytail with that righteous heart and a way with saying the right thing to unsure people. She becomes very good friends with Morgan and their friendship together I adored a lot, I was surprised to hear the voice for this character which was Monica Rial who I know some others aren’t fond of her. Probably because a lot of characters she has done have been quite high pitched but I can say her voice is not like that when it comes to Octavia, she fits the role of her well. Octavia’s clothing design is also my favorite out of all the characters and It just makes me want to cosplay her >///< Oh no.

Lita’s Inner Thoughts

Tears to Tiara I wasn’t sure about when I first starting watching it as I really didn’t get into it until Episode 4 or 5, I really wanted to give it a chance and I am glad I did. I hadn’t watched a fantasy anime in so long last one I watched was Utawarerumono where both anime’s are quite similar, but Utawarerumono has more bloody battles than Tears to Tiara does. The original game play Tears to Tiara is actually suppose to be romance/harem/fantasy and I hear others saying the anime adaption being the same ugh. No. In no way is this series a harem, sure there is a lot of female characters that adore Lord Arawn but in no way is any harem going on.

I am going to end up saying this again but for me this anime’s dub version was one of the most enjoyable to listen to and  refreshing. Including some welsh, and Irish voices really makes this series stand out and individuals itself. I would highly recommend the watching the English dubbed the sub version is fine not terrible but if you have the chance dub all the way!!!. There some slow parts in the anime and it’s like “Oh come on” but eventually it get’s there but one part which includes Arthur running away from all responsibility just annoyed the hell out of me I’m yelling at the scream “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!”

Sadly some of the enemies in this anime for me were not worth mentioning greedy, selfish and useless is how I found them, I feel there could have been more of a entertaining enemy as it all seemed a bit cliche >.>. One fascinating I loved about this anime though I mentioned up above before about the main background being based off Roman, Celt and Welsh mythology which is what drew me this anime and it stays true to this theme.

This anime cherishes the theme of bonds very well as shown through the Gael clan. A very close clan they are and have a lot of spunk and gumption to never give up which I find really sweet during at moments when all hope seems lost. The bonds between all the characters are really adorable to watch and it makes you remember certain moments in the anime of when that happens. With a good cast of characters I thought it was brilliantly done portraying such a positive, caring atmosphere among most of the characters.

Overall Rating

7/10 – Good/Entertained Me

Tears to Tiara did entertain me a lot and stayed to true to the theme of fantasy all the way through. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fun watch and loves fantasy, there is not major romance in this so this won’t be for you if that is all you are after. If you want romance in a fantasy anime I would recommend Utawarerumono is your way to go but click here to read my reviewAdorable characters, lots of magic and Interesting plot is what Tears to Tiara has to offer you, I promise it’s worth the watch just for me I wish the plot hadn’t been complex and the battles have more action going on but all in all still was entertaining.

I can say it’s one of the most interesting fantasy anime’s I have watched in a long time 😀

If you want to watch this anime in the dub then you’d best watch it on Youtube as I had a hard time finding the dub as well but the sub is easily searchable.

I hope you enjoyed this review finally different a genre this time otherwise you guys will get sick of Lita speaking romance all the time>.>
You may have noticed my review layout is different for this review as there was a lot for me to talk about 🙂

Comment below any thoughts you have about this post or anime 🙂

I’ll see you this Sunday again for another Sunday’sWithLita
See you in the next post!!!


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