Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: thelimitlessimagination + Post Of The Week

litas blogger friday

Hello Pretties 🙂
Hope you all have had a good week
Lita just wants the world to go the hell away right now but it’s time’s that time of the week as last week there wasn’t one who is the lucky blogger and post of the week I have chosen? 
Who have a picked for you all to stalk? Muahh Let’s find out !! 

This week’s Feature + Spotlight Goes To: 


This wonderful anime/manga blog is run by Shiroyuni, they were one of the first people I met on wordpress when I was starting out blogging. We have become quite good friends and always have interesting chats about anything and everything, I always look forward to her posts but it’s a bit hard for her at the point to post regularly due to life. I’ve always find her to have this amazing ablitiy to analysis things in such detail everytime she does a new post , it is what makes her anime reviews very enjoyable. The main content on her blog you will find is anime, movies, manga reviews, seasonal anime updates, discussing on Chinese novels and life posts. There is much diverse variety on her blog that she likes to express and discuss, also she is very approachable to have a good chat with, very friendly. 

I highly recommend you add my wonderful friend and blogger thelimitlessimagination to your readers list !! 
Tell her Lita sent you ❤ 

and The Post Of The Week: 

hanasaku IrohaHanasaku Iroha – Anime Review By


Moonlitasteria I have only started following recently and I read his review on the anime Hanasaku Iroha. His review was very well detailed outlining the atmosphere the anime brought and the characters. I enjoyed his review very much and has convinced me to check out this anime. ❤

Click here to read his review

Hope you guys enjoyed this week’s features please go check them out
Comment below for any thoughts you have or anyone else I should be checking out 🙂

I’ll see you all next friday for another feature friday 🙂
See you in the next post!!


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