Lita’s back, new things to show + general update

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WIN_20150823_16_20_06_ProLooking lame as ever lol

I am back everyone!!!! 
I missed blogging a lot and missed everyone here even though it was only for a few days, I had a good rest got my head together and feel refreshed. Everyone always needs time out for themselves I will always let people know that 🙂

I love this image LOL

Realized I haven’t done one of these life updates for a couple of months and felt it was good to reflect upon a few things, new anime I have gotten and blog related things. I don’t always do these life posts a lot so they end up being essay’s if you can be bothered reading this ahaha.

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I will talk about blog related things first as over the last 2 months I have made some changes with me doing reviews every sunday known as “ReviewLitaTime” and my feature friday’s everyone really loves a lot, though sadly no feature friday this week as I have not been on wordpress. Those two segments will stay the same but note some reviews on Sunday’s may not be posted till Monday due to me being late or life, During in between all that I will blog about anything pretty much as you guys know with me you don’t know what you will get so please comment below if you like that sort of thing haha.

I do have to announce during the month of the September I will be doing a 30 Day Challenge one I have put together myself and others will be able to do it if they wish to do so. I am kind of excited at putting this idea into play as this might be a hit or it might not, all will be revealed on the 1st September Weheeeee !!! 

Another little thing I created a tumblr blog for this blog where posts I publish will automatically appear on there and any new youtube videos I post up so you guys can follow me on there if you wish to:


Now time to talk anime and where I am at with it all as there is a lot to mention ahaha!!

2015-08-22 18.32.09

These are the newest anime’s I have added to my growing collection:

Tears To Tiara
His and Her Cirumstances
Yamada’s First Time 
Attack On Titan Collection 1

 I’ve watched three of them accept attack on titan as I am waiting to get collection two, I did start it last year got up to episode 5 but will start it again. When I buy anime it is mostly at random I always get what is on offer pretty much, I mostly buy all of my anime’s off ebay, I get good deals off there after much searching. As we speak there is another collection I bought in the mail but I’ll leave that next life post, I wish I could stream everything but I can’t afford to with the internet I have so sadly have to be picky when I watch anime online. 

I am happy with the anime’s I have gotten recently, Tears to Tiara I finished this week finally and can’t wait to review it when I can. I think I will always be a collection collector and this is a good hobby for me personally to have, on the manga side of things not much has grown I only most recently got this month Dawn Of Arcania volumes 7 + 8 which I have yet to read but I intend to finish collecting by the end of the year. 

Seasonal Anime and Anime in General Update:

Spring – Season

Food Wars and My Love Story I am still watching, enjoying a lot but I am still a bit behind as my internet is so slow right now and doesn’t refresh till this Tuesday coming which is so annoying >.<

Summer – Season

Monster Girls, Jitsu wa watashi wa, Gangsta, Snow White with the Red Hair, Aquarion Logos, Junjo Romantica Season 3, Charlotte, Gate these are the ones I am watching all currently yet again so behind in all of them will catch up on Tuesday with all of these. Ranpa Kitan and Dragonball Super are the only ones I have put on hold from the Summer season due to watching too many shows already, but with Dragonball Super I am having mixed feelings currently about it I won’t go into it now till another post.

If you wish to watch here are my thoughts on all the Summer anime’s I am watching in Part 1 and Part 2 did for my Youtube:

Autumn Season which I know is going to start soon and as usual I will be doing first impressions of all the anime’s I will choose to watch but I might be watching much less this season as my internet  conditions have gotten tighter so I’ll see what happens but I will be doing a blog post and video about the ones I will be picking out I am excited 😀

and for anime in general I am randomly watching currently and episodes are up to:

Kiss x Sis Episode 3 – I don’t know why I am watching this one….. don’t ask
Tamako Market Episode 1which I know was for the Follower’s choice vote I haven’t gotten around to progressing with but hoping to review by mid September
Norgami Episode 4 – I need to finish this as Season 2 is coming out this Autumn season but this may not happen >.< 
Peach Girl Episode 6 – Being Shoujo I had randomly decided to check it out, the anime is alright at the moment but looking to read the manga at some point to 

So that’s all the anime update I can give you guys at the moment I am pretty sure over the next month it will grow knowing me hehe. Hey as a random fun fact I learned this week I am fully addicited to getting Japanese Bubble tea whenever I can so found out the other day a bubble tea placed opened down the road I am pretty happy right now ❤

Bubble tea.….^__^

That is all I have to report currently if you want to keep up with my life and anime antics more follow me on Twitter or My Instagram, I am always on there ❤

Now things will return to normal on my blog my friends prepare for some surprises till the end of the year I promise it is good Lita is excited 😀

Comment below any thoughts
I’ll see you in the next post!! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Lita’s back, new things to show + general update

  1. Hope you enjoy Attack on Titan. From what I hear Dragonball Super could be better. Retelling the movies’ story is a bit lame and I hear the animation is very rough during one of the episodes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I will be reviewing most likely when I have watched it 🙂 Yuss there has been lots of talk about episode 5 animation but that is not what has put me off, personally I am not use to the japanese voices but I may watch the next few episodes and see how I go ^^

      Liked by 1 person

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