Please Twins Anime Review

please twins

Anime: Please Twins/Onegai Twins
Published: July 15, 2003October 14, 2003
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Producer: Bandai Visual
Episodes: 12

“Mina Miyafuji and Karen Onodera Love Alliance”

I’M ON TIME !!! 

Hello Everybody !!!
Welcome to another SundayReviewTime With Me Lita, where each Sunday I bring you guys a new anime or manga review. We may be following along the lines of the same genre as last week’s review another romance/comedy, but this one is in my top 50 favorite anime’s wayyy up there. Again this anime is fairly old but is from one of the first ten anime’s I ever watched as Lita finally reviews, lovable, funny Please Twins!


15 year old Mike Kamishiro finally feels settled in his life, when younger his mother abandoned him leading to spend most of childhood in a orphanage. Now he lives on his own working as a programmer through the cooperation of his school he finally has peace in his life. One strange day though two girls show up and his door step Miina and Karen who claim to be his twin and all three of them have the same photo, of two children playing in a pool together. That photo is the only one he has from his childhood so for two strangers to have the same is quite the predicament, Mike decides to let them both stay with him until they figure out who is the stranger and who is the relative?


Ahh I have loved the opening song to please twins for the longest time, I never use to love it at first it use to annoy me but I grew to love it over a period of time. It really is one of those unusual anime songs, so I find it extremely unique in it’s own way, the person who sings it Jpop singer Kotoko who I have been a fan of for a long time. She makes it sound so engaging to listen to Ughhh I just love it like bacon *mouthwaters*. Animation wise it’s very colorful, bright and everything is bold out there as what you can expect from an older anime as animation these days I feel is getting more suttle.

My Thoughts

I’ve watched this anime over 10 times and still never sick of it, it’s in my top five favorite romance/comedies but makes me sad this show is not known more but I am here to tell you why I love this short adorable anime and why you should check it out for yourself. Please twins is actually a spin off sequel from Please Teacher but has nothing to do with what happened in that anime only two characters from please teacher that appear in this anime are:


She is the student council president and still up to old dirty tricks. I like her as a character she is sneaky and cunning the same voice actor who plays her actually does the voice of Remon from waiting in the summer also. Everytime you hear her laugh it always sent chills down my spine as I thought it was a little creepy.


She was the main female protagonist in Please Teacher!, she just plays the home room teacher for Mike’s class and has only little air time during this sequel. I never minded her character just her unsure personality always kind of annoyed me so I was afraid with this sequel it might be focused on her a bit but thank god not. She is sought out for more of advice and encouragement by Miina and Karen.

This show plays on the big themes of family, relationships and love and this is shown through our main three characters of the series Mina, Mike and Karen from episode one the way they were introduced I thought was done great so from episode one you know exactly where you are going with this anime. There is a lot of character development through all the characters in this show so when you look back on this show you can go ” Oh I remember what she was like ” when you react like that about a show and it’s characters. You’ll remember each character’s personality very clearly where with some anime series it’s hard to get that development fully but Please twins won’t disappoint on that, there is loads of personality in this show.

Miina and Karen I love them both so much as character’s I think they are adorable and funny with all the crazy stuff these girls get up to. Miina is very loud and isn’t afraid to do something stupid, but has a habit of running away fro her problems. Where Karen is more of a reserved, shy girl who never says what she wants but very fragile at times. Whenever there was scenes of these girls with Mike well it always ended up me laughing so hard as the comedy in this anime is brilliant. There is a great balance of comedy and drama fitted into this short series so each episode you get an even dose of both. I am happy that this anime has a fitting ending thank god which is what made me want to go back and rewatch it.

Mike’s character at first really annoyed me a lot probably because of this coldness he brought with him when dealing with people, as in the beginning he was never a fan of people.  By the end of the series I kinda fell for him and I think he is kinda cute all around, Mike is just your average guy who knows next to nothing about girls but it’s funny to watch him discover. Miina, Karen and Mike are funny when they are together and they do all fit togther well, but sparks and emotions do fly in the series as by the end of it you find out who is the stranger and who is the relative?

What do you think?

The only thing that annoyed me about this anime were two other side characters Tsubaki and Kousei couple of useless characters. Tsubaki is just a know it all bitch but one anime always will have one of those but Kousei I still don’t like him but he added some funniness when it came to annoying/teasing Mike about the both of them being so called gay. Minus these two useless characters the individuality in characters is pretty ranged and they will entertain you which they did for me. Mike Miina and Karen pasts of where they come from and how they ended up all with the same photo is revealed along with all the integrated other drama that goes in the show as well.

I adore the English dub as there only few dub’s of anime I actually like, Please twins I felt all the voices were chosen very well for all the characters, my favorite voice I thought was perfect for was Miina’s which is by Kari Wahlgren. I love her for other character’s she has done as such as Kotoko from Chobits and Anemone from Eureka Seven. I have heard the Japanese version isn’t too bad but I have never watched it in Japanese with english sub but I highly recommend to those who haven’t seen this series to watch it in the english dub !!!!

Overall Rating

10/10 –  Kicked It Out Of The Park

√ Rewatchable? – Yes
√ Entertained? – Yes
Would Recommend For Romance/comedy fans – HELL YES !!

Please twins is such a fun, heartwarming must see series to watch or add to your anime collection. Colorful, bold animation, characters full of personality and quirky drama is what you will get from this cute show, It has a great balance of drama, romance and comedy which for me why it gets a 10/10 from me. I will always love this show, will never get tired of it and remain in my top 5 favorite romance/comedies anime’s

Link to watch anime

I hope you enjoyed this review, I was so happy to finally review this show but next Sunday I promise to bring a very different genre for you guys 🙂

Important Note: as I said in my last post I’ll be taking a break from blogging for a few days, Lita needs to refuel the engine and catch up on life but I will be back follow me on my Twitter or Instagram to keep up with my life antics ❤

Comment below any thoughts you have about this post or anime 🙂

I’ll see you next Sunday hopefully for another ReviewLitaTime!!
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20 thoughts on “Please Twins Anime Review

    1. Yay It all seems worth it when I someone comments this !!!! 😀 oH yes please let me know when you do 🙂 I’ve learnt now too say the good and bad things in my reviews as in the beginning I had no idea what I was doing when it came to reviews lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well since the show I was planing on rewatching next week is getting a physical release next month, I decided to actually wait since I wanted to buy that series. So maybe Monday I will start it then.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. When I first saw the picture for this anime a while back, I immediately thought it was a hentai, sorry >.< But after hearing it's a romantic comedy, and that you loved the hell out of it, and it has a dub, and that dub has Kari Wahlgren, I might have to pick up the DVD for this sometime and binge it 🙂


    1. When I first saw the picture for this anime a while back, I immediately thought it was a hentai, sorry >.< But after hearing it's a romantic comedy, and that you loved the hell out of it, and it has a dub, and that dub has Kari Walgren, I'll probably pick up the DVD sometime and binge it 🙂
      Nice review, as always!


      1. Haaha hentai lol sorry it made me laugh when reading that part oh well just goes to show pictures speak louder than words. But I am glad it picked your interest 🙂 I didnt know you liked Kari Walgren I only Found out about her a while ago myself my knowning of anime voice actors is getting better lol

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  2. But after hearing it’s a romantic comedy, and that you loved the hell out of it, and it has a dub, and that dub has Kari Walgren, I’ll probably pick up the DVD sometime and binge it 🙂
    Nice review, as always!
    And why is my keyboard acting up?!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. (For some reason, the system won’t let me reply, so I’ll do it here)
    I only know Kari Wahlgren because of her superb acting as Fate/Zero’s Saber, one of my all-time favorite characters! I had a mini party in my head when they announced her coming back in Fate/ stay night 😀

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  4. i would say Sensei >>> Twins, due to that rather rushed and messy ending, but the Onegai series might one of thr best harems/romcom of the 21st century, hands down.
    thank god they released a 1080p BD remastered ver, its like Cardcaptor Sakura all over again

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