Lita’s Discussion Time: Anime Episode Reviews


Hello everyone 🙂 

Welcome to another discussion time, I really need to do more of these as I find it really fun discussing certain topics with everyone 🙂 This idea of a discussion plagued in my brain after watching the video above by a youtuber I follow known as The Anime Man, He talks about in this of why he doesn’t do episode reviews and got me thinking of what others may think about this idea?

My Question:

What is your opinion on anime episode reviews? Are they useful or pointless to you?

This is a argument that has gone on over blogging and Youtube anime reviewers for ages I have noticed as many people have different opinions on this. I guess to answer this question for yourself do you think they are necessary? Do you find them enjoyable to read or watch? Those kind’s of questions you can only answer yourself but here is what I have seen from my point of view.

People either are going to enjoy anime episode reviews or not, one reason people like anime episode reviews is obviously they get to hear from someone their thoughts on what happened in the episode and what ideas or theories they might have of what could happen in the next episode. Which to me is fair enough a lot of people mostly I see enjoy anime reviewers like Chibireviews who does a lot of episode reviews he loves to be able to share his thoughts on what happened, same thing goes for lots of bloggers on here.

Personally I don’t find episode reviews useful too me, I don’t really want to be spoiled in what has gone on in an episode yes it’s simple don’t read peoples posts or watch their videos about them but curiosity can always lure people in then it is your own fault. I may sound like a hypocrite here as a while back I said I was going to be doing dragon ball super and Aquarion logos episode reviews but after a lot of thought I have decided not too my three main reasons are:

– realized it’s not apart of my blogging style
– Don’t have the time
– I am someone who likes to marathon shows then fully review them.

I am a full marathon/reviewer who likes to review anime fully not episode by episode, back when I first started blogging Yes I was reviewing some Fafner aggressor Exdous episodes as I was so excited for the show back then. No way then I knew what my blogging style was so I was trying new things, it’s only until now I realized I don’t like writing anime episode reviews and I never read any. Now this just my own personal opinion I don’t want others after reading this thinking the same thing as me, that’s stupid. If you enjoy reading and writing anime episode reviews then I commend you on being able to keep up with writing posts like that and it’s all good 🙂

I was simply curious as to what people’s thoughts were about them This post is no excuse for someone to go start a war over this NO!! People are allowed to do things the way they want, I would never question that at the end of the day everyone does things differently.

From this point on for me I will no longer be doing anime episode reviews as I have finally realized my blogging style.

Please know Lita is only expressing her opinion not intended to offend anyone >.< 

So comment below your answer 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post and discussion ❤
Let me know if you enjoy me bringing up different anime topics

I’ll see you in the next post !!

24 thoughts on “Lita’s Discussion Time: Anime Episode Reviews

  1. I don’t mind reading episode reviews, although I personally prefer to write reviews on an anime season or DVD release. You can’t analyze an overall show on an episode by episode basis so it’s basically just a spoiler heavy post.

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  2. In my opinion, on my blog I do episodic reviews for shorter animes in the season like God Eater or Sword Art Online, while for longer animes such as Fairy Tail and Naruto Shippuden, I do episodic narrative posts with a little paragraphs of my thoughts. So I think this works for me because of how long ive been doing it.

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  3. I actually usually skip episodic reviews for anime/eps I haven’t watched so the fact that a blogger actually keeps doing them especially for stuff I haven’t watched really hampers me in reading his/her content even though I really want to! xD My personal opinion though 🙂 I have never done episodic reviews and probably won’t do them due to similar reasons as you haha!

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  4. As someone who does both full season and episode reviews there are things that I like about both and do not like about both.

    Episode reviews I like how much more focused I can be on that episode with thoughts, concepts, how the characters acted, and things like that, What I do not like is that it does go into spoiler territory, Because it goes episode by episode total time to write a 12 ep series reviews totals up to 12 full series reviews in time spent writing them and this is not continuing the amount of time watching the show. At the same time there is something about going through the thoughts one at a time for each episode that I like doing, I can see my worries for the series grow, or my like for the series grow as well. Writing a weekly review can be hard if you are not fully invested in the series. I struggled with writing last seasons Yamada and the Seven Witches reviews, but this season both Monster Musume and Actually I am, I find no problem since I really enjoy them, downside the review itself can seem a little bias because of it.

    Then when it comes to series reviews. On one side it is shorter to write, focuses on the series itself, characters and my thoughts as a whole as well as spoiler free, I could hint at some things that could be spoilers but as for saying what it is, I tend to not. Downside is the thoughts on a whole series can tend to not be as direct as an episode basis. Although less time consuming picking a series to review and posting it not everyone will check it out if it is an older series or one that currently aired, so it can be a little tricky to find a series that will get people attention and really just doing a bunch of random ones and hope people like one of those of them all, at the same time this could be said for weekly series too since not everyone is watching that show or seen that episode by the time that post goes out and personally I like reading the posts after I seen the episode, so timing comes into play for both.

    It can be a little difficult at times when thinking about all the things that come into play. But by the end of it as long as you enjoy what you are doing and how you are doing it, most of those factors do not even matter. Just because the Yamada posts were not as popular does not mean I hated writing the reviews. I did enjoy writing them and putting my thoughts down and responding to people and their thoughts. So, besides this being my longest comment ever, whatever you like doing, I will respect you judgement as long as you are having fun doing it.


    1. Ahaha indeed joe this is the longest comment I have seen you write and I had a feeeling you would be giving a long response to this discussion. I agree with most of what you have addressed about getting to write down your thoughts about the setting the characters and also the downside of being major spoilers. I know a lot of shows I’m going to review for the future nowhere would have even heard of because Lita is weird and watches the anime’s noone else will pick up lol One of the reasons I started my blog was to write about unknown animes’s to get it there name out there If it got noticed great, if doesn’t get much attention then oh well the review will always be there for people to see.

      I will get easily frustrated if I don’t get to review that anime as my list to review shit is as endless as the sea.

      Yusss so at the end of this long discussion love what your doing, !!!

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      1. Same for me, just because not a lot of people heard about it, it will not stop me. I decided to not do another poll for this season to see what people would like to see me review, instead I plan on reviewing most of the shows that I have seen in my spare time this summer, since most either have sequels coming up, are virtually unknown, or did not get as much attention as they did, and so on from there. So anyway, it should be interesting to see what ever series you have plan to review.

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  5. Actually, I find some episodic reviews pretty pleasant to read, though I still prefer full reviews. They are much more complete and reliable when giving your opinion about a show imo.

    As a new and inexperienced blogger, I still don’t really know what my style is. I don’t plan to do episodic reviews because I feel it would just spoil readers. I much more prefer posting updates throughout the season, every month for example, as you get much more content to talk about (4-6 eps) and I feel it’s easier to not spoil stuff. It’s also better for me because I can share my thoughts and feelings about the anime in a more global way. For example, if I were to review Charlotte Ep 5 only, I would be biased in saying I didn’t enjoy it, and the read wouldn’t really be pleasant I think. However when taking it in consideration with other episodes, I feel that you can give more accurate impressions.

    I still prefer reading and writing full reviews, because it’s… well more complete, by definition xD You get a more general view of the show, and you also can talk and share your thoughts better as you have a more complete understanding of the show. The read is more interesting when talking about a whole season, to my mind.

    But the most important thing I think is, just have fun and enjoy what you’re doing, whatever your style is. Share your thoughts, whatever they may be. Somehow I think you can feel if people are doing it because they love and enjoy it or not. And that’s a huge factor to take into account. I’ll always enjoy people being true and having fun in writing their posts.

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  6. Now, I don’t actually follow sports at all, but it seems like episodic reviews are like an in-game commentator and series reviews are like the highlights played on the news.

    Episodic reviews can go more in-depth about the various contours of the episode. What I have found is that episodic reviewers tend to have more commentary about their thoughts and feelings – how the episode impacted them. These are geared towards the forefront of whatever’s airing this season on simulcast. I’ve only barely started to see some episodic reviews of older anime on Anime News Network, but really nowhere else. My feeling about episodic reviews is that they’re kind of geared towards people already watching the show. It’s one way of discussing anime with someone that often happens in real life between two fans of a series- “Oh yeah, that episode was great! They did the power-up thing, but then the other guy got hit! I was crying!” sort of feeling. I, personally, don’t find them useful because I’m always behind the current season because I like waiting until it’s all aired before I binge-watch the whole series 😀

    Series (and season) reviews are usually more general in nature, since they tend to evaluate the whole of the series. They talk in broad terms, usually providing some relevant examples. Often, these take on the tone of whether or not a series is worth seeing. These are like recommendations of what and what to not watch. Series reviews are another kind of fan-discussion that happen in real life, with an “Oh, you’d probably be interested in X then, because ___________, but I didn’t think _________ was so great.” I prefer these reviews because it gives me relevant general impressions whether to start a series or not.

    One final thought is that episodic reviews may also be suited to a more active blogging style because you’ve got several episodes to talk about if you’re following different series. Still, to each his own.

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    1. Great answer to this discussion, I don’t really have anything to say but you have hit the nail on the head ^^. episode reviews are for people where you said for anime airing currently which is correct I just don’t see the fun in them full reviews are the way to go for me hehe 🙂

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  7. Good for you, Lita. It’s tedious to force yourself to write things that you’re not really enjoying. I enjoy reading “well-written” episodic anime reviews, but I hate with them.

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  8. I’m so bloody terrible at writing episodic reviews and frankly, I don’t care to spend the time and practice writing them when I could be throwing out full reviews with all of my thoughts captured in one post. Though I don’t mind reading them, I usually don’t to avoid spoilers, I mean, duh. The only reason I click on them is to check the status of the show itself; I’m just popping in to check that a show that has potential is still sailing straight, ya know?
    Just my thoughts on it. Great discussion Lita! I’m finding intriguing ideas from others by reading these comments ~

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  9. A little late to the discussion 😛

    I only read episodic reviews if I’m currently watching the series. I find that it’s a pretty good place to get into the nitty-gritty of the episode, and speculate about plots and characters (obviously if the series is on-going, it’s even better because there’s no advanced knowledge of what’s going to happen unless it’s based on a prior text, so everyone can develop their own theories 🙂 ). I also love reading funny/brief episodic reviews of anime I’ve seen before; especially if the writer just pours out what they felt about each scene and event without much of a filter). But I also appreciate if a person does a full-length review at the end, so I can really check out if it’s worth my time. I do consult episode re-caps in K-dramas a lot, because sometimes I’m lost and confused, and a recap/review will help me understand what’s going on.

    But I’ve never actually tried it before! There’s a new K-drama coming up that stars one of my favourite actors (due to air in September or later) and I was thinking of trying episodic reviews for the first time, to see if it’s my sorta thing or not.

    But yeah, just thought I’d add my 2 cents in 🙂

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    1. You appericate both sides of the stick for episode reviews and full reviews which is completely same as me. You should go what you want my friend ^^ sorry for my late reply to your comment haha

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