Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Jamie Talks Anime + Post Of The Week

litas blogger friday
Hey Guys ^-^ 

Lita has been feeling pretty good this week keeping up with anime and doing blogging posts since I have way more free time so I have some things in the works currently which is exciting as this blog just grows and grows.
Haha anyway time for this week’s spotlight Who got lucky this week?

This Week’s Spotlight + Feature Goes To: 

Jamie Talks Anime

Jamie who is the runner of this blog I came across her blog only recently, What I loved about Jamie’s blog was some of her posts gave me this happy feeling I felt as she was writing these posts she was enjoying writing them. I could tell she was passionate about what she writes and pouring out her love for anime which was so nice to see, Her blog is very laid back and has a great fun feel to it. I like her segment she does every tuesday called “Tuesday Tunes” where she talks about what anime music she is fond of at the time which from that I have found some new music to listen to. Jamie writes up some good posts I enjoyed her write up on Five Things I Love About Gangsta I recommend go read that 🙂

Definitley go check out this happy, amazing blogger and add someone new to your blogger list to stalk 🙂


And Post Of The Week Spotlight:

unotakuRunning From Despair – Danganronpa: The Animation Review

By Unotaku

I love Unotaku and her blog I think she is has an amazing blog and does really great posts, I enjoyed her review on the anime Danganronpa, now this as a anime I was never interested in when it first starting airing. The big hype it got put me off as usual with what happens with popular anime’s after reading her simple, broken down review I am definitely checking this anime out. That’s why this week she is post of the week for her most interesting review on this anime short yet most informative.
Go check out Miss
Unotaku and Her Review!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed this week’s features please go check them out
Comment below for any thoughts you have or anyone else I should be checking out 🙂

Also tell me guys does everyone enjoy this segment?
I would love to know
😀 ❤

I’ll see you all next friday for another feature friday
See you in the next post!!

2 thoughts on “Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Jamie Talks Anime + Post Of The Week

  1. Thank you for your kind words! It makes me happy that my enjoyment and love for anime comes through from my screen to yours! I’m doing something right! ❤

    Omg I'm paired with Unotaku, I love that blog!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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