Yamada’s First Time Anime Review

Anime: Yamada’s First Time/ B Gata H Kei
Published: April 2, 2010 – June 18, 2010
Genre: Romance, Comedy 
Producer: Shueisha
Episodes: 12

” Cherry Boy Where You At? “

Welcome to another Sunday Review Time with me Lita!
Thought I know this one is late aha, Recently I had bought this anime from a sale and a fellow youtuber I am friends with Animepalooza went on about how funny it was, it was one of her favorites. As Lita reviews the ridiculous, full on Yamada’s First Time .


This is a no brainier the plot of this anime it’s probably one of the most straight forward ones ever. 15 year old highschooler Yamada has only one mission in life to have sex with a 100 boys but… Miss Yamada has never had sex she is still a virgin. Yamada has many worries and insecurities when it comes to the idea of sex so ends up rejecting a lot of hungry takers. So what better idea than to seek out a “Cherry Boy” a inexperience guy who is still a virgin the lucky victim to be picked is Takashi Kosuda, the plainest and uninteresting guy you could come across. Perfect choice you think? As Yamada unleashes her sexual attempts little does she know what could happen along the way?


I have to say the opening and ending theme is nothing special to me, too cutesy the music for my liking sadly to say but I don’t mind the opening theme it suits of what this anime is about. I do listen to cutesy Japanese songs sometimes but this one just made me cringe a little listening to it. The animation is bright and colorful but overall it’s average to me and being an older anime it does come with that bold effort as this anime is all about boldness….

My Thoughts

Now before anyone assumes this show is a Hentai NO IT’S NOT !! I’ve read some anime reviews on Yamada from other blogs and half were classing it as Hentai, It’s just comes with your over the top fan service, I’ve seen the first episode of Bikini warriors from the summer 2015 season it was out of curosity.... never again. If this show was really Hentai it would have never been licensed in my opinion but for anyone who has seen this anime I’ll let you be the judge of it.

Yamada’s inner sexual conscious to your left

Oh my >///<
Where does Lita begin with this one????????????????????

I am going to first off say this series is one of the most ridiculous, stupid anime’s I have ever watched, You’d think who in there right mind would watch something like this knowing of what it will contain… *cough* Me >.> If you don’t mind some fanservice then your going to love this anime because I certainly did. Being Romance/Comedy Lita can never say no so I took a chance and bought the whole series usually when I do that with a new anime I have even watched the first episode of I never end up liking the anime. That wasn’t the case with Yamada’s first time from episode one it is right into the main plot of Yamada’s dream goal to score a 100 boys and pop that cherry bomb? Like in reality we all dream of doing that at the age of 15... there is probably some that do….I’m scared:

I am going to be honest this anime is very full on all the way through to the end of Yamada’s endless attempts to get it on with Kosuda, There is no real main plot of how she goes about to make Kosuda hers in all the episodes it’s an anime you just have to go with the flow with, there was one thing I expected this anime to do for me was to make me laugh and did it?

Do I look not entertained?

Surprisingly Yamada had me falling off my bed at one point and I don’t joke…. Being so full on in every episode it was hard for me to find time to breathe but so funny everything about this anime hands down. I mean it when I said it was one of the most hilarious I ever watched the anime lives up to that.

I felt sorry for Miharu a lot
I don’t know how you would put up with that?

Miharu is Yamada’s best friend and is a poor soul to put up with how Yamada is. I like Miharu’s character least she is one character in the anime with common sense and some brains. Miharu’s voice I recognized instantly which is Cherami Leigh who plays Lucy from Fairy Tail, I’ve met her also in person very friendly and one of my favorite voice actors. Yamada’s voice was very familiar to me also done by Brittney Karbowski I love this girl she has done some of my favorite voices for female character like Shu from Shattered angels and Ayu from Kanon. I usually don’t talk about voice actors much as my knowledge on them is not the best but I know these two female voice actors very well.

Speaking of character I have yet to talk about Miss main Yamada herself….she is one interesting female protagonist, a one track mind, clueless, leaps into things without things and a down right pervert. I think that is my sum of her but yet I still love her funny, attractive character because let’s face it this anime is not complete without her. The over topness you see from Yamada in many situations brings out the true comedy of this anime and without that this show would not be doing well so a little crazy never hurt anyone? I do believe through Yamada’s character we do get see some of the insecurities us boys and girls can experience in real life but in the anime it’s blown out of proportion..>.<

Yes it’s what you think it is….just kinda creepy

Oh yes forgot to talk about this poor victim of sexual harrassment.  Kosuda your going to feel sorry for a lot through the whole series. His character is nothing special just your average, nice, inexperienced cherry boy who is attacked over and over by Yamada’s misunderstanding sexual attempts, it is as funny as hell when it happens. Kosuda and Yamada are a pea in a pod and are hilarious to watch but in my personal opinion Yamada doesn’t deserve Kosuda at all only because of the way she monopolized him.
If you ask if Yamada finally did it? I have a feeling a second season will come 🙂

Overall Rating

8/10 – Good
Rewatchable? – Yes
Would Recommend? – Yes

I really need to come up with a new rating system I hate my current one >.<

Overall I really did enjoy this show it did what it was suppose to do make me laugh until I fell off my bed.  Ridiculous, over the top, fan service and stupidity is what Yamada’s first time is all about, if you don’t mind fan service then you will like this anime. Yamada’s first time is meant to the way it is, it’s meant to make you laugh like hell and be overall entertaining minus all the fan service.
It is worth the watch great to watch in a whole day or cure those blues certainly did for me 🙂

I ended watching the dubbed version of this series which I have to say was rather good and had a great cast so I would recommend watching this in english dubbed.

Link to watch anime

Hope you enjoyed this review even though late
Comment below any thoughts you have about this post or anime 🙂

I’ll see you this Sunday again for another ReviewLitaTime!!
See you in the next post


  1. I watched this one a few years ago. I remember having no clue as to what was waiting for me. I have to admit I laughed my butt off quite a few times. I probably won’t re-watch this one any time soon, but I’ll admit that I did have some great fun watching the series.

    Great post!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. At long last I make my debut on your hallow grounds Lita-chan. Yamada’s quest to score but have difficulty the closer she got to do so was amusing I admit. Dunno if it holds up today but back then the show was decent. Fav characters were Miharu and Miss Kyoka for having one of the most hilariously bad ojou-sama laughs I have ever heard.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah hello there XD waiting for the right post ahaha Well everyone feels different about all animes me I am so old school and only catch up on the newest stuff a few years later lol Miharu was funny XD

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Brittney Karbowski as Yamada made this one of my favorite dubs from her! I probably love this show way too much, but for only 12 episodes of laugh-my-ass-off comedy/fan service/ridiculousness, it’s an easy rewatch and a nice break from the super serious stuff I’m used to seeing.
    Nice review on a guilty pleasure series of mine, hehe, and Animepalooza recommended this to you? That’s awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I think Brittney did really well in this role 🙂 It’s exactly as you described this show pretty much was a good watch 🙂

      Yes she did she’s full of some good suggestions are you following her on youtube now?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I came across her channel a long while back, and thought, meh, I have better things to do. But after you mentioned her again, I searched up the name and was like, hey, I’ve seen some videos from her, maybe I should subscribe.
        Now I’ve been following her for a couple of months. Her snack box reactions and collection videos are my favorites to watch because I bust a rib laughing every time!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I know Gigi is very hard to please and if you wish to know I am doing a collab with her she’s just got my package I am waiting for hers 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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