Manga Collaboration With Somethingaboutlynlyn: Nineteen, Twenty One

Hehe Hello everyone!!!!!! 

All is revealed now muahhh !!! 

Welcome to my first collaboration ever and I’ve been keeping this hush for a while now but due to my lateness finally I could get around to finishing this. I have paired up with the manga guru Somethingaboutlynlyn to do a manga collaboration together, we both had to suggest a manga to each other to read and then do a post about our thoughts on it. I was so excited to do a coll-ab with Lyn she has always been so nice to me since I started talking to her and I’ve been reading way more manga because of her so go check out her Somethingaboutlynlyn, She’s a darling ❤

So Somethingaboutlynlyn chose the Korean webtoon manga Nineteen Twenty-One for me to check out.


This short series is surrounded two main characters Yun-lee who due to an accident lost two years of life from 19 to 21, now she is 21 years old. Yuna feels so empty in her life and just plods along with not knowing what to do. She attends a prep school hoping to catch up on the precious time she lost. One random day she comes across a stray cat and a young boy of nineteen Dong-hu she didn’t know it then, she had came across what she had lost.

Art Style

I have never read a webtoon manga like this so this was completely new for me and Oh god I adore the art webtoon style it’s so adorable. Clear, crisp and vibrant bursts of color the artsyle put out I felt when I was reading this short series, Each page full of so much detail gone into it to bring this manga to life. 
Hands down Amazing in my opinion *Thumbs Up* 

My Thoughts

From never having read a series like this I was not sure what to expect but overall this webtoon I am so glad Somethingaboutlynlyn chose this for me to read and review.

This manga webtoon was truly a delight to read, it left me feeling so touched and I just love the whole idea of the plot, so clever. For such a short series even if there were only a few words on each page there was clear character development  for Yuna-lee and Dong-hu. I think their sweet natured personalities and of how they cared for the stray cats and wanting to help them in anyway they can was really touching, that feeling never weighs through the series. The main theme this manga pulled on for me was growing up and facing what you have to when you enter the adult world, this was presented amazingly through Yuna. Thinking she could never regain what she lost, the feeling of emptiness take a hold of her she was blind sighted that she would never have that back. It wasn’t until she met Dong – hu until she realized that were precious things around her that had already began to slowly chip away that empty feeling of the time she lost.

There is so much deep meaning in this series especially when it comes to the stray cats Yuna and Dong want to take care of and help in any way they can. It reminded me of how animals are abused in real life by cruel humans where be pets or strays, it makes you stop to think of what more things we could do to prevent that but such an everyday thing it would take a long time, Which makes you think of those amazing animal shelters who do what they do each day and find homes for those abused animals. Wow for me to go into deep though just then you can see this short series had a huge impact on me because my job I have is animal related so which is why it struck a cord in me.


I had wished this series was longer as I was loving it so much Yuna and Dong’s relationship was really adorable to see grow and there is some sweet scenes that happen between them. This webtoon overall was such a joy to read and so heart warming to the soul. I freaking loved this manga, I highly highly recommend this to anyone not just romance fans as it pulls on other themes not just romance plus it has cute cats in it =^-^=. ❤

Nineteen, Twenty-one will leave you feeling touched and heart warmed ❤

Why isn’t this series longer……

I want to thank Somethingaboutlynlyn for doing this collab with me and you can check out her review on the manga I chose for her which was Imadoki.

Link to Lyn’s Review
Link to read Nineteen and TwentyOne

I hope everyone enjoyed this special post and if anyone ever wants to do a collab with me flick me a message on Twitter , Tumblr or comment on my collaboration page!!

I’ll see you guys in the next post !!


  1. I am glad you liked the webtoon. I read that you like working with animals, so I thought maybe this webtoon would be interesting for you to read since it relates to cats. 🙂

    I didn’t know I was the first person to ever collaborate with you, but I feel deeply honored. 🙂

    We should definitely do it again sometime!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. COLLAB TIME, I’m so happy for you to get to do this with another blogger. About the review, I might recommend this webtoon to my sister because she absolutely adores these kinds of predicaments, but how long was it?
    Awesome review as always, a nice surprise for my morning!

    Liked by 2 people

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