Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Daiyamanga + Post Of The Week

litas blogger friday

It’s Green time for that time of the week !!!

Where I bring you guys someone new to stalk and a review to read, Hey guys it’s Lita I hope you are all doing well and for the record I will say I am super tired…..Life stop being busy give LITA A BREAK!!! 

But I can say as a good thing from sometime point next week Lita will be able to spend more time here daily and update more on my youtube which I am happy about. Loads more new wonderful things to look forward to from me Yay ^_^
Right onto this week’s feature.

This week’s Feature + Spotlight goes to the amazing:


Krystalina is the main person behind Daiyamanga, I started following her blog not too long and fell in love with it. I love her blog has so much variety but mainly it is a manga blog, I’ve found out about so different manga’s because of this blog and it’s like the number one place for me to check out each week for more manga to read. Krystalina I can tell is very passionate about her blog, blogging regularly and doing great in depth manga reviews. Any manga loves out there will love  this blog for certain she posts about any manga deals going on and anime related topics, plus her layout has a great theme going for it blue blue everywhere hehe.

So I highly recommend you follow Krystalina and her Daiyamanga blog
Get some new manga recommendations 🙂
Tell her Lita sent you ❤

Yay and…..another change coming heh
I thought instead of saying there will be a review every week I will call it “post of the week” as some posts I see are great to read so that let’s me give you guys a variety to feature, no matter if the post is short or long 🙂

So this Spotlight Post is:

amvs Why are AMV’s are Awesome and Nesscary?
By: Viewers Discretion is Advised

If you guys didn’t know I love to make AMV’s in my spare time and this post caught my eye talking about AMV’s which stands for anime music video. Viewers Discretion is Advised wrote a interesting post on how awesome AMV’s actually are and why people make them. I can back up his post as I love making them it is so much fun of creating something new and getting to use cool effects, put it together you never know what you will create. Funnily enough when I was reading the post I didn’t notice he featured one of my works which is Love is in Air and was left feeling special 🙂
So check out this post !!!

Hope you guys enjoy this week’s feature and post 🙂

Comment below if you like the change I made to just feature a post which leaves open much variety as I am always trying to come up with new idea for my blog 🙂

 I’ll see you next week for another Feature Friday !!



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