Innocent Venus Anime Review

INNOCENTAnime: Innocent Venus
Published: July 26, 2006October 25, 2006
Genre: Drama, Mecha, Action
Producer: Brain’s Space
Episodes: 12

” It was you wasn’t it Joe”

Welcome to another Sunday review time with me Lita !!
I love any kind of Mecha anime and I came across this one a long time ago where I had only watched the first volume but recently I rediscovered it at my local anime store. Finding this anime had not been easy for such a unknown series as Lita reviews the story twisting, gripping Innocent Venus.


In 2010 AD a rare environmental phenoman occured Hyper hurricanes swept across the earth causing devasting destruction in it’s wake. Some of Mankind survived this ordeal rebuilding what was lost would be a task, with this came much change In Japan politics and government were not the same as once before. Now an elite group known as Logos rule over the country having divided it into special zones where there was much wealth and resources, because of this “The Lower Class or known as Revenus” where those people who had hardly nothing and struggled everyday to survive. The revenus are not allowed to enter the special zones which causes great disrupt and they decide to create a resistant group to fight against Logos. In the background of all this our main story focuses on two men Joe and Jin who escape from a miltary force known as Phantom which control the Revenus people, taking with them a young girl named Sana who is a very special individual. Now they are all on the run from Logos and Phantom but somehow Sana holds this mysterious power and the key to saving the country.


Despite at first not loving the opening theme I have grown to love it now, I love the start of it where you see Sana with wings being freed from a cage. The song is very interesting and gives the opening a nice melody to it, it is definitley one of more of those unusual openings than you would normal get. I didn’t like the ending theme it was just really boring sorry to say….

The animation is quite engaging and very good but bits where you see the Mecha robots fighting in those parts have been heightened with more affect and looks awesome.

My Thoughts

After watching this anime I have had mixed feelings about it but I decided to rethink how I felt and finally came to some sort of conclusion but just find it easy to write it all here. Being only 12 episodes I was worried that it would be difficult to showcase the whole plot of what this anime is about but must say it was presented well, From episode one it’s really a go and slowly as the series goes on you get to see how Jin and Joe end up with Sana.

The plot of this anime appears to be really complicated, but to me I found it pretty easy to follow and boy this show sure does keep you on your toes. So many different twists happen in each episode nearly and it really surprised me about half way through the series I was trying to get my head round on this major twist, I won’t tell though hehe. I guarantee your not going to be bored when watching this series it was very entertaining, plenty of action and a lot of bloody gore surprisingly. Nearly every episodes some blood is spilled >.<, this show felt a mix of to me Gundam and Black Lagoon in a way but that is just how I see it.

Look at that animation on those Mecha Dam!!

When I was saying about earlier how the animation looks on the Mecha really does just makes me feel in awe over it. I loved watching Joe fight in that Mecha he was just badass all round really and you find when a fight is over he will get out of robot and have tears down his face, there is a reason for that again not telling. Joe’s character at the beginning you don’t seem much of he is the silent type to start of with it’s not until half way through the series some of his real personality comes out. I didn’t think there was much to him and thought his character might be boring but very wrong I was. Jin’s character I liked being Mr goody two shoes wanting to just protect Sana but he couldn’t fool me as I began to notice some reasoning behind why he was protecting her. I could never see it with Joe, he just followed Jin’s lead and went along with that how it would appear.

When I mentioned earlier there were many twists there was two I did not see coming which then I was fully gripped onto this anime wanting to know what was going to happen. There is more to this anime than meets the eye and you won’t be disappointed, The plot is one main factor which makes this such a great anime but another thing is all the characters.

I liked the variation in characters it harmonized out the anime even with all the gore and drama going on in certain episodes. But let me tell you there are some crackpot crazy Army guys in here not like I’ve not seen that before but these guys I instantly hated soon as they were introduced. Gora (up above) is the only one that really annoyed me a lot in the series , I found his character kind of useless for this anime he just seemed in the way to me following Jin, Sana and Joe. Sana’s our main female Protagonist yet only a child I ended up liking her a lot she could act childish in certain scenes but then be very mature, I felt sorry for Sana a lot towards the end of the anime it’s really sad.


Overall Rating

7/10 – Good

Innocent Venus has more to it than meets the eye, engaging plot, plenty of action and lots of twist is what you will experience from this show. Even with my mixture of feelings I still liked this show yet I would have given it a 8/10 if the ending hadn’t sucked, where they left it off just disappointed me. The show drew strengths on plot, gore and the psychological parts which makes series very interesting and engaging to people so if you like sort of thing I recommend this show for you !! 😀

Again it is a unknown underrated show so I hope this review has peaked your interest !!

Link to watch anime

You can watch this show in sub or dub
I would suggest the dub it is very good got a great cast.

Comment below of any of your thought on this anime or review
I hope you enjoyed this review and I will see you all next week for another ReviewLitaTime!!
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