Lita’s Summer Anime Update

This image may look a bit extreme but that’s just how you get when everything piles on you and you just want to bury yourself in a hole and never come out……

Hello everyone 😀

I know I am a little late with this post I have been wanting to do for ages now on my current thoughts on the Summer anime I have been watching, There have been a few changes as with anything because nothing never goes to your plan or what you want to do. It’s been hard to catch up on all of the anime I have missed because this season is the most I have ever watched, once I’ve written this up I’ll have an idea of how many I am actually watching anyway enough ramble let’s get talking Summer Season.

Akagami no Shirayukihime 
Snow white with the Red Hair

If you are not watching this show where you be a romance fan or not YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS SHOW !!! This show has really surprised me and is one of my favorites of this season. We have a very strong heroine Shirayuki she has surprised me over the last two episodes with how strong she is as a person and doesn’t always need Zen’s help. When it came to certain parts like this I was just like Woah….. I  mean that in a good way = Shirayuki has got major guts which I freaking love oh my god. Having a heroine like Shirayuki for this story and genre I think is perfect and everytime I think about this anime I get so excited. Each episode is so heartwarming from the relationship between Zen and Shirayuki it’s kind of obvious something will happen and everyone watching this show will be on the look out for.

Our perscopes will be ready… lol

It’s a joy to watch this show as it gives me warm fuzzy feelings inside, it will be a winner this summer season for certain. This anime so far is just great and presently so beautifully each episode so if you’ve been pondering for something heartwarming yet at the same time a interesting storyline Come check out this romance, fantasy show ❤

Junjou Romantica Season 3

*cough* Now I know this show won’t be for everyone but I have been super excited for Season three for the longest time…. I never got to do a first impression as I ran out of time but it continues from where it left off in the second season. This series focuses on three main couples and the struggles of their relationships to sum up what the show is about, It’s so adoarable this show and you don’t see any graphics of that sort it’s more about the relationships between the pairings. When I watched the first episode I was so happy the old animation for this show was still being used, it gave me those old feelings from when I first watched this show.

This show is not just about guys kissing each other purely about relationships and the everyday struggles that come with them, My favorite pairing in this anime is Nowaki and Hiroki I love watching them two and how their relationship grows more than the others, that’s just my personal preference anyway watching this show again makes me feel so hyped for it and can’t wait to see what more new obstacles get in all of the couples ways.

If anyone likes this sort of genre of anime and your wanting a bit of romance drama then I highly recommend Junjou for you ❤


Gate could be the hidden gem for this summer season after watching the first two episodes I am pretty much in love with this show. By episode three finally it looks like the team is all together, Lolita Girl Rory Mercury, Sorcer Lelei  and 165 years old elf Tuka, I really love the combination of this three the way they were introduced in episode 3 I thought was done well. This mixture of fantasy and military I am digging so much, it’s hilarious some of the reactions to the armies forces and equipment they use destroying things like swatting a fly off a window. Gate has some great potenial this season with being 25 episodes long it makes you ponder to what could happen.

It did take till episode three to see a plot to start to form but I think we are there now and to what will happen from here on  out I am excited for. I am quite fond of Rory Mercury Lolita she’s awesome from the way she fights to the way she dresses. It makes me want to cosplay her ❤ So if anyone is pondering about this anime just go check it out it will be worth your time the first two episodes maybe slow but Gate will keep you entertained 🙂

Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa 

Haha what can I say Actually I am is such a cute show and I am really enjoying it currently. I’m happy there was some romance/comedy added into this season and it’s how I thought it would be funny, cute and entertaining. Yoko’s density to the obvious things kills me over everytime and I just end up feeling sorry for Asahi, it’s going to take a while before Yoko actually gets on board I feel. Having Nagisa’s introduced into the show I thought was great but then to be stopped and like woah… she’s an alien with this robotic body was pretty funny, This series I feel has a great cast of funny characters that bring the comedy aspects out as it makes people enjoy this show a lot. I LOVE the animation to this show it’s quirky and unique which I think makes it stand out.

I just wonder now if Ashai can keep the secret of Yoko being a vampire and for Yoko to realize the most obvious of things  my god… This show will be a cute watch guarantee it so looking for a show to bring comedic feels and cuteness Actually I am is for you ❤


Am I glad I picked up on show? Yes
Do you recommend this to others? HELL YES!!!

Gangsta brings the meaning of the word to the show and sheds it in this underworld brilliance. I am seriously loving this show, at first I wasn’t sure I just started watching it as I knew it would get so much attention. I’m glad I did its my second favorite of this season it’s been getting me pumped in every episode I’ve watched so far. The atmosphere that is put off in each episodes, the characters it really makes this show one of the most entertaining this summer. Worick and Nicolas are your brilliant, badass handy man doing the jobs noone else will take on, I love them both each are both different in personality put together they bullet proof, Nicolas Oh man I could talk about that dude all day. After episode one I was hooked on the dude I love the whole idea of him being deaf and this silent shell he’s made out to be, I can’t wait to find out more about him and Worick. Worick charming yet a bit unstable underneath all that calmness when he’s smoking one, He is a softy really and I noticed when he took in the prostitute Alex.

Alex I thought I would find really annoying in the show but I actually don’t she’s cool and I like her character even though we’ve only seen a little bit of it. Only 12 episodes I’m disappointed it wasn’t made longer so I am hoping from here on out each episodes knocks it out of the park because so far for me it has. This show brings excitement to me every time and if your not watching this by now get on the gangsta wagon now !!!!!


Charlotte is another show that has surprised me this season but it has lived up to my expectations of it. I am enjoying it so far more than Re – Kan as I’m not used to some slice of life shows. I’m glad I have a clear understanding of why Nao forced Yuu to move to her school and become apart of the student council, pretty dark reasoning behind as to why they go looking for certain individuals with supernatural powers. I won’t say what the reason is as it would spoil it for you if you have not seen this show yet. I love Nao’s character she was not what I expected as in the next two episodes you see more of her personality and she is very cunning and a very entertaining character. Yuu is hiliarious he is really a jackass but has this caring side which comes out whenever there is a series moment. I love  what this anime is about and where it will end up leading too, They hit the nail on the head with supernatural. Everyone lately keeps comparing this show to angel beats as these two shows are made by the same company. I can’y tell you if there similar because I’ve never seen angel beats but looking at both I don’t see a similarity.

You want supernatural with a entertaining story line Charlotte is for you !!! 😀

Monster Musume 

In the beginning I added this show for humor and kicks, well it delivers on that promise. This show to my surprise has been one of the funniest harems I have ever watched and I love it. Ridiculous, over the top and hilarious this show maybe but it entertains me greatly and that’s all that matters to me at the end of the day. I feel sorry for the male Protagonist Kurusu he is really having a rough time with two new monster girls living with him, I don’t know how he survives to be honest. Only thing that bugs me about him is why can’t his eyes be just normal looking >.> they only look normal when something serious happens. Being Harem this show is not going to get much recognition and for what it is about will lessen it’s chances, but doesn’t mean I will stop watching it because it’s harem I don’t mind the genre depending on what the anime is about.

This show just leaves me balling out with laughter and if your looking for something stupid and funny Give Monster Girls a crack!!

So that is my update on where I am at with all the shows I am watching and as I have counted 8 is what I am watching. There is a show missing from this which is Aquarion Logos, for that anime I am doing episode reviews for a blogger Somethingaboutlynlyn She’s been keen to watch the show but wanted to know someone’s thoughts so I decided to do episode reviews for that reason. I will not be at this stage adding anymore shows to watch this season these eight are all I can manage for now, Sometime next week I will be doing a video for my Youtube more in depth of my thoughts for this season.

Comment below any thoughts about any of the following shows I have mentioned 🙂

I’ll see you in the next post Guys !!


  1. Charlotte’s only really compared to Angel Beats! because Jun Maeda penned both series, and Charlotte is said – by Maeda himself – to be an improvement on the ‘flaws’ of his earlier work.

    I definitely agree that Maeda’s use of the usual teens-with-powers-thing is fantastic. Lots of hilarity, lots of excitement, and lots and lots of depth.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. You gotta tell me if it has the same type of humor as Aquarion EVOL. Andy W. Hole was one of the best characters out of that show. lol

    Liked by 1 person

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