Lita’s Discussion Time: What Are Some Good Anime Video Games You’d Recommend?


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Been a while since I did a discussion and this question is a personal one for me and be good for others to know as well. Recently Lita shed from her cocoon finally and stepped into the world of gaming, having paid off her PS3 which has been on layby like forever. I feel really happy I own one now but the truth is Lita knows next to nothing when it comes to video games it’s taken me this long just to get a console….. -_-

Yeh that’s what some people’s reactions have been…

I have never been a gamer person more of a anime watcher personally, but there were reasons why I decided to get this PS3 now:

1. I have a backup if my current DVD Player dies
2. My boyfriend can brainwash me with games he likes like Black Ops etc
3. I’ve always wanted to play anime video games

Before I even bought my PS3 I did my research in which console was better for my needs, stressfully I was weighing up between the PS3 and the PS4 it seemed logic to me to go for the newest playstation console. But in the end I found two big differences between both one The PS4 you have to pay to play online and two you can’t play blurays on it. Where as with the PS3 you can play online for free so it doesn’t make sense to me when the PS4 came out to pay to play online, nope still doesn’t make sense to me. In the end I went with the PS3 which I felt was best for me.

So for those who are game players you can correct me if I’m wrong about any of the things I have said about the PS3 or PS4 which leads me to the two questions I ask everyone for this discussion:

What are some good anime video games that you would recommend?
Which do you find is better the PS3 or PS4?

Yay I rambled on again.
But I was looking for some anime video games to play as I have no clue about what would be a good game so anything anyone suggests I will probably check out 😉 I hope this discussion will be useful to anyone else like me who knows next to nothing about video games.

So comment below to answer the following questions and any thoughts you also have ❤ 
Lita would love to know 

See you in the next discussion


  1. The Steins Gate visual novel is supposed to be coming for the PS3 and other systems. It’s supposed to be good. If you like Naruto you can pick up Storm 3 Full Burst (better story) out Storm Revolution (More character upgrades) . Also the PS3 isn’t bound by regions so you can play the Date A Live visual nove!s by Compile Heart but they aren’t translated. There’s also PS Now which for $15 per month you can play old PS3 games.

    Sorry for going so long. I’m a big fan of Sony.

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    1. It’s okay this is very useful to me so I have to thankyou for your insight. I do know stein gate but only for the anime which I haven’t seen. $15 that’s not too bad to be honest.

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  2. PS4 plays blu-rays. 3D playback was added later, but it definitely does act as a blu-ray player.

    Anyways, some recommendations:
    Hakuoki – PS3 Hakuoki is the best value since you get 2 games in 1
    Valkyria Chronicles – was made into an anime
    Atelier series – Gameplay reviews are mixed, but the story is definitely anime-ish, plus one game was made into an anime
    Project Diva games – Not technically anime, but has anime influences and inspirations
    J-Stars Victory Vs+ – Well, can’t get more anime-ish than this.
    Hatoful Boyfriend – Indie game, but recommended because everyone has always wanted to date pigeons.

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  3. I watched the Tales of Symphonia Animation a long while ago, and recently I picked up the game to play. I’m what would be 4/11 OVA episodes in, and it’s pretty good. I mean, the anime was a lot easier and less boring since you didn’t have to waddle through game mechanics and such, but through the PS3 game the hands on interaction makes the adventure feel fuller. I’m not much of a gamer, but give it and the Tales of series a shot if you enjoy fantasy, also, several of them have spawned anime adaptations – double the experience points!

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