Demon Love Spell Manga Review

Demon Love Spell

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Supernatural 
2008 to 2014 
Volumes: 6

“This manga will become ectasy to you after reading”

YAY this will be my first “ReviewLitaTime Sunday” after countless promising I can finally add this new segment to my blog where every sunday I would review a manga or anime.

Did someone say Shojo…..?
Some may go oh no…I go OH YESSS !!  I remember coming across this manga when I won the first volume of it through a competition by madman, after reading volume one I was hooked to the story as Lita reviews the dark,demonly Demon Love Spell


Young shrine maiden Miko is not what you would call a full fledged one she cannot see any spirits or has no supernatural abilities whatsoever, therefore is useless to her family in terms of a shrine maiden. She did not see coming the powerful, incubus Kagura who’s feeds of woman’s feelings and passion of love which Kagura had been doing at Miko’s school, she puts a stop to this by sealing him away in a Chibi version body of him. Now trying to keep Kagura a secret from her shrine family will miss stubborn Miko be tempted by this sex god incubus?

My Thoughts

Of course… I loved this manga….Of course your going to love it shojo fans WARNING: this is not for little girls /boys this manga series if you decided to read it then will be at your own risk.

Can we just say Shojo manga how could I ever live with out you my darling…The plot of this lustful manga may seem like “Yep just about a man getting into a girl pants?” ahh don’t be fooled by this manga, okay yes maybe most parts Kagura our main male protagonist desires stubborn Miko a lot. But the beautiful bond that grows between the two main characters is what makes this manga a beautiful romance series. IT’S WHAT WILL MAKE YOU GET HOOKED….

I like how different the two main characters were, I  must say I was even like Ooo when I first laid eyes upon Kagura a beautiful drawn specimen. Sounds weird me saying that about a manga character but the art style in this manga is just gorgeous and so detailed, I cannot deny that.

Miko’s our I love you-but shouldn’t love you heroine I thought I wouldn’t end up liking her as she can seem like a typical shojo female heroine denying her feelings. But  took a while through the manga for her to admit she loved Kagura even though it would go against her duty as a shrine maiden. Miko stubborn nature was refreshing to see in a female heroine and the reason I never minded her character in her end.

The only thing I have to say about Kagura character is the way he is with Miko I would be one happy girl. When I was reading  this manga a atmosphere is created when Kagura is pooring his heart out to miss stubborn Miko, I felt the passion that Kagura felt for Miko. For a manga to do that to you then my hats off to the author, I do feel deeply connected to this manga personal wise and easily became one of favorite manga reads  of all time.

This manga screams passion and love it definitley reminds me of a little midnight sectary I reviewed a while ago. It was amusing while reading this manga to finally get to the point where Miko admits her feeling, I admit I felt stressed at points of “Come off it and stop denying”  you know typical shojo fan response .

Yuss that is lots of scenes like this heh *smirks*

I did find Kagura could be a bit of a ass to Miko and made me feel sorry for her but at the same time she could be very diffcult and indecisive for Kagura to deal with. Those things asides about the main characters they are very cute together and the passion of their love is screamed loudly throughout the manga. Connection and feelings play a huge role in the main story and I think is conveyed beautifully which is why this series is easily lovable. Having supernatural and comedy element added into this story lifts up all that heavy romance and passion where it is rather humorous at times. Demon love spell pulls on the powerful emotions of passion and love which will sweep any shojo fan off their feet.

Look at the adorable chibi form Miko turns him into to surpress his lustful feelings
Soo cute ❤

I really loved this series and will read over and over again, will probably never get bored of it Lita at the end of the day is a sucker for these kinds of story…

Loser Lita….

Link to read manga

 Comment below your thoughts on this review or if you’ve read this manga

I hope you enjoyed this review
I’ll be back next Sunday with “ReviewLitaTime”



  1. I will always go to your blog for shoujo manga reviews! This was such a great review and I will definitely try and read this manga.

    Liked by 1 person

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