Lita’s Summer Anime First Impression: Monster Musume and Jitsu Wa Watashi wa

Monster Musume

Don’t these girls look lovely? Wouldn’t you want them staying with you?

 Poor Kimihito Kurusu has forced to take part in the Interspecies Cultural Exchange Act which means mythical creatures such as harpies, lamias and centaurs were kept a secret by the Japanese government.  Now after 3 years they declare a bill which allows these creatures to be out in human society but they must stay with a foreign exchange family this where Kimihito gets roped in, Lamias named Miia get’s chosen to stay with him. Kurusu has to be careful as it’s probhited human and creature get it on, but little does he know his world will be turned more upside down with more girls might appear.


Yes I loved this show, originally I had pick this show to add some humor to my anime list and in which it delivered the first episode I was just like this pretty much:

A first episode like this hasn’t made me laugh cry in such a long time it was just hiliarious. This is what this anime is about the stupidness and sillyness, I don’t mind harem shows I find them thoroughly entertaining, this was different all about mythical creatures which I don’t believe there is a harem about so was hard to pass up. In Viewers Discretion is Advised write up about this show I sincerely agree that poor Kurusu has it rough as the first episode shows that:

Knowing your going to get strangled everyday… ouch has to hurt

I think Miia is adorable minus taking her affection for Kurusu to new heights…she just really like him, It makes me excited for all these other mythical creature girls to come in. This show is going to be entertaining and very humrous for me minus all the boobs and raging hormones EVERYWHERE!!, I’m just really use to that sort of thing in an anime nowadays doesn’t bother me. I really liked the opening and closing to this anime was so cute and have it stuck in my head for the past week. There is nothing really for me to say bad about this anime accept Kurusu eyes just annoy me with the way they look and they only look normal when he is serious >.<


Beware there is lots of boobs, boobs and a half snake girl just wanting to get into Kurusu pants but if this doesn’t put you off then definitley check out this Hiliarious harem anime

Episode 1 

Jitsu wa Watashi wa/Actually I am?

Don’t trust someone who can’t keep a secret or lie well!!

Asahi Kuromine is the worst person the world for not being able to keep a secret or lie well. He has been able to keep one secret to himself having a crush on a girl Yoko Shiragami where he decides to confess is love for her but when he finds her he in astonishment, she has wings and fangs? Yoko yes is a vampire and now Asahi has found out  she has to leave school due to her father wises for if anyone found out. Asahi with shear determination intends no matter how hopeless he is at keeping a secret will keep her secret of being a vampire. How long do you think he’ll last?

Shiragami she is a pretty cute, This bit was the cutest

Romance, comedy with vampires you can’t go wrong with I really enjoyed the introduction to this sweet anime and glad I added it on my list. Asahi of course I think is hopeless and doesn’t seem dependable whatsoever but I love his determination in trying to keep her secret it’s sweet. Asahi and Shiragami I can see meld together well I just feel and will be heartwarming to see what happens between them.

I love the opening theme it’s freaking adorable ❤

This anime will be an enjoyable watch and be a nice break from all of the others where I am amerce myself into some romance junk I totally recommend this show for any romance comedy fanatics out there highly. Again no point I feel in going into great detail over this anime it’s suppose to be a light, entertaining laid back anime, one of the things I love is the animation it’s very unique and makes it’s animation stand out from some of the other summer anime’s this season 🙂

The crazy element in this anime -_-

If you want to go watch this cute anime click this 

That about wraps up all of my first impressions for this summer season, I know I said I would be watching dragonball super but still debating about that as Goku’s japanese voice just annoys me a lot along side Gohan’s. I know I am going to enjoy this summer season a whole lot, but I may be slow with keeping up with all the 10 anime’s I am watching. I will try to do update on where I am up to in the anime’s I am watching which will probably happen haha with one acceptation I will be doing episode reviews for Aquarion Logos for various reasons.

Comment below any thoughts you guys may have ❤

Note: I know I still need to do a review which I’ve just not had time to do so hopefully I can get it up by Friday as over the next 2 – 3 days I am extremely busy so bare with me. Before I forget I know I have several nominations to do as well which will go up within the next week too so I haven’t forgotten 🙂 

I’ll see you in the next post!!



One thought on “Lita’s Summer Anime First Impression: Monster Musume and Jitsu Wa Watashi wa

  1. I like the world building in the anime series as well. each species has its own culture and they pay attention to anatomy, like snakes are cold blooded and spiders get drunk off caffeine and a mermaid will be poisoned in a chlorinated pool
    etc and seeing the new species and what makes them tick is great


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