Lita’s Summer Anime First Impression: Akagami no Shirayukihime

Akagami no Shirayukihime

Red is supposed to be the color of fate, right? Even if it’s annoying now, it might connect you to something good when you least expect it.”

Shoujo fans out there if your not watching then I think you are crazy that you haven’t yet

Shirayuki lives in the city of Tanbarun as a herbalist/doctor, she is know for her rare red hair which is hard to ignore from the Prince of Tanbarun’s eye. He demands her to become his Concubine, fearing for herself Shirayuki cuts off her hair and flees from her own city going on the run. She ends up meeting a young boy named Zen along with his two of company, Shirayuki has no idea Zen is a prince and treats him like a friend. Her freedom is short lived as Prince of Tanbarun sent a mysterious package Apples? Where Zen tastes one and they were poisoned as it was meant for Shirayuki. Nearly giving into becoming the Prince’s Concubine in exchange for the antidote for Zen, Zen saves her and she manages to obtain the antidote while deciding to go with Zen to his kingdom The city of Clarines.

What are the words I am looking for right now?……..
and Just awwwwwwww

Finally I had time to watching the first episode of this pretty anime and OH MY GOD, I am already in love with you Akagami no Shirayukihime that episode just blew me away, everything was done splendidly.

Being Shoujo I knew I was going to like it but to my surprise this show will def be a fav this season for me, I already love Shirayuki and her character so fair, kind and hey she’s got spunk especially when it came to dealing with Mr Tanbarun asswipe prince. The whole first episode was just so refreshing to see in a shoujo as we get quite a “REAL” prince that we can look at while going “Awww”.

The Animation I cannot deny is so dazzling and insanely visually engaging, it heightens the expectations of this anime and really brings it to life of what this series is about. 🙂

Mr Zen had me when he came over that wall in this ray of dazzlingness. For me he is actually one character I can call a true prince from a anime because his whole character fits that profile, He’s very fair, charming but also got spunk to. I love him and it’s so nice to see a prince like character of his so refreshing to see in a anime. There was a beautiful flow of elegance, bit of comedy and drama in this first episode, all the characters of how they were introduced was done brilliantly seeing enough of their personalities to fall in love with them. I am so curious as to what will happen in this anime but we can be sure of one thing two certain people falling love…

I just want to go read the manga now….
Which I think I might do 🙂

One of my favorite parts in episode one was Zen coming to the Rescue and kicking that door down freaking Hilarious he can come save me anytime…he really can >///<. You don’t see this kind of Valant effort or feels in a scene like this a lot so my feels were off peak at this part as to many others in the episode ❤

See Our Shirayuki has got spunk and I love that XD
“Yeh Get Off Measly Maggot” 

Lita doesn’t really have more left to say about this episode one as if you have not seen this yet or might be planning to just go click this button right now !!
Because this show should be on your watch list ❤

I love this anime already and I am so excited for each episode as it comes out

What more could you ask for?
I’m off to start the manga now ❤

Comment below your thoughts on this anime if you have seen the first episode?
Are you in love with two?

I’ll see you in the next post !!

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