Lita’s Summer Anime First Impression: Aquarion Logos + Other Series

Aquarion Logos

Mecha at it’s most dazzling 

Soo….. Soo… I am kinda like this right now after watching the first episode because there was no clear plot to the story as when this anime was announced it never came with one. >.<

Aquarion Logos is the third adaption in the aquarion series, it was made to celebrate the 10 year annviersary of the aquarion series. Sadly I can’t give you readers a clear idea of the plot as I am at a loss but that doesn’t mean this show has no potential, This show like many I know of would not get much renegotiation during this summer season and wouldn’t stand out being a third season/adaption, if you’ve never seen the first two Aquarion series then you just think you will never get it.

Which is why Lita would like to shed some light on this series and maybe make you think differently.

This whole series is based around from the first series of Aquarion and the plot is not as confusing as others may think, I admit at first I was very confused and wasn’t going to bother with this series. But being mecha mixed with romance for me it was hard to say now heh. The background story takes place Twelve thousand years ago when humans were lowly things to the immortal winged creatures known as “Shadow Angels” but there was one among them named Apollo. Who ended up falling in love with a female warrior Seliane, turning back on his own kind Apollo joined the human forces in the fight against them.

The main fighting force the Shadow Angels possessed were Cherubim Soldiers who were not easy to defeat, but among the human forces one man Gen Fudo who created the organization as DEAVA and thus the mecha robot Aquarion was created in order to go up against the Shadow Angels. So with the first two series of Aquarion in each one there is a reincarnation of Apollo and Seliane, purely this series focuses on their love for each other as Apollo turned his back on his own kind to be with her.

and yes in the second adaption Aquarion Evol Mikono and Amata are the reincarnation of Apollo and Seliane

I am sorry for this long winded explaination but I wanted to break it down for you guys so you have a clear idea of what the Aquarion series is about. There are so many other things that do go on but I could be here all day explaining that to you all my god.

Moving on to my impression on Logos…

I love this Mecha series it’s one of my favorites of all time for it’s silliness and unusual storyline so as you may have predicted Lita was pretty excited to hear about a third adaption to this series. I gotta say when I started watching the episode a million lightbulbs were turning off in my head as I was so confused to what was going on, now I will try and break this down you will see in the beginning of this episode a girl named Yuno holding a book known as “The holy book of Genesis”.  That book contains the whole history of the aquarion story and somehow ends up being torn in two by Mr clumsy green. It causes a dimension rift from where characters from the first two seasons of aquarion counter act each other.

It wasn’t until this happened I realized this was the Aquarion evol OVA before they would actually show the first episode of Logos.  So for now don’t worry about the OVA because if you’ve not seen the first two series it will be like scrambled eggs to you in your brain…

This first episode was only confusing because again there was no clear plot to this anime yet and would probably put people off. Even if this was the case I am still interested to see what it is about, from seeing both Aquarion series this one would be very different but still have most similarities to the other two. The third adaption I instantly got from it was this one will be the more Modern Aquarion series it kinda obvious to see this, but I can’t deny the visually engaging animation it’s dazzling. The animation in Aquarion is all the same in each series and was one of the main reasons this anime attracted me before I had even read about the plot.

Finally we got somewhere with knowing some of the main characters in this anime Akira Kaibuki our main male protagonist with lamest anime hair cut I have seen yet. He didn’t show much personality, the more of he was like a robot saying few words claiming all the time he wanted to save the world and be it’s saviour. That’s all you ever heard him say but he is a goody goody but his personality has not been shown through enough yet, So I am sure I’ll get to see that in the next episode.

Seems like a interesting character but that hair… can I just fix it up for you?

Kokone was a cutie ❤

Kokone got to see a little bit of her character very shy and reversed girl but what anime doesn’t contain that? Don’t worry I still like her and I am not going to bother talking about the other characters as you don’t see much of there personality in the first episode sadly maybe the next one?

 One thing that really confused me was the enemy they were fighting….I think they were fighting words and I’m not really kidding you see this of what it looks like to be paper monster these pilots end up fighting and I’m just like Okay -_-. You see this priest looking dude with a book I don’t know if that is the holy book of Genesis I’m assuming it would be from the other Aquarion series it’s appeared in. So No clue what’s up with that and him raving on about Kanji, Can’t believe I am saying this but The meaning of words I think will play a huge role in this anime as Kanji has a very sacred meaning behind them. Hopefully in the next episode everything might make sense but at the same time it was very interesting none the less.


Once upon a time, human voices had defined the true nature of all things, yet the invention of text changed the status quo, while creating a “Logos World” between the voice and the truth. Millennia have passed since then, advancements of civilizations have made the “Logos World” too big to control “texts.” A group of young people dedicate themselves to counter chaotic “texts” with “Creative Voice Power,” and among them, a boy named Akira Kaibuki living in Asagaya.


After reading this a lot of it makes sense and frankly I am still interested in this anime.

I love the suits the pilots wear very in keeping with this modern Aquarious series and I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE MECHA ROBOT. I don’t care what anyone else saids the design fits in with whole theme of what this series is about and I thought what was a bit funny also stupid was the attack it does “Infinity Fist” where it’s this long long expendable arm. From the Aquarion Evol series that attack was called the “Infinity Punch” do you see the amazingness in name difference? Lame.

I will say if you are interested in watching this show then don’t be worried about not having seen the first two. From seeing this first episode this series will have nothing to do with what the other series were about, all I’ve seen is it involves the holy book of Genesis. My god I thought this post would be short but there was a lot I felt I needed to say about this series as it’s been underated and Lita just ends up loving shows like this ❤

Aquarion has been classed as from what I have read from other posts as this ridiculous anime but you could say the same thing about many shows like one I am watching right now Kiss x Sis. Where these sister keeping making the moves on there so called brother, the show is really ridiculous and stupid (lots and lots of fanservice) and is far worst than Aquarion. I’m only watching this show due to a blogger I know Chibi Majo’s review on the series of how much they talked about hating it, peek my interest.

The silly part that people probably mean in this series is all the naked parts of when two or more pilots are in the Aquarion Mecha and have this amazing feeling come over them. I thought it was stupid at first but I realized it was trying to represent love and connection with others, you’ll see this more of in Aquarion Evol where it’s taken to a whole new level but I just think it’s cute and silly. If anime had none of these qualities of fun or silliness then be really bloody bored we’d be like this:

Even if I have mixed feelings about the first episode I’m not going to sit here and lie to you guys but I am still excited as I was about the third adaption 😀 We have yet to see what the main plot or characters are like, I just hate it when certain anime’s are written off so easily it makes me want to defend them which is one of the main reasons I started my blog. So I will be watching Aquarion Logos through to the end regardless of what happens so I hope I have been able to shed some light on this show for anyone curious in watching it. 🙂

Comment below your thoughts on my post or if you will check out this series now 🙂

So many more first impressions to do
But I’ll get there ahaha lol

I’ll see you in the next post


  1. I thought the original series was alright, but didn’t live up to its potential. The one thing I remember about it was that the pilots really enjoyed combining into the giant robot hehe.

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