Lita’s Summer Anime First Impression: Gangsta


A Badass Show You Need To Be Watching !!!!


Meet Nicholas Brown and Worick Arcangelo who are your handy men in the city of Ergastulum. Prostitutes, rivaling gangs and dirty cops is what they deal with, they take on the jobs the police, the mafia give them that noone wants to take on. Together this duo is known as Benriya, who just get themselves in the complex of messes.

As you can tell now this series was not my list to watch but I decided randomly to watch some extra anime’s this summer season after reading other posts or watching youtube videos some I have changed my mind about. Gangsta I am glad I checked out as Lita doesn’t usually watch this sort of genre at all, bad ass all around is all I have to say.

The opening was not was I expected it kinda sounded a little vocaloid to me in some parts but not saying that is a bad thing. There was definitley a mixture of different sounds and it just somehow messed together really well, energetic and electrifying is how I would described it. All round was a great opening to this anime and some of the clips I dare say do show what this anime involves.

Yep love you two already

Worick and Nicholas are quite a duo from the first episode, the way there characters were introduced was great and I am very keen to find out their back stories. Worick 😦 I am sorry but Nicholas is a fav character for me this season already, Scary, badass and fierceless is what I got from him and the whole him being deaf aspect makes everything about him more inviting. I can’t really explain it he just captivated me especially when he kicked the crap out of the police car and laid down his threat to Mr police chops.

Worick don’t worry I love his character too, He’s seems the laidback of the two and but has a softy spot somewhere in there like Nicholas. Worick may seem this harmless guy but obviously I don’t think that is the case, we all have a dark past/side. I did think it was a little predictable they would take in the prostitute Alex but she may end up being one of the main characters in this anime, of course she had nowhere to go and her character may seem bland but still interested to see more of her character.

Bye Bye Barry 

No time was wasted in the first episode to get into the deep, gory,stuff and I loved that, so this anime is as this anime saids and is not recommended for viewers below the age of 18. I can’t wait to see what happens in this series with the different jobs these two may take on so the possibles are endless really. I can guarntee to you Gangsta is always going to be thoroughly entertaining throughout the whole series so were not going to be left bored my friends.

Gangsta is I feel going to be a great interpretation of what the real life gangsta world is like of course it’s not a good thing really but oh well.

Episode One BADASS.

 So looking for some badassness, gang jobs, cops being dirty, entertaining all round this may be up your ally 🙂

Comment below your thoughts on the first episode of Gangsta or will you watch it now after reading this

Summer anime is impressing Lita big time !!!
I’ll see you in the next post


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