Lita’s Summer Anime First Impression: Gate

Gate Jieitai Kanochi Nite Kaku Tatakaeri

Miltary Mixed With Fantasy
ooo Yeh !!

In the year 20XX a mysterious gate appears in tokyo Ginza district where through a portal fantasy creatures such as orges, dragons and medieval knights full on attack GInza. The Japanese defence force quickly takes action and majors to push the threat through the portal. With this mysterious situation occuring a special team of soldiers “Special Region” are sent into the portal to explore the other world which is lead by second Lieutenant Youji Itami. There in the other world he encounters 3 different creatures a elf, sorcerer  and a Gothic Lolita.

Soo Gate was a wait and see pick for me, I know it’s one anime series this summer season that has not had a huge hype about it. Probably the storyline for some people they might think it seems boring, I was surprised to see this is going to b 24 episode long series instead of the usual 12 – 13 short ones you get so it makes me excited a bit more for this series. 

Of how the anime was Introduced in the first episode I’d say was done well and fully covers of what the main plot is about. From watching the first episode I am still keen to see this series all the way through, I wouldn’t say the first episode wasn’t overly amazing but I still liked it though. I really like the opening and ending songs to this anime already, when the first few beats came in from the opening song it had me dancing so that’s a good sign 🙂 

How can a mysterious gate that appears out of nowhere, two worlds that are now connected and the miltary goes to explore could be a entertaining anime?

That’s something you’ll have to answer yourself if you decided to continue watching it.

Our main male prognostic Yoji Itami I liked his character from the start, for one thing he made me laugh so If a character is able to do that for me I know I’ll like them. He seems a very laidback guy who loves nothing more than embracing his Otakuness, I was surprised that was added into his character but there are bits in episode one that explained the dilemmas us anime fans face when it comes to our love of anime. Yoji I think will be an entertaining character, sadly though his character was the only one that stood out for me. I am very curious for the other three main females to be introduced the elf, sorcerer and Gothic Lolita, I really like the look of the Gothic Lolita with the giant scythe she looks pretty cool 🙂

 Even from the first episode I know I will see this anime through till the end now as I am really curious to what will happen and again I love the look of the Gothic Lolita and elf character, looks like characters I would cosplay. Gate so far has appealed to me which makes me watch the next few episodes because I feel it wouldn’t be fair to just drop this series after the first episode because it barely has gotten into the main story yet. I feel there is not too much detail to talk about the first episode it’s a pretty laid back introduction which I liked but hey everyone has there own preference.

I do admire already the animation very bright and colorful in Gate which I was expecting for this series, anything for me to do with fantasy has to be out there animation and the colors in the animation heighten that fact. So curious about what could happen in this series it does make me excited and I am glad it’s not a short anime, I’ve heard the novel Gate is based off of is good, so I’ll def be checking it out 🙂 

Gate could be end up being really good or just average Let’s wait and see 🙂

Comment below your first impressions of this series or will you watch it now

Link to watch first episode

I’ll see you in the next post 🙂




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