Lita’s Summer Anime First Impression: Ranpo Kitan: Game Of Laplace

Ranpa Kitan: Game Of Laplace


So its all OH NO with me currently as I know this season I am going to end up watching more than ten anime’s from the ones I had picked personally, so… means lots more writing…


What do you guys think about that?

Anyway zip it for now Lita and get on with the first impression for this season…

Ranpo Kitan Oo Yes !!! 

This anime takes place in a middle school where loads of murderers take place. 13 year old Kobayashi ends up meeting a strange detective named Akechi who comes to the school to investigate all of these murderers. Kobayashi becomes fascinated with Akechi and despite his friend Hashiba’s pleas, Kobayashi volunteers to be Akechi assistant in these murderers as it would make his life much more interesting than the current life he leads now.

I had high expectations of this anime and it delivered outstandingly in the first episode, I loved the introduction for some strange reasons the words: “This world we live in is a dream, The dream we have at night is, in fact, the true world.” kind of sent a chill down my spine. Then when the opening theme came on fell in love with it instantly, I loved the lyrics to this song it really speaks about what this anime is about. I got those feelings of mystery and horror from the song and just found the lyrics were very deep and powerful.

This was probably one of the best starts to a new anime I have seen in the longest time that has really gripped me, it wasted no time in the first episode to get right into the main plot and believe me Lita got goosebumps. Just having within the first few seconds a oddly, dismembered, symbolized murderer right in your face instantly peaks your interest. I haven’t had goose bumps feels from any horror/mystery anime since I was introduced to ghost hunt those feels reminds me a lot of that from way back.



One thing really surprised me was our main character Kobayashi is a BOY !!! From other posts and videos I’ve seen I know I’m not the only one that was surprised about this. Really thought he was a she but the creators made him look so girly so it’s hard to think he was a guy but then…I found out the voice actor is female doing Kobayashi so a lass I was left in confusion. Still makes this all more interesting, Hashiba I can tell is going to be kind of a whiny, you must rely upon me kind of character. He already gave me the impression that he feels he has take care of everything well let’s see if his character develops interestingly to me.

Mr Akechi I really really dig his character, cannot say anything wrong about it the attitude, the way he thinks and personality is perfect for what this anime is all about. He’s going to be a favorite character this season I can tell, Akechi really resembles to me Naru from Ghost hunt as well just a little with that isolated personality of their’s. This first episode man had me glued from the start and I loved the twist of Kobayashi actually being a bit of a nut and finds it thrilling he is a main suspect in the on going murderer. That really sent me for a loop as the whole situation was just entertaining to him then asking if he can became Akechi assistant, I was just like WHAT !!

One weird thing I found while watching the first episode was everyone around them is all these grey, blurred shapes and the only time anyone is revealed, when a new character is about to come in. It is a little confusion but it just adds more mystery to this anime, I actually don’t mind it now 🙂

This summer season has already started to show me promise and Ranpa Kitan is definitely going to be a favorite for people, it lived up to my expectations of horror/mystery. I love all the characters so far and the way this anime was introduced so my hats off. I’m very curious as to where this anime will lead with all the murders that happen and what are the murderers like, there motive, goal?

I have the chills just thinking about it and I definitley got them while watching the first episode.
So want goosebumps, a thrill around every corner I think this anime is for you 😀

Comment below on what you thought about this anime if you’ve watched it !!

I’ll see you in the next post


  1. I actually got a Psycho-Pass vibe to this one. Probably because of how the teacher was killed but either way I kept thinking back to Psycho-Pass a lot. Interesting first ep though, I’ll keep an eye on this one for sure.

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