Blog Changes *Important*

Hello Readers, 

Lita wanted to do a quick update for you all as I have been slowly making changes to my blog, as I want to invest more time into blogging. It’s become important to me this blog and the people I have met through this so I thought it was time for Lita to step up her game 🙂

Firstly I have rearranged some of my pages like my about me section as I felt it looked boring and put some more information about me and what my blog has to offer so you can go check that out if you wish ^^. I still am in the process of updating them but should be all done by next week.

Secondly, I have added a new section to my blog List of Bloggers I felt inspired by seeing other people put a list on their blogs. So just shoot me a tweet on my twitter or comment on the post and I will add you to my list, along with a personal description about what your blog has to offer.

Thirdly, Like my feature friday which most people really look forward I am adding a new feature which is going to be called “ReviewLitaTime” Haha not the best thought up name ahah lol. It’s where I will be reviewing either a manga or anime each sunday but it will be completely random so you never known what each week I will be reviewing. 😀 I wanted to add this to my blog as I don’t feel I have reviewed enough yet, this way I believe I can keep up with some consistency ^^

Finally, Lita will be doing more discussions on anime episodes I may have watched, any anime moments that may have surprised me, anime news and popular anime topics.

So these are the changes that will be currently happening I am excited 🙂

I solemnly promise to for fill all of these changes
Comment below if you guys are and if you like these changes

See you in the next post!!


  1. That sounds great! I am interested in knowing more anime news in connection the anime market over there in Australia or England. Don’t know much about the home video market over there so getting information from your perspective would be great, Lita.

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