Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Various Reviews

litas blogger friday

This has been me over the past week….. 

Lita has been trying this week to update some things on her blog and youtube which I may say I have had success at hehe 
so you may noticed some changes to my blog but I’ll post about all that on the weekend probably. 

Sooo this week’s feature friday is going to be different as when I started this I did mention not only featuring bloggers but people’s reviews also…..ooooo *everybody goes oooo*. I have been seeing and have read some really good reviews recently so I wanted to feature some reviews for you readers to go out check out 😀 

These are the following Featured Reviews Lita enjoyed a lot:

r1The first review I really enjoyed reading this week was by thelimitlessimagnation and her review on a old classic Ashita no Nadja. I really enjoy her detailed reviews and really enjoyed reading this gave me insight into a new anime to go look at and gave me my shoujo feels >.<

r2The second review I loved reading this week was by WakuWafu and their review on No Game No Life. After reading this these guys shed some good light on me about this anime as I had never been much interested in no game no life. Now I am very keen to give this anime a go now 🙂 

r3The third review I really enjoyed was by Hexa Blog and their review on Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou. I had watched this anime a long time ago and was nice to see a different opinion on the anime, as anime’s like this don’t get shed much light on sadly. It was a great review all round.

r4Finally the last review this week I really enjoyed was by Unnecessary Exclamation Mark and their review on comparing two anime’s plastic memories and waiting in the summer. I love it when bloggers do posts comparing two anime’s together and this was a great comparison. I haven’t watched plastic memories yet but I have read enough to know what the anime entails and the angle this comparison was taken on was brilliant 🙂 

So those are the four reviews that I have really enjoyed this week 🙂 
Hope you guys liked this change for this week’s feature. 

I’ll have an important to make on the weekend so look forward to that !! 

I’ll see you all next week with a new blogger or review 😀