Kiss/Hug Manga Review


Genre: Romance, Drama, Shoujo

I’ve decided now when I do manga reviews I think I’ll write in italics makes it look more appealing hehe. so yay…. again been a long while since last month I reviewed a manga. Manga reading yet again has been really slow so I decided to read a quickie one that somethingaboutlynlyn mentioned in a post she had read.

Now I know what your thinking not another Shoujo….Lita come on… Lita is reading other manga’s at the moment so hopefully in the next few months I’ll have different manga’s to review for all of you !


We have our dashing male Protagonist Ryuu who is this super, rich business boy from england transfers to a Japanese school. On the night of attending a festival he encounters Yukino, The attraction between them is almost instant and out of the blue Ryuu blurts out his love for her. Yukino has never been in love so this throws her into a pile of confusion and begins to realize feelings she never knew of.

Art Style

The art style I find looks very dotty and kind of scattered but I still love it. I wouldn’t say it is as detailed as some other manga works I’ve seen which what makes it unquie… or maybe I’m just weird heh. 

My Thoughts

This was manga was probably my favorite short read I’ve read recently, I have really begun to enjoy short manga reads and I love reading them before I go to sleep. It makes me feel happy and good inside, of course it makes me sleepy, Manga I read when I can’t sleep because Lita is pretty nocturnal.

Yes I hide under the covers when reading manga

The plot of the manga I knew was predictable of what would happen but I did feel emotionally attached to this manga and all came from the main female character Yukino.

For a short manga there was a lot of deep emotions running through the whole story of it which I loved, Lita does love some deep connection thankyou Shoujo ^-^. Yukino really reminded me of myself when it came to romance at one time for me, I had real no clue like her. I felt like I was the female lead in this manga accept with the rich handsome dude, those aren’t my type >.>

I found her character to be a very deep thinker and so selfless of never admitting to herself of what she wanted most. Plus she looks so cute with her glasses on ❤

Towards the end it left me in suspense as what was going to happen a manga hasn’t done that to me in a very long time, so you can tell it was worth the read for me. Ryuu and Yukino I thought were just precious as a couple, I loved all the adorable scenes with them together.

What I did really love about this cute manga was when yukino’s in certain scenes was thinking to herself, the words that were used I thought were really beautifully for example ” Let your wings spread forth upon that big world”.

Now I know there are typically words like that in most scenes in your shoujo romances but I felt they were more heartfelt and really connected with the story of the manga more. 

Ryuu X Yukino = Adorableness ❤

Kiss/Hug was a really enjoyable romance read and I would recommend any other lovers of shoujo and shojo
give it a try.

It’s not fair to you guys if I give too much away in my manga reviews other wise would ruin the for you guys to actually go and read it yourself. I have decided to stop rating manga’s because I don’t see the point no more, as I have been shed light on the subject and has made me think differently.

Link to read manga

Comment below on any thoughts you might have
Lita would love to know ❤

Until next manga review


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