Infinity Dreams Award Nominated By Lovely

So if I answer this nomination does this means my dreams will come true…..

Haha wouldn’t that be something…..>.<

Hello everyone, It’s Lita 😀
and yes I was nominated again by the amazing Words & Rhythm Go check her out she has awesome content on her blog and variety!!

So what I gather from this is I have to talk about 7 of my dreams well this is where Lita will go mushy and stuff I don’t have a lot of dreams currently so I will say 4 dreams I have always had.

1. To Have a Full Time Role Within The Animal Industry

My dream and career has always been to work with animals which I currently have a new job in which I am doing that. Later in the future I want to be the most knowledgeable I can be about animals and be in a secure role for it, I don’t know where I may end up but I wish to continue learning about them. I hope to at some point study about dog behavior next is a goal I aiming for.

2. To Go To Japan And Hawaii 

I have different reasons for going to visit these two places. Japan I have always wanted to visit for the longest time like any anime fan would but it’s not just for anime, There cuisine, shrines, scenery, landmarks and psst…anime merchandise are the reason I really want go to. I love the japanese culture and would just make me so happy to visit there one day.

Some of guys may have seen in a post beforehand I talked about a hobby I do called Mermaiding where I basically swim in a mermaid tail. Since I started doing this hobby it has been my dream to go to Hawaii to swim in there beautiful warm waters and see all the magnificent coral reefs, just thinking about it gets me so excited >/////<

Another reason I wish to go is I have a penpal who lives in hawaii who I have spoken with for many years and would love the chance to meet her 🙂

3. To Own My First Silicone Tail

I currently swim in fabric tails and currently I have been trying to save for a silicone tail but the one I am saving for is in the image above. It’s made of neoprene but the outer skin is silicone, this would be my first proper tail ever and I’m really excited. Again has been a dream for a very long time and I will make it happen. Mermaiding made me reconnect my love for swimming that I lost a long time ago and this would just…. I can’t even describe how happy I would be to own this If anyone is interested in more about mermaiding please click the links below to find out more.

Link to tail above
Link to see me swimming in a tail

4. To Be This More Confident Person

I am sorry to tell you all Lita in real life is not confident in anything she does and is a real cry baby >//<. I am not ashamed to admit that and since I was younger it has been a personal dream for me to become this more confident person in everything I do. I believe this to be the hardest dream to make come true because your dealing with yourself and is going  to take me a long time to know when I feel like that confident person is there 🙂

These 4 dreams are what are most important to me currently and you got to see Lita’s mushy side….
Yay now you can all runaway…

I wanted to thankyou Lovely again for the nomination and these people I choose for this nomination, you all have to tell me your dreams doesn’t matter how many 🙂

Shay’s Anime Blog

Viewers Discretion Is Advised



I’ll see you all in the next post!!



  1. Out of curiosity, how much is a plane ticket from Australia to Japan during in and out of season. I am assuming it is cheaper in comparison to U.S. to Japan.

    Also, that is an interesting hobby, mermaiding.

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