Food Wars Episode 12 Feels

Well.. I’d say this is me currently as Chise shows how I feel 
Thankyou Chise…

Lita what are you doing writing about a episode?….
I couldn’t help it as I just watched the most recent episode of Shokugeki and just oh my god >.<
This one really hit home for me. 

UntitledThis look on her face *-*

This episode was by far my favorite so far, some people may say nothing really exciting happened but like I said really hit home for me on this one. This episode was primarly centered around Megumi to see if she could stand her own ground and… SHE NAILED IT !!!
My heart was beating so fast and the anticipation was killing me to find out if the other judges loved Megumi’s take on the recette vegetable dish which was the leading chef’s dish. The relief on her face when all the judges loved her food I felt all teary for her, she finally had a time to shine and show through on her own cooking skills, I was so happy for her as her character I have grown very attached to in the series. 

Lita may have cried a little this episode

megLook at child megumi soo adoreable >.<

It was really precious that we got to see the back story of Mr stubborn ass chef and after seeing that, I don’t hate the dude too much now just he needs to lighten up still. Megumi’s food made him bring back feelings he had forgotten and having that little flashback added in the episode was really cute, I believe this episode showed us that we reach to the top of our goals and then we can get lost sometimes. We then don’t know where to go from there till something makes us replenish that drive within us to strive and go forward with a new idea or goal. 

This episode was very important to me as I believe anime just does connect with you so easily emotion wise and that is what anime does to me. I get easily attached and I certainly am to Megumi, she blossomed in this episode and I was just so thrilled for her in the end. Soma kun was of course a complete gem in this episode and I am so glad we get to see them both grow who knows where they’ll go in this series hehe. 

meg 4
and would you look at this he smiled in the end……
yes he’s still an ass but I don’t think he’s so bad after this episode he just lost his way.

Sooo our precious Megumi is still in the running and so is Soma kun, Lita is so happy right now. 
This episode so people may have not been a fan of because it was slow and more emotional I say who gives a dam!!
Episode 12 was RAD MAN !!!!

She’s so cute…>///<


I am glad I could vent all of these feels out haha I know it was completely random of Lita but I think you readers enjoy a bit of random hey?

Lita is trying lately to step up her posts so I am pretty happy with what I have in store for you 🙂 
Comment below your thoughts on anything. 

I’ll see you in the next post




  1. HELLO! found your blog through shiroyuni, hope you dont mind!

    omg I absolutely love this episode, like Megumi’s not my most favourite character, but then it was still so heartwarming to see her not get expelled. At first, I thought that it will at least be a draw, but then she lost completely and my heart broke T>T the plot twist was just perfect, and how the ED continued to the ending scenes, it was so enjoyable. Shokugeki no Soma is definitely my favourite anime this season, aside from the food ecchi HAHA

    Liked by 1 person

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