Beyond The Boundary Anime Review

beyond the boundary

Anime: Beyond The Boundary/Kyōkai no Kanata
Published: October 2, 2013December 18, 2013
Genre: Action, Supernautral, Romance, Drama
Episodes: 12

“Serves you right”

Serves me right Lita for not getting around to finishing this anime sooner.
Sometime last year I had started watching this series but I must have got distracted so lately I am trying to revisit anime I have not finished which thank god is not massively long heh. As Lita reviews the adorable, supernatural Beyond the Boundary.


Meet cute Akihito who saves a young girl Mirai from committing suicide off the school roof but unexpectedly she stabs Aikhito with a sword made of blood. There Mirai discovers he is an immortal half youmu where a human and full Youmu mate and produce this offspring, They are a rare happening and perfectly coexists with humans easily. Mirai is the last of her cursed blooded clan and known as a spirit world warrior where she has the ability to use her own blood as a weapon. She hunts Youmu to protect humans and as a way of income as when they kill a Youmu they turn into these glittery rocks. Mirai seems to have confidence issues with killing the Youmu so both of these two come to a comprise where Aikhito will help grow her confidence as long as Mirai promises to stop trying to kill him.


Kyoto animation my hats off to you as I feel this is some of their best animation work for me it is. Colorful, bright, visually engaging and pretty is the animation of beyond the boundary, I just love it to bits I cannot stress that enough. The animation really made it so enjoyable for me to watch this anime and is now some of my favorite animation work ever so well done Kyoto.

The music of the opening and ending is just so nice to listen to the opening song really gets me going every time I hear it. I can’t really fault the music I think it’s just perfect to this anime ❤

My Thoughts

I was afraid when I started rewatching this anime after like a year I wouldn’t remember the plot or what was happening but from episode 7 where I left off it was very easy to remember. Beyond the boundary left me feeling so good by the time I had finished it, it was just a beautifully constructed anime in my opinion. I had wanted to really watch it when it first came out but like usual there was this huge hype about it and I lost interest >.< Eventually I revisit anime’s that have a huge hype, spouted about them and randomly decided like last week to revisit it.

I love you Mirai!!!!
(this scene is so precious)

First I want to say one of the biggest characters in the series I fell in love with was of course Mirai, I have never fallen head over heels in love with a female character since Sailor Jupiter. She was just hiliarious at most times especially scenes with Akihito, I love everything about her character and felt deeply connected to her in the end. Mirai I don’t know how you cannot fall in love with to be honest, has a very strong will, bad ass fighter, adorable and caring. These are the four aspects I picked out from her character which what makes her so enjoyable to watch, I felt also she brought a lot of the comedic feels to the anime as well especially when it came to her panicking and felt the need to post on her blog:

The idea of her being able to use her own blood as a weapon I loved it and when I was reading the plot to the anime it’s was one of the first things that peaked my interest. Speaking of the plot of the anime I think it was excellent and I can see why it drew others in easily, I will tell you towards the end of the anime there was this huge twist I was not expecting and explained a lot of unanswered questions. But I’m going to spoil anything for you guys because I like to keep my reviews spolier free.


Perverts these pair but they were entertaining can’t fault that. I loved these pair together Hiroomi + Akihito, Akihito has a thing for girls with glasses so Mirai was the target and Hiroomi in a creepy way at times was pervy lovingly obsessed with his younger sister Mitsuki. The element in the anime really added some comedy to break up the serious drama that was involved in the plot.

Mitsuki character she was quite amusing when it came to scenes with her brother Hiroomi when he was being Mr creepy obsessive at times but don’t worry it was never overly creepy. More like admiration but Hiroomi did it in a joke kind of way, if you end up watching the anime you may see what I mean.

This was my favorite episode of the anime because……Look…..

One of the biggest themes that stood out in the anime for me was Akihito and Mirai growing relationship as they both had dark, lonely pasts which you do get to see in the anime. They both I feel so relate to each other of being the same, never having anyone really understand them, accepting them and feeling alone which it was only natural for them to be drawn together. Again a cord was struck in me between these two it wasn’t until episodes 10 to 12 of when that occurred as my sad feels were activated. The way the comedy and drama aspects I thought were executed well in the anime, sure there is some full on drama occuring but at the same time hints of comedic shots placed in there. So it’s not just all this one big serious plot and others might loose interest in that I feel it would have for me if the comedy wasn’t there.

Overall Rating


Beyond the boundary all round for me was a great watch and has become some of my favorite animation work like ever !!!! ❤

I now kinda secretly want to cosplay Mirai now oh dear…

Engaging plot, comedy, entertaining characters and outstanding animation is how I round off beyond the boundary, I think anyone who loves some supernatural mixed with drama and a bit of romance this is def anime worth checking it out.!! 😀

Link to watch this anime

Now I know there is a movie recently that came out for this anime also this year, I hope to get around to watching that soon enough it looks really cute ❤

Comment below your thoughts if you’ve seen this anime or anything about my review

I hope you enjoyed this readers!
Till next review



  1. I got so lost with the terminology of the magic world that Beyond the Boundary is set in that I couldn’t enjoy it completely. Akihito, Hiroomi, Mirai are all awesome characters and that dance episode, despite zero relevance to the plot, was absolutely my favorite moment! I better rewatch this series now, as you shower it with so many flowers of praise that, perhaps, there was something I was missing all along. Thanks for the great review!

    And you go cosplay Mirai like there’s no tomorrow, ya hear! Cosplay is so much fun! Love those eye stare backs with Sailor Moon, utterly hilarious side by side comparison haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. it really does all make sense in the end because the name beyond the boundary does mean something 🙂
      Yeh give it another go if you wish hehe 🙂
      Well I would cosplay more but my love for that has died a lot haha lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I sure will sometime, and aww man, but I kinda feel ya. Cosplay can be a lot of unnecessary hassle, and the feedback ranges quite widely. I’ve only done it a couple of times, which is probably why I’m so blindly gung-ho about it.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes I was going to do a discussion about it on here as it’s a topic very close to my heart I’ve cosplayed for the last 8 years and this year has been the firs time i haven’t even done it I’ve been invested in better hobbies 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve never seen that so I wouldn’t know haha lol You should check out my favorite kyoto animation anime ever it’s called Munto Tv

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Well well damn I should watch this soon (i think i probably said this no less than a few times) because of nice art, romance, and it looks like there’s funny moments, and hey! A potentially lovable female character 😀 those are rare!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I was in the minority on this one, didn’t really enjoy it. I was intrigued by the anime’s economic system (though it is suuuuuuuuuuper broken) but that’s about it. Had some good moments but there was a lot that pulled me out, specifically the pacing felt bad. Glad you enjoyed it though 🙂


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