Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Anime Reviews By Someone Who Isn’t a Weeboo

litas blogger friday
Muahhhhh !! 

It’s everybody’s favorite time of the week where I bring you guys someone new to follow or a review that has caught my eye, I’ve only just had the energy to be able to write this post. As I just feel exhausted and tired from this winter weather recently. I love winter a lot but at night it makes me feel extremely lazy and want to do nothing at all, I’m not a very fit person >.<

Yep this is me currently ahaha! 

This week’s feature and spotlight goes to: 

Anime Reviews by Someone who isn’t a weebo


Interesting name for their blog right?
I love it it’s what drew me towards this blog in the first place, I love following this anime blog for the very straight to the point, short anime reviews. I’m usually not a fan of short reviews sometimes but I like the structure of the way they blog their reviews and it’s entertaining to read. 

You may think their blog looks too simple but I think it suits their blogging style. 

So head on over and check them out !! 
Tell them Lita sent you

Note: Some new posts coming up next week but you know Lita does everything at her own pace

Next week I will do something a little different 
So stay tuned until then !! 



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