Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: The Reviewer’s Corner

litas blogger friday

I realise I missed last week’s sadly I had a busy week last week but I am making up for this week now. Work has been hectic lately and I’ve been one tired Lita so people will have to bare with me not posting for maybe 2 to 3 days us bloggers need me to time 🙂

Moving on 😀

This week’s  fabulous spotlight and feature whom I think he is a awesome dude is: 

The Reviewer’s Corner 


Joe who is the blogger behind The Reviewer’s Corner has to be one of my favorite anime blog’s to follow, he was one of the first for me to ever follow and I love his blog. He has loads of different things going on his blog from collaborations, anime reviews, his anime collections etc I love that variety and it’s what makes his anime blog really interesting.

He inspired me for a few ideas of how I wanted to run my blog so he is a inspiration also. His posts are always very detailed and never likes to miss out  anything, sure his posts may seem long but they are intriguing to readers so never change that Joe ^^. Joe is very nice to talk to, I’ve had many anime discussions with him and he gives great advice when it comes to anime or blogging.

So you won’t be disappointed to follow this awesome anime blog 😀
Head on over there now, Tell them Lita sent you ❤

As always guys never be afraid to suggest anime bloggers you think I should check out, I am always on the hunt for new blogs to follow especially anime ones ^^

I’ll see you all next with a new blogger or review !!!