Rahxephon Anime Review

Anime: Rahxephon
Published: 21 January 200211 September 2002
Genre: Drama, Mecha, Romance
Episodes: 26

” I’m sorry I didn’t notice and let you suffer for so long”

Why hello there *waves*
seems Lita has been unseen recently on the anime review side of things aha but not for long now as I bring another interesting anime for you my readers. I was so dam excited about finally getting to watch this series after 8 years from seeing the first few episodes. Eight years wow that was a long time ago I can’t believe it has taken me this long to see this oldie anime as Lita reviews the mind playing, strange Rahxephon.


I am going to do my best at explaining the plot as this is one complex anime let me tell you that, Our story set around 17 year old Ayato Kamina who’s life is changed forever when invaders attack Tokyo they are known as the Muu people and among all the commotion encounters a woman that has been following him Haruka. She tells him this is not world he only knows of and can show him the truth, Ayato resits of course she’s a stranger, he’s seen people after him have blue blood and these strange invaders attack. To top it off he is drawn in by this mysterious girl whom he refers to as “Reika”  whom was in a painting that he did, where she ends up taking him to a room known as the room of Rha. There he discovered the mysterious Mecha robot Rahxephon where he is able to pilot, Ayato world is turned upside down.


Rahxephon has some of the interesting/memorizing music I have ever heard in an anime, especially when the really mind playing, screwed up scenes are. I have been in love with the opening song for years now and the lyrics are just beautiful expressing one of the main themes of this anime of “Finding one’s self”. It is a song I have listened to over and over brings me such piece of mind of when I do, Animation wise being an older anime I think the animation style really stands out when it comes to the flashback and dream like scenes. So I loved the style of animation to Raphxephon, I found it captivating a lot as I remember using this anime as a reference for a art project I was working on in year 12 but that was a longgggg….. time ago >.<

My Thoughts

Rahxephon definitely had been an anime I have wanted to watch for such a long time now (eight years later >.<) as it had two of my favorite genre’s in it Mecha and romance. I was not sure what I was going to get when watching this anime so did I end up liking it in the end?

Awesome Mecha >.<

Constantly I had seen the anime being compared to Neo evangelion or was a spin off series to it, I can see the relation now after having watched it but I disagree with people saying this anime was rubbish or was a copycat. I was worried I wouldn’t like the series as I remember from watching the first five episodes years ago and I just thought the series was weird, but back then I was still a newbie to anime so had not yet been exposed to the strangest of strange. I won’t lie at many points in the anime I was left confused a lot of what was exactly going on, definitely a lot of mind playing and screwed up stuff happens in this anime so be prepared for that.

I was kept on the edge of my seat all the time as in every episode as something was going to happen, despite being confused in most parts everything was very entertaining right up until the end. I remember one of the first things that drew me to the series was the Mecha robot Rahxephon, even now I find the whole design of the robot fascinating and is one of my favorite mecha robots of all time in any anime.

Definitely this anime brings the meaning of the word strange to a whole new level, one of the characters to me at first brought that idea forth Reika. Reika is a real mysterious at the beginning of the anime as I kept questioning What was exactly her role to do with the Rahxephon? It’s not until the last few episodes of the anime you find out a bit more about her and then it all makes sense. I have to admit I loved Reika’s character her having that mysterious side added an irresistible aura to the anime itself.

Emotions really did run high in this series when it came to the characters and their backstories. It was great to see in this anime that each character at some point had their backstory told and really showed through on each character’s personality. I was fond of nearly all the characters but mostly it was Ayato our male protagonist for me:

Ayato really struck a cord in me throughout the whole series of all the things he had been through, at times he may act really selfish but I couldn’t blame the poor guy once he found out the truth about his real life and who he really was. One of the biggest themes of this anime was definitely about Ayato finding himself and his journey through all the dealings he was thrown at with. I thought Ayato was a real sweetie in the end but I remember grunting a lot at the TV screen when it frustrated me he couldn’t see Haruka’s feelings for him >.<

Half time it was WAKE UP AYATO !!!
God us romance fans can get stressed out easily heh. Ayato and Haruka I thought were adorable in the end it was so nice to see they got a happy ending together (which is what I wanted haha) I would say they are both alike and have a similar mindset. Haruka’s character I loved her she was the only one there for Ayato when he was really lost and definitely strong female role in the anime. So I thought they make a really solid cute couple, the scene was just adorable when Ayato finally realized her feelings I felt relieved finally >.<

Before I forget besides Reika being a mysterious Quon was an even bigger one, she definitively played a huge role to do with Rahxephon the robot but you don’t find that out till half way through the anime. I thought she was strange all round and even after I had finished watching the anime I am still confused about her role in the anime. So Quon is going to leave you in a bit of confusion, I’m still debating if it was worth having a character like her in the anime.

So these are the invaders??
They look friendly don’t they…..CREEPY!!! Ewwwww
they are called Dolem’s and right from the first episode they have creeped the crap out of me. I hate it when they start singing it just sends chills down my spine, I don’t mind it when the Rahxephon sings but when the enemy Dolem’s do just no >.< *cringes*
Yes robots sing in this anime lol 

This scene creeped me out >.<

Besides the drama and romance involved in the series I came to learn a lot of physiological stuff occurs so you are going to get weirded out because I sure was haha. Mind play and just all these weird scenes give the anime that bit of crazniess as well which I didn’t mind I believe it made it different from Neo evangelion all together. I’ll only say the comparison between Rahxephon and Neo Evangelion is the physiological theme and the mecha robots nothing else really, Rahxephon takes more on board from the drama and tragedy side of things, I did prefer this anime to Neo evangelion but that’s my personal preference.

Rahxephon definitley has the most tragedy’s I’ve seen in a anime in a long time, but only got me teary somehow it didn’t make me cry as usually an anime like this does. The ending I thought didn’t make much sense as we never got to see what happened to any of the others, so I didn’t like the ending of this anime.

Overall Rating

7/10 – Good

Raphxephon I did enjoy strangely enough even with all the mind playing, tragedy and weirdness, besides all that I thought was a beautifully crafted anime. It’s what I love about old anime they are just made that little bit different from the anime we have now. I wouldn’t judge this anime too much as I feel it has been already, If your looking for that bit of weird and strangeness then I recommend this anime for you.

Again I believe this is a anime you may watch the first few episodes and give up or it will draw you in with all the twists and plots that occur.

I did watch this anime in english dub which I thought was rather good as the main character Ayato was done by the same voice actor (who I love) who did Sousuke Sagara from Full Metal Panic.

Link to watch anime

Comment below if you have seen this anime and your thoughts
Lita would love to know ❤

Hope you enjoyed reading ❤
See you in the next review!!



  1. OMG I watched the first episode of this but I thought it was a little too confusing for me! And oh man I wanted Reika for Ayato but hey, I only watched the first ep so I am not quite sure what I would really feel in the end.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I enjoyed this series and have watched it multiple times (which can help clear up some confusions.) It borrows ideas from Eva, but thankfully has a decent ending and a protagonist who doesn’t whine as much as Shinji.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh you def cleared up some confusion for me now I can see some ideas were taken from eva, only some though. Rahxephon I feel is an anime all on it’s own really and I agree no whiny male lead !!! Yussss haha. At times ayato could be selfish but I didn’t mind that 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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