Angelic Layer Anime Review

angelic layerAnime: Angelic Layer
Published: April 1, 2001September 23, 2001
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Comedy
Producer: Clamp
Episodes: 26

“Angel Wings Please Guide Me And Hikaru”

Time to go back to Lita’s Childhood 😀
This review will be very special for me as this anime was the first I ever watched officially and is by one of my favorite producers of anime Clamp. This series I feel is very underrated and unrecognisable so I am here to peak your interest as Lita reviews the fun, loving Angelic Layer.

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Blog Changes *Important*

Hello Readers, 

Lita wanted to do a quick update for you all as I have been slowly making changes to my blog, as I want to invest more time into blogging. It’s become important to me this blog and the people I have met through this so I thought it was time for Lita to step up her game 🙂

Firstly I have rearranged some of my pages like my about me section as I felt it looked boring and put some more information about me and what my blog has to offer so you can go check that out if you wish ^^. I still am in the process of updating them but should be all done by next week.

Secondly, I have added a new section to my blog List of Bloggers I felt inspired by seeing other people put a list on their blogs. So just shoot me a tweet on my twitter or comment on the post and I will add you to my list, along with a personal description about what your blog has to offer.

Thirdly, Like my feature friday which most people really look forward I am adding a new feature which is going to be called “ReviewLitaTime” Haha not the best thought up name ahah lol. It’s where I will be reviewing either a manga or anime each sunday but it will be completely random so you never known what each week I will be reviewing. 😀 I wanted to add this to my blog as I don’t feel I have reviewed enough yet, this way I believe I can keep up with some consistency ^^

Finally, Lita will be doing more discussions on anime episodes I may have watched, any anime moments that may have surprised me, anime news and popular anime topics.

So these are the changes that will be currently happening I am excited 🙂

I solemnly promise to for fill all of these changes
Comment below if you guys are and if you like these changes

See you in the next post!!

Lita Does 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 27: Most Badass Scene From Any Character

Day 27: Most Badass Scene From Any Character

So I may have forgot to complete this a long long time ago…
I think it’s about time I finish it and next time try harder to stick to each day I was doing so well >.>

 A Badass Character?

We know there are loads of badass characters out there like, Goku from dragonballz or Saber from fate stay night, Personally we all have that one character that we think is the most badass character ever in one scene through an anime. This was a difficult one to think about but I could have easily said Natsu from fairytail, we know he’s had so many badass moments. 

But.. sorry Natsu, From episode 102 Gajeel wins this one my friend 🙂

 I never use to like Gajeel for ages even when he joined fairytail, it wasn’t until the edolus arc that I began to like Gajeel. Now he’s like one of my top favorite anime male characters ever !!! 😀 Episode 102 where the fairytail guild were on Tenmoru Island Gajeel is trying to protect Levy where it looks like he going to get his ass kicked. When all looks bleak he ends up having a flashback to reflect on how he ended up joining fairytail and to the point he has gotten to now. This scene was the most badass Gajeel for me has ever been so far, it kinda made me teary the part he could admit to himself as a true fairytail wizard.

I don’t really have much to say about this scene..

just watch it for yourself and experience the fairytail feels ❤
*I warn you it’s contagious* 

and if your not watching  OR  have never seen fairy tail

Note: The following video is the only one I could find for this scene

Comment below if you remember this scene or your favorite badass scene from a character you love 🙂

Until next post

Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Various Reviews

litas blogger friday

This has been me over the past week….. 

Lita has been trying this week to update some things on her blog and youtube which I may say I have had success at hehe 
so you may noticed some changes to my blog but I’ll post about all that on the weekend probably. 

Sooo this week’s feature friday is going to be different as when I started this I did mention not only featuring bloggers but people’s reviews also…..ooooo *everybody goes oooo*. I have been seeing and have read some really good reviews recently so I wanted to feature some reviews for you readers to go out check out 😀 

These are the following Featured Reviews Lita enjoyed a lot:

r1The first review I really enjoyed reading this week was by thelimitlessimagnation and her review on a old classic Ashita no Nadja. I really enjoy her detailed reviews and really enjoyed reading this gave me insight into a new anime to go look at and gave me my shoujo feels >.<

r2The second review I loved reading this week was by WakuWafu and their review on No Game No Life. After reading this these guys shed some good light on me about this anime as I had never been much interested in no game no life. Now I am very keen to give this anime a go now 🙂 

r3The third review I really enjoyed was by Hexa Blog and their review on Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou. I had watched this anime a long time ago and was nice to see a different opinion on the anime, as anime’s like this don’t get shed much light on sadly. It was a great review all round.

r4Finally the last review this week I really enjoyed was by Unnecessary Exclamation Mark and their review on comparing two anime’s plastic memories and waiting in the summer. I love it when bloggers do posts comparing two anime’s together and this was a great comparison. I haven’t watched plastic memories yet but I have read enough to know what the anime entails and the angle this comparison was taken on was brilliant 🙂 

So those are the four reviews that I have really enjoyed this week 🙂 
Hope you guys liked this change for this week’s feature. 

I’ll have an important to make on the weekend so look forward to that !! 

I’ll see you all next week with a new blogger or review 😀 


Kiss/Hug Manga Review


Genre: Romance, Drama, Shoujo

I’ve decided now when I do manga reviews I think I’ll write in italics makes it look more appealing hehe. so yay…. again been a long while since last month I reviewed a manga. Manga reading yet again has been really slow so I decided to read a quickie one that somethingaboutlynlyn mentioned in a post she had read.

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Lita Blogger Feature Friday: Sekinetsu and Lita hits 100 FOLLOWERS!!!

litas blogger friday

You’d be this happy if you saw that you reached more than 100 followers on your blog…..>////<
Yusssss !!! *Lita has stars in her eyes* 

I was so surprised the other day to see I had hit more than a 100 followers wow it makes me so determined for me to make my blog be the best it can be !!!

I never imagined when I started this blog I would hit that kind of number……
The words thankyou cannot express how I feel right now I am just grateful and will do my best for all of you 100 followers !!

I just wanted to say thankyou 🐱

Alright time to get this feature rolling this week I know I said I was going to do something different this week but I just couldn’t resit introducing a new anime blogger to you guys 🙂

This week’s feature and spotlight goes to: 


senSenkinetsu is a anime blogger that has only just returned from being inactive, They are still a fairly new blog (like me) to the aniblogging community. I was very happy to see there return as I had started following them from when they first joined wordpress. From what I have seen so far I believe they are full of great potential to be a amazing blog and earlier posts they have done I have really enjoyed reading.

I love the layout of their blog very simple and the main banner gives their blog a great logo to it. Senkinetsu has just announced a new posting schedule Anime Tuesdays and Manga Fridays If you want to find out about that then go check out their blog for more info.

I really want them to have all the support in the world for their blog, I have talked on the odd occasion to Senkinetsu and they are indeed very nice to have a good old anime chat with hehe

So please go support this blog guys and head on over and check them out!
Tell them Lita sent you

Comment below if there is anyone you think I should be checking out followers 🙂 

Next week I will be doing something different wehee new things so look forward to that
Till next blog feature 🙂 


LitaKinoLife: New anime, life antics and stuff

Lita kino life

I’ve just been a bum like Serena since the last time I did a life post so….

Nothing new to report Later! *Zooms off* 

Just kidding of course hehe

Yo my readers !!
I hope your all doing good this week and if your not COME continue reading this for some amusement pleasure!!

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Beyond The Boundary Anime Review

beyond the boundary

Anime: Beyond The Boundary/Kyōkai no Kanata
Published: October 2, 2013December 18, 2013
Genre: Action, Supernautral, Romance, Drama
Episodes: 12

“Serves you right”

Serves me right Lita for not getting around to finishing this anime sooner.
Sometime last year I had started watching this series but I must have got distracted so lately I am trying to revisit anime I have not finished which thank god is not massively long heh. As Lita reviews the adorable, supernatural Beyond the Boundary.

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