Spring Anime 2015 Lita Update 2


Lita is pretty lame for not giving you guys an update on my current halfway thoughts for all the four spring anime I am currently watching. Sadly I am only watching four now as I feel I can’t keep up with anymore shows and the one other one I wanted to watch is not airing until November. >.<

By the way that was Digimon Tri so yes I found out from another blogger that it’s going to be like this six part movie and the first segment will not come out till November oh joy lol
Better be worth the wait that is all I can say Moving on….

Oh this show !!!!!

Recently finally caught up on it all and oh my lord….. is all I can say so much has happened.

Oh Yamato >////<

I am so thoroughly enjoying My Love Story , I don’t see how you cannot love this in honesty for any anime fan. From when I last spoke about it the anime has gone slowly in more depth towards Yamato and Takeo relationship which just gets more and more adorable everytime, I cannot almost contain myself a lot from when I watch a new episode. Episodes 6 and 7 I believe we got see I got see Yamato’s feelings really develop more and her wanting to be a little more selfish in terms of holding hands and ect. The image above shows that and it made me cry actually as you know she is a freaking cute pie and you just end up feeling for her so strongly. I wanted to hug her >.<

Oh man Takeo literally a crack up in this anime truly is. I love his character so much and with each episode it just always make me love him more and more. It’s nice to watch from both ends of Takeo and Yamato prespective in terms of their relationship and with every episode you always get to see, I will tell you for anyone that has been episode 4 from this image above oh it was a cracker and made me fall off my chair laughing. This anime I can truly say has a beautiful sense of comedy, drama and romance blended together and it’s what makes it a great show already ❤

*Side note: The latest episode 8 a certain scene between sun and Takeo left me in a bit of disbelief and falling off my bed laughing ;)*

I cannot wait to see what happens next in this beautiful anime ❤
For anyone’s interest here is a video of me talking about my more current thoughts on the anime please watch if you wish:


Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon?

Belle you adorable thing >.<

This anime since I last spoke about it has gotten a little more interesting as the episodes have gone on. I loved the introduction of the “Supporter” and we meet this cutie down here:

Lili 🐱

I did feel sorry for Lilli of how she was mistreated by adventures and just used her all up. Belle and her I think kind of meld well working together when it comes to tackling the dungeon levels. One part that made my heart sink a little for Lilli was when she thought she was about to die and belle kun saves her, she then goes on this screaming rant it wasn’t a little scream full on. I don’t think I’d seen such self negativity come out from any anime character about themselves like ever. The whole scene just makes you go woah.

Aiz >.>

So I have to be a harsh here but Aiz is the most blandest character in this anime and she doesn’t do anything for me sadly. Aiz I know was made out to be this amazing fighter but being a airhead, I was hoping from the first episode we may see more personality from her but to my disappointment no.

In terms of the plot for the anime It all does still seem a little lost and with only so many episode left since this anime is so short. I am worried it may not have a good ending and I know there is another character yet to be introduced red haired dude. Oh well I will continue to watch and see what happens 🙂


Uta No Prince Sama Love Revolutions 

Surprisingly prince sama is living up to my expectations and I am enjoying the show a lot. Nearly every new song that comes out in each episode I am hooked on and must download, so that must be a good sign. At this stage we are still seeing all the starish cross units completing the tasks they are given and I am enjoying seeing different members work together.

Probably my favorite cross unit team I’ve loved singing together of course Ichiko and Hijirikawa, them pair are funny together they are like in sync twins. I loved their voices when they sang the song Nanami did for them, uplifiting and memorized I was when listening.

I will tell you one thing that shocked me up until now is finding out Ai is actually a ROBOT ! That sent me in for a loop, I never would have suspected that.

Nanami I do feel from the beginning of season one has really come out of her shell a lot and bloomed into this confident woman, at first I thought she was a weakling but now I adore her to pieces >.<

Also I am delighted to report that I have a new fav beside ichinose in this anime which is lushes thing here >.<
Kurosaki !!!

It wasn’t until the latest episode I watched episode 8 which was surrounded around him, that I just fell in love with his cold, silent character. It has been nice to see more of Quartet night and being affected by Nanami’s amazingness (she like has this angel tough) We have been able to see individually more personality of each member, which has added interest to the anime. 🙂

Princes keep on rolling on and keep giving me happy feels
Looking forward to it!! 🙂


Shokugeki no soma

My mouth always salivates for more of this show. 

This show is becoming a real ripper and favorite of the spring anime 2015 and I can totally see why. It has always kept me on the edge of my seat from watching the episodes as they come out, Yukihira what can I say the dude is a legend and such an entertaining character to watch grow throughout the anime, I am always excited to see what he will cook up next 🙂

One character that just weirded me out right off the bat was Ikumi Mito, just her whole appearance just creeps me out. I honestly thought it was a dude at first, the obvious big melons show but just looks like a dude >.> I did thoroughly enjoy the cook between her and Soma was awesome 😀

Food wars is already a great show to me and has a beautiful sense of weirdness and comedy, there’s not much I really want else to say about it otherwise I may be here forever and I’d rather wait until the series is finished to do a proper review ❤

So that is my short update right now on all the spring anime I am watching.
Grr has taken me forever to get this post up with so many distractions hence my post have been lacking I feel over the last week a bit. I will be taking some down time this weekend to catch up on manga and anime as I have been too busy to read or watch any of them.
Looking forward to that 😀

Comment below your thoughts on any of these shows and what your watching?
Lita would love to know ❤


9 thoughts on “Spring Anime 2015 Lita Update 2

  1. That really stinks about try. Long wait, but I am kind of glad it is going to be a movie over a series now that I give it some thought. The designs look more mature and aimed at people who originally watched it. If it was a weekly series the designs would not look good.

    Anyway, yes for all those things that I watch that you do. I would do the list but there is a lot for what I am watching.


    1. It does suck but you do have a point a movie might be a better option but they way they are getting it to come out as is a little weird but oh well lol

      Hope your doing well btw 🙂
      Hoping I can catch up on some anime this weekend and a new review 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s good. Oh yeah by the way after you did you music post shortly after I started to watch Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi, it is pretty good although I have not really had time to finish it the past few days.
        Also what show are you thinking about catching up on.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh you starting watching it !!! that’s awesome to hear I’m glad you like it a total fav for me that anime 😀 shows? no clue at this point lol

        Liked by 1 person

    1. He is a sweetie 🙂
      I am hoping the show will not end on a crap note that will just annoy the hell out of me. Aiz just annoys me ahaha lol

      Liked by 1 person

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