Dragonballz Battle Of Gods Movie Review


Movie: Dragonball z Battle Of Gods
Released: 30th March 2013
Genre: Action, Fantasy

Who doesn’t love some non stop action of the ever so popular dragonball z, still to this day the dragonball series is a worldwide phenomenon and probably will be in the future. I finally picked up the most recent of all the dragonball movies that had come out, now the english dub for this movie didn’t come out where I am until last year in august so for me this is new. I was very excited about this movie and I couldn’t wait to watch it as Lita reviews the entertaining, blitz battling Dragoballz: Battle Of Gods.


The plot to this movie is pretty basic is after the whole Majin Buu Escapade, one of the most powerful gods in the whole universe Beerus god of descruction wakes up from his long slumber only to find out that his old enemy Freiza was defeated by a Sayian. It was foretold by a oracle fish that Beerus would meet such a being known as a super sayian god, Beerus along with his companion Whis decide to seek out Goku and find out more about this super sayian god.

My Thoughts

Lita loves dragonballz was one of my childhood shows growing up and I was very excited about this movie. One of the reason I was thoroughly excited was seeing dragonball in a new animation style though to others they either end up liking it or hating it. I did not mind the animation but however at point it did look like in some parts from some of the the dragonballz games I played relics ago lol

It’s a new generation of animation and with that comes changes so I’m not saying I hated the animation, I just did not mind it. The animation itself I have to say does look rather bright and beautiful, the colors were really heightened especially in some of the fighting scenes so I consider that a bonus. Sadly there is another but to the animation when it comes to Goku’s hair when he changed into a super sayian god everyone said it was red:

Does this look red to you really?

Hell No.
Looks more like a velvet pink to me, I’m sorry I did not like the color of his hair when goku transformed, should have it a scarlet red at least, this is only the smallest thing that annoyed during the movie.

When I started watching the movie it took me a while to feel excited about it as the introduction was kind of a bit bland and boring I am sorry to say, but as the movie progress all was redeemed. I did think the whole idea of Beerus being annoyed over a pudding was a bit trivial but what made up for that was all Vegeta was doing to keep Beerus pleased like this scene here:

It was the most hilarious scene I had ever seen of Vegeta lol

Beerus ruined her birthday >.<

It was a brilliant scene and I was laughing to so much, After watching this movie I love Vegeta way more as a character than ever I didn’t know what it was he was just awesome in this movie. Vegeta and Bulma I will never understand how they got together and are the oddest pairing I have ever seen in an anime but I noticed a comparison in them when it came to a scene in the movie. Where Beerus is about to beat Vegeta to a pulp and Bulma ends up confronting Beerus herself and in the process gets hit by him, What was like woah in my face Vegeta just lost it and was hiliarious:


Of course I don’t think its hiliarious that Bulma got hit but because Vegeta just got so angry and usually he can’t stand being around Bulma most moments. The result of similiarity between the two: Short Fuses nothing wrong with that it’s funny.

The battles in the movie were enjoyable to watch but the whole idea of a super sayian god didn’t quite grip me really, I felt the idea sounded a bit desperate to make this movie a huge success. I did like Beerus he was an interesting character and loved the high, pride, proper voice it suited his character very well indeed. All round I did enjoy this movie towards the end eventually but I did have many mixed feelings, Most whole heartily my old dragonballz feels were raging around while watch the movie  I don’t think that will ever change.

Overall Rating: 


This movie was good as break a from all the over seriousness that is usually involved, it had a great comedy flow and for me overall was just a enjoyable watch minus some things that bugged me. I am curious about the next dragonballz movie Resurrection F but it doesn’t excite me much right now of bringing Freiza back, I am much more excited for dragonball z super that will be interesting. 🙂

I do guarantee any dragonball z fan will enjoy this regardless 😉

Comment below if you have seen this movie and your thoughts
Lita would love to know 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my review 🐱



  1. It was fun seeing the characters onscreen again, but the movie could have been better. Not a lot of action and too much silliness. It was amusing seeing Vegeta cower before Beerus though.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t know what people are complaining about the animation for Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods looks gorgeous! And, yes, Goku’s hair looks more like a magenta than red. Though magenta at least is a shade of red 😛


    1. The animation I wasn’t really complaining about it I think it looks awesome but just was saying looks like the video games for dragonball z which isn’t a bad thing haha lol
      Yeh his hair I am over with it now lol


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