Lita’s Discussion Time: Long Or Short Reviews


Good day everyone 🙂 

I have had a question pondering in my mind for quite sometime now and that is to you all you readers out there

Do you prefer short or long anime reviews? 

This question I know has been a debate for a long time, some people like to read good long reviews, lots of detail, getting to hear others detailed thoughts about the anime or manga. Instead some people like sweet, clean short reviews which get right to the point of things and doesn’t feel like the post is  dragging on  forever. This sort of thing is always purely based on personal preference and I was just curious to know of what others think. 

Bloggers can write however they want on their posts, it’s their blog and we should respect that. I believe what it also comes down to is the way the blogger writes their review, is it really interesting? lots of detail? could be quite humorous? makes you feel happy after reading? all questions like that matter and many more matter as to why people read your reviews.

Personally for me when I write my reviews my main objective is to get people interested into reading or watching that anime or manga. My anime reviews I know I write longish ones because there is always so much I want to say but I try and do it in a way that doesn’t bore people. My manga reviews I like to keep short because I like to write only what my personal thoughts were on it and not going into so much detail, I feel it if I went into detail with manga it would spoil the story for people who wish to read.


So please comment below your thoughts to this question 🙂 



26 thoughts on “Lita’s Discussion Time: Long Or Short Reviews

  1. My reviews, I even feel, drag on because I try to talk about every little thing – cause there are A LOT of little things in an anime series. Then again, I also try to tie in my opinions the moment I finish a show, capturing all of the feels into text, which is a hard thing to do right! Interesting discussion, and I prefer long humorous reviews ( like the ones you write!) or short to-the-point reviews… This post actually makes me want to reconsider my own style of reviews…to the drawing boards! 🙂

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    1. I like your reviews they are very humorous themselves ^^ I’m glad you enjoy mine then that makes me feel happy with how I run my blog.

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  2. As long as it’s interesting and not just a summary. Some reviews, especially weekly reviews, are basically just the blogger summarizing and then a few sentences on their thoughts. I don’t like those reviews at all.

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    1. That’s fair enough it’s one of the reasons why I won’t to episode reviews currently of all the spring shows I’m watching I’d rather review them all when they have all finished airing ^^


  3. Mine can be long and short. Its pretty much up to me. If i love the anime, like Date A Live, i wrote 1000+ words. But its a decent one, imma stop at half the word count.

    But its pretty much up to you.

    Dont let us control your writing abilities.

    I think im getting Chuunibyou soon if i keep watching Chu-2…

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  4. I think five hundred words is a good length for a blog review. That gives you enough space to go into detail, but it’s not overly long (which can scare off new readers.) Depends what you are covering though. Some shows may require more or less detail depending on their depth.

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  5. How I set my reviews up are in several sections. I do it that way since it feels comfortable. So, really that is what you should do, not the way I do it, but what ever makes you feel comfortable doing.
    Most people do not talk about the characters and focus on them, where I do, which is where most of the length goes into a review for me. Again it is what ever you do.
    So, set it up however you feel like it. I know it took me several reviews before I finally got it the way I like it. Try a few different ways, even at the end of the review as if you like the set up for your followers. Even by the end as yourself which method you prefer.

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  6. Its really up to you; whatever length you choose I think its merely a manifestation of what you feel and how you choose to write about something 🙂 Since I am following you and commenting and reading about your stuff it means I like reading what you have to say anyway so it kind of doesn’t matter to me hehe ❤

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    1. Naww very true up to the blogger I just was curious as to what others thing on the topic. I’m glad you like my reviews 😄❤️

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  7. I always try and keep my reviews under 1000 words, with the sweet spot I try and stay around 500 words. I feel that reviews around that length are easy to consume without wasting too much time for the reader. I am not saying that long reviews are a waste of time, I just think that a well written review around 500 words can convey the thoughts and feelings of the author without the commitment to a long read. Time is precious and it shouldn’t be wasted, that is why I try and write short reviews.

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    1. I think a 1000 words is good for a review 😄 and I agree with you time should not be wasted but also always make sure your happy with whatever you have written 😄

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  8. I used to write reviews really short reviews (200-300 words), and I hated reading them. They were just too superficial and didn’t point anything interesting about what I was talking about. But since I started doing longer reviews (500-700 words), I began to enjoy writing reviews a lot more, as I feel that I can actually talk more about what I am reviewing without making a dragged-out review of +1000 words.
    Just as dandylion13 pointed out, time is not something to be wasted.

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    1. I’m not a huge fan of short reviews much but I don’t mind. People write wha my they want 😄 but that’s good you like writing long reviews I like your reviews a lot

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  9. I would prefer to write short reviews for people who might stumble on my anime/manga blog but the thing is I usually can’t really do it. I know that some people usually dislike having to read long reviews and might yet skim instead of fully reading but for me as an aniblogger writing those long and passionate reviews is how I thrive. That is not to say I prefer long, detailed reviews but they somehow become that from my mind to when I start blogging. I put a lot of effort into recalling what I loved about an anime and moments that impressed me the most. When it comes to what I read from other bloggers I have no preference I accept that some anibloggers write long anime related reviews and some write short pieces. I love them all as long as they are writing about topics that interest me 🙂

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    1. So it sounds like to me you like it evenly short and long reviews. Same goes for me as long it’s interesting I have no objection 🙂


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