Dragonball Super Series Announced 2015

*Pinches Herself*


Someone pinch me and tell me this REALLY REAL because I am like this right now:

So it was only a couple of days ago at about 1am I found out through a anime reviewer I have recently started watching  The Black Critic Guy, (by the way check him out has very entertaining content)  that after 18 years 18 YEARS!!! the sayian men are back to entertain us all over again :D.

That is right my fellow readers a Brand new dragonball series has been announced for this year and to air in JULY. That’s just…holy magickarp!!!  For it to happen so soon only 2 months it is a lot to process for any crazy dragonball z fan such as myself. I can’t believe it really but I am so so excited for this. From what I have read from the article it looks like it will be a continuation from the Buu saga but will be set a few years later where earth has had some peace.

Here is the link below to the article:

Dragonball Super Article

Over the last two days the hype around this announcement has been huge worldwide and set a whole new anime fever alight from what I have seen. Personally this the best news I have heard all year, Dragonball was a huge part of my childhood giving me a good god dam reason to get up early before school just to watch it, where my obsession with Goku began >//<, becoming stringly attached to too many characters and yelling in time with Goku when he did his big Kamehameha !!!.

What I feel is great about this announcement is it has opened new possibilities as to what could happen in the series. New enemies, plots, powers? its endless really and I think that is what will drawn back the dragonball fans. One good point was made when I watching the black critic guy video about the announcement is it would suck to bring back either cell, freeza or Boo. It would just be lame and not bring any new creativity to the series I really hope they don’t do that in the dragonball super series. I know a while ago another Dragonballz movie premiered in Japan Dragonball Z: Resurrection F which is suppose to be set after the whole Buu Saga, it’s about when Freeza is resurrected this kinda of thing is fine. So please don’t bring back any old enemies from the old series it would ruin it for me just my personal opinion, I highly doubt this going to happen for the series but can’t help saying.

Hopefully I’ll get around to watching that new dragonball z movie when it comes out, I still haven’t watched the battle of the gods one yet >.<

Here is BlackCriticGuy’s video that I watched when I found out about the new series, it’s quite insightfu I love this dude and his videos. So check him out guys 🙂 !!!!

Well this is all very exciting guys !!! 😀
I am so excited I don’t think I can stress that enough……


Who knows what could happen with this new series? Will it ruin the good old dragonball z that we all know and love?
Will found out 🙂

Please comment your thoughts about all of this, I would love to know


 *Image sources I use: Tumblr and Google*

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