Spring Anime 2015: First Impression Shokugeki No Soma

First Impression: Shokugeki no Sama: Food Wars 

So this is going to be a bit random but I am adding this anime to my watch list of the spring anime 2015. This anime was a maybe for me to watch but after reading some good first impressions on it I decided to give it a whirl. I am very glad I did this anime I was not sure what to expect since it is mostly about food, but it sounded really interesting. A long time ago I read a manga called kitchen princess (which I still have in my manga collection) that was sort of similar to this anime about a young girl going to a culinary school. It was there after reading that manga that my genre in all things anime became more diverse, Nobody would think in their minds an anime/manga surrounded by food would be that entertaining.

I can tell you that Kitchen Princess and this anime definitely prove this point. I loved the first episode of this anime drew me in completely and left me in a bit of shock which I will tell you why.

For fellow reader this anime is about 15 year old Yukihira Souma who’s dream is to take over his father’s restaurant one day but sadly out of the blue his father decides to close the restaurant down to work with a fellow friend. Yukihira is sent to a culinary school to study cooking but this school only 10% students end up graduating.

Right off the bat I love Yukihira character I was kind of blown away a little at how passionate he was about cooking. From the start to finish of episode 1 the seriousness this boy has for food I wouldn’t want to mess with not after what he did to that pesky agent who wanted to buy their restaurant.

Sorry for this image but this pretty much sums up what happens when you eat Yukihira food or his father’s. This anime does have a good flare of comedy that showed through with the following image above but also people getting way over excited over food. Personally I think it is hilarious and I was laughing the whole way through, of course some people may have been creeped out at this part. Hey there are plenty of weird anime out there this isn’t the only one have a think about that?
The way Yukihira dealt with the whole situation was just brilliant so I give this anime a mega thumbs up so far.

Of course we are going to talk about how amazing the food looks amazing in this anime. I adore the animation so much it’s really so colorful and shows through this beautiful bacon, potato dish. I feel annoyed I cannot not remember the name of this dish but watching it being made, Yukihira telling us the ingredients and the plating up I wanted to eat this dish I felt like this:

I am a person who loves their food and it actually made me hungry looking at this piece of brilliance. I actually went and got a chocolate muffin to satisfy this feeling, thinking about it now it sounds really funny I have never felt that way before after watching an anime. Yukihira reaction to the culinary school he was going to end up attending made laugh because I never read the plot of this anime, I just went ahead and watched the anime. Hilarious to find out only 10% of people from this school actually graduate from the school, after that moment I knew I would be seeing this anime till the end.

I don’t think this anime should be written off so easily this show has a lot more to show. It had me entertained from the start I think the way the first episode was done is amazing. It had a great introduction to the anime, clear plot of the story and plenty of comedy squeezed in their, though I do recommend for some parts of this anime not to be seen below the ages of 16 especially the parts where people eat Yukihira’s food. I was totally caught off guard at that part I thought ” What in the hell”, but I’m cool with it now.

I am looking forward to this anime a lot now ❤
Oh I do recommend checking out the manga of Kitchen Princess, I know lots of people love the manga of this anime so I know you’ll love Kitchen Princess 🙂 

Here is a link below to watch the first episode if you interested:

Episode 1

Comment below if others are watching this show and your thoughts
Hope you enjoyed this impression!




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