Spring Anime 2015: First Impression Of Ore mongatari

First Impression Of Ore monogatari
Romance, Romance + Comedy

I was so happy to see a romance, comedy included in the spring anime 2015 list. This one after reading the plot of the story became my top second anime I most wanted to watch this season but my Uta No Prince sama Love Revolutions for me took the number one stop (Sorry >.<)

This shoujo anime is different from your typical ugly/not noticed/leftout girl who never gets noticed by senpai.
You’ll meet Gouda who to some girls would totally ignore (I’m not trying to be mean). He has just started freshman year with his popular friend with the ladies Sunakawa. Every girl Gouda has ever liked they have always ended up liking Sunakawa sadly 😦 Gouda ends up saving a girl named Yamato from a pervert and from there begins something that could blossom into something beautiful.
Who knows?????

I loved the first episode the way it started out as someone telling a fable story referring to a ogre. It’s a nice intro that gives you an idea of how this anime may pan out but too early to say that really. The Opening and Closing themes I loved really sweet, catchy tunes. I think Gouda and Sunakawa as friends is quite funny and interesting, an odd pair they are but when you watch them together I think they meld well. Seeing how they became friends from Gouda’s POV was good, Since Gouda being the main character it was nice to hear it from him.

Definitnately odd these two I mean it in a good way hehe

I love Gouda character already, he’s really sweet, caring and a big softie all round good guy. His expressions and reactions to certain things are funny and made me laugh a lot especially the scene when Yamato tells him she handmade the cake he was eating 😛

The animation style I love really brings out the full expressions in the characters really well 🙂 I was very impressed with that. Especially Yamato reactions she is a cutie for the win. I love her already I just want to grab her and poke her cheeks and I want to try her cakes because they looks amazing. She may be your typical sweet, innocent, nice girl but I don’t care shes fits the whole profile to this anime for the lead female role.

Look at her she’s so cute ❤ >////<

I am really excited about what is going to happen in this anime because it is not like your regular shoujo romance tale. It is a whole new twist and I love it ❤
I feel refreshed seeing a different plot like this because it may be something people have never seen before. I have seen it before in some other romance animes I’ve watched but not like this story though.

Comment below if you have watched the first episode yet if you haven’t don’t read this. It will spoil it for you and I don’t want to do that >///<

To watch the episode click the link below:


This spring 2015 anime is heating up fast 😀


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