Spring Anime 2015: First Impression Uta No Prince Sama Love Revolutions

First Impression Of Uta No Prince Sama Love Revolutions 

Finally…..Finally It’s here ❤
I cannot tell you how excited I was for this series, me and another blogger “thelimitlessimagination” were both fangirling over it. I finally had a chance this morning to watch the first episode and my feels are all over the place currently. I have never been a fan of many harem animes as too many love interests occur and go nowhere. There is just something about this show that just draws me in and the boys…..

Need I say anymore about these hot things 😉

I am so glad they did a season three for these guys, for ages I kept wondering what happened to them after they won the last contest. The first thing I’ll say about the beginning of the episode was the opening theme. I didn’t like the song but I love watching Quartet night I thought that was great to see them like that and I do love all their voices. The opening theme to open episode one up I felt was done brilliantly I cannot not fault that hehe. 🙂


Aw it was so nice to see Nanami again, I forgot how cute she was ❤ 
I am just going to say now I loved to death of how she ended up bumping into each member of starish and they all had moments together ❤ The way it was done was just amazing and my feels were about to explode like a boiler on heat. I mean look!!!!!!: 

1513297_916688731686597_807826177486144914_n 10376820_916688998353237_2132948112171258380_n 10845835_916689755019828_6831470381140864731_o 10997629_916689411686529_2483462738795887182_n 11094852_916689421686528_8607690314802632712_n11051797_916690065019797_8568540860225855995_n 11072929_916690518353085_2704393348812115365_n  11133931_916690648353072_8398374405318019348_o

It is quite obvious they all have a thing for her, Nanami is your typical air head who has no clue. It just makes me wonder if anything will happen with one of them I really want it to be Ichinose san. He is my favorite out of everyone he has been since the I first watched this series. I just feel him and Nanami have had this close bond since the beginning and when I look at them they just seem to suit ❤ 
I own personally think this noone else has to agree but if you do then we have a long discussion ahead of us haha lol

Each scene with them I thought was really sweet and precious, how can no fangirl who loves this show not do it. I hadn’t had feels like that in a long time and what I loved most about Nanami coming across them one by one is we get to see each bond she has with all of the boys. I think this is one of the best harem animes out their because through the whole season of this anime you have been able to individual bonds with the main girl. I don’t know if anyone has noticed that but I feel this anime has done that. 

It was also nice to feature her running into Quartet Night also added a competition feel I think for the affections of Nanami. All I will say is Nanami is one lucky girl to have all these chasing after her but the way the boys hold themselves back is gut wrenching to watch a little ❤ If I had them all saying the things they did to Nanami I don’t think I could keep my composure. Nanami just gasping and looking surprised to every member she came across I guess after a while just irritated me because you wouldn’t react like that in real life right. >.<


I was wondering when the president dude would show himself, I am glad a character like him he adds some good humor to the anime. His grand entrances of his will never bore me and continue to make me laugh.


Of course a new challenge is waiting in the wings for them, I had wondered what the creators of this anime would come up with for the next stage. I thought this was a interesting idea to have but it surprised me when the president said Quartet Night to be a candidate to peform the opening ceremony and Nanami creates their song. Starish wasted no time after this news and asking if they can participate, a new challenge is waiting for them right around the corner, new songs and developing love interests.

My god just writing all this right now gets me so excited ❤

It is one of fews animes I love that contains harem and singing, being combined together somehow I feel in love with it’s not just about the boys. I love this anime for the bonds and joyful songs ❤

The first episode has left a good impression on me and I cannot wait to watch the rest of this series 😀

Please comment below if you have watched the first episode or a fan of the show  😀 ❤

Here’s a quick link to the first episode if you have not watched it yet:

Episode 1

 Images are from “Starish Facebook” Page 

Hope people find this helpful ❤
It’s 1am and now I am going to go to sleep now


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