Handy App For Reading Manga

Ello everyone 🙂

Lita here,
It’s nice to be writing in here again my busy break is finally over and can get back to updating on here a lot more
Hope you all have been well 🙂

I wanted to write about a app I have been using over the past week to read some manga….. and yes the image above has been me every night for the past week.
>.> I’ve been curled up in a corner with my phone haha lol
I went through so many manga apps because I am fussy, some wouldn’t load the pages properly, not a lot of popular manga’s were on and none would hardly save of where you were up to. Until I came across this manga reading app called ” Manga Rock”


 I love this app a lot ❤
I will be using it from now on, It always has the latest updated manga and every manga category you can think of. The main manga sources it comes from are manga fox and 7 others I know of, all very reliable. It doesn’t ask you to sign up or anything which is good.


The star feature I love about this app also is it saves to where you are in reading a manga or chapter. It will highlight to where you up to and when the screen loads it goes to the last page you were reading ^____^
It’s great !!


The star is where all your favorite manga, manga you want to read, or are reading 🙂
You can easily download the manga too 🙂


You can either read the manga like this and you scroll from the side or scroll up and down.
Either way is really easy ❤

This app is perfect for when I am out and about, easily to use to catch up on where I am up to in a manga..
This app has been amazing to use you can easily download it from the Itunes app store.

I hope this helps any people who reads manga regularly and needs something handy to read as you are out and about.
Please comment below if you use this app or you use a similar app

New review soon this week ^_^



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