Okami – san and Her Seven Companions Anime Review

okami sanAnime: Okami san and her seven companions
Published: July 1, 2010September 16, 2010
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Action
Episodes: 12

Hello lovelies ❤

I bring you a new review finally haha.
It’s more romantic comedy but this anime has a good twist with that. This has be in my top 5 romantic comedy favs as I ship so hard the two main characters of this series 🙂
This is a underrated anime again so I felt it needed the Lita touch to bring it to life 🙂

bamboo blade kirino super happy


In this kickass anime you will meet Tom boy Ryoko and her eight friends (yes there is 8 not seven but oh well) they are apart of the Otogi bank where they solve any problems students may have and the students pay back with favors. You will follow certain requests they are asked to do and the ever so frustrating, funny romance between Ryoko and one of the newest recruits Ryoshi.


The very first thing I fell in love with this anime was the catchy opening theme. As we speak I have downloaded the full song as I had forgotten how much I love this anime ❤
The song is by a singer named Maya and is called Ready Go!
My god I l just love the song it livens up my spirits everytime I listen it and the opening itself goes with the song splendidly. It’s one of those tunes that will make you instantly feel happy when you are blue, well that is what it does for me hehe ❤

The animation I think is really cute all round and can’t fault anything ❤
I’m no major critic lol


My badass Ryoko she is just so amazing. My favorite character in the whole anime, She is very much a tomboy and always getting into trouble. From the first episode I fell in love with her ❤ She may during the anime put on this tough act but you get to see her sweet, caring side. My god one thing I love her wearing when she fights is this awesome cat boxing glove things I WANT A PAIR !!! >///<

Nawww adorable Ryoshi I really felt for this guy a lot during the anime for many attempts to win Ryoko’s heart. In beginning you see he is a very social awkward, extremely shy and has a freak out session whenever people stare at him, but he is so adorable and has become this thing I want to protect so (if he were real only) I guarantee girls you will fall in love with him I surely did, he has such a big heart and is so sweet. The way he always tries to protect Ryoko is so cute but so hiliarious when he ends up annoying Ryoko and getting his face punched in.

This missy is a cheeky teaser underneath her innocent act she gives everyone. She is Ryoko’s best friend and there is one epsiode that shows how they became friends and is just so precious (make sure you watch it) I love Ringo she add some charisma to the anime itself and is a funny character especially always trying to medel with Ryoko and Ryoshi’s romance


He is the president of the otogi bank and is a crafty guy. He is like an old wiseman I found him to be in the anime none the less funny character

She is the presidents Secretary for the Otogi bank and his cousin also. I don’t think there is nothing special about alice she just does the paper work and is a polite girl 😛

She is the maid for the Otogi bank and has a terrible habit of returning favors due to something that happened in her childhood. She is so adorable ❤

Taru and Otohime

These two are hiliarious I found they are both together but Taru is very much a player and loves to flirt with girls. So half the time in the anime he is always making Otohime angry and getting his face punched in to haha. Otohime can be overbearing she reminds me exactly Kagura from fruits baskets 😛

We only get to see a bit of her in the anime, she basically the Otogi mad scientist so you’ll see her doing a lot of expertiments. Though she is the one who made Ryoko’s Neko Neko Knuckles

Personal Thoughts

I cannot begin to say how much I love this anime ❤
As soon as I started writing the review I started searching for the boxset as I don’t have it in my anime collection >///< Bad Lita
The mixture of romance and comedy in this was done brilliantly and why it lead to being one of my favourite animes of all time (I have too many) .
You will never be left bored, I certainly was laughing the whole way through all the time.
The only frustrating about this anime is the last episode I wish it had been a different way as it left many unanswered questions for me >.< I hate when an anime does that too you my god >///<

I love the moments in the anime involving Ryoshi and Ryoko. Ryoko in the beginning never acknowledges Ryoshi as in the first episode he blurts out his love for her. Oh poor guy he has it hard. Ryoko always gives Ryoshi a hard time but slowly begins to open up and just them together they are so adorable <3. Ryoshi never gives up on Ryoko and always puts his little heart out *faints from cuteness* .There were a few parts where Ryoshi surprised me and I’m sure he will surprise others too 😀

Overall Rating

I can’t floor this anime one bit ❤
I totally recommend watching it in english dub by funanimation I think the english voices for it were chosen perfectly and fit every character to the T

I hope this anime gets a second season because the way it ended frustrated the hell out of me.
I do wish this anime had been longer too my god would have been so good. Oh well
Such is life >.<

This anime I guarantee to check out it’s a great short anime flick to watch during a whole day if one is bored or looking for something new ❤

Here’s a quick link below to watch this anime:

Watch This Anime Now

You can find the dub version on youtube easily also 🙂

Please comment below if you have seen this anime before and enjoyed it
Hope you enjoyed and found my review helpful !!



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