Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor: Exodus Episodes 6, 7 & 8 Review

Anime: Sokyu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor
Published: January 2015 currently airing
Genre: Romance, Mecha, Robots
Sequel to: Fafner in the Azure: Heaven and Earth
Episodes: 26

Lita Here ^_^

Oh my god I finally got to a chance to catch up on one of my favourites shows 😀
I am all caught up but the review for episodes 9 and 10 I actually recorded for a video because I thought they were amazing ❤
There was too much awesomeness I was feeling to write about haha lol

But I will write about what I thought about the following episodes.


Soo the core of island woke up eventually which I still don’t get that whole idea but oh well. It seems everyone follows her lead now and I remember this girl who’s original name was Tsubaki and was the sister of one of the people on the island. I can’t remember how she ended up being the new core of the island but she’s not Tsubaki no more and a completely different being. She is kind of a boring character and I felt for the sister who was reunited with Tsubaki after all that time being cramped in that glass cage for so long. It must be so awkward to know that she is not your sister no more and someone else, just stuffed up but that’s the joy of anime sometimes sadly. I secretly like that sort of thing 😀

My heart was racing the whole time when the island was underattack during episodes 6 to 7. I loved the battle in honesty was very thrilling but scared the crap out of me when the fafner unit was about to be taken out by the new festum enemy that appeared.  I could tell the enemy everytime they battle their gaining data and intelligence which is what lead to this new form up above. The pilots/children always go into battle I noticed really big headed and cocky and this battle really brought out their fear. I thought they were done for after some limbs went flying everywhere but…… there is always a but.

This is the closest picture I could get but when it looked like the fafner pilots were toast, A new power arisen as this green crystal appeared on each pilots robot and gave them the ability of regeneration of any weapon or limb. People forget or don’t know fafners are no ordinary mecha they connected body and soul with the pilot if they loose a limb so does the pilot they feel the pain, I know in some anime’s there some mecha’s with this ability but I think fafner mecha’s are very different and special.

So from what I could tell the new strange power that had appeared out of nowhere was from the Island’s core to fight the festum enemy. The island core granted them this power as they asked for it which I thought was pretty awesome 🙂

I loved that battle was pretty good ❤

Moving on from earlier in the episodes we saw Maya, the island’s Mir (no clue what that is the mir)  and 2 more fafner pilots (can’t remember their name haha) go with the human forces for even now I have no idea why for Island’s mir and the human’s forces Mir. I am still confused over this but basically they come under attack by the fetsum again and it seems they were after Both Mir’s. It is still unclear of the enemy’s intentions and they are just weird as anything. This battle gave me chills as most forces were being assimilated which means the festum were taking over the mind’s of the other mecha robots and controlling them.

So looked really really bad for them….until this scene



Soushi and Kazuki we get to see them in action, I was so excited so I may have been jumping up and down when the island sends them to help their conrades. I just love watching these two fight and daring to go in two forbidden machines that have been sealed away on the island. These two are the best pilots on the island because from the first series of fafner they were exposed to the festum assimilation which lead to them having that green crystal running through their veins. Which gives them the ability to pilot like no other fafner could 😀

MY god this series is getting good now and I am loving it ❤
Next review of episode 9 and 10 coming soon 😀

Comment below if you are watching this series because if you aren’t you should 😀


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